Tuesday, December 12, 2017

And Sometimes I

I was going to make this post for a while, but turns out someone beat me to it and even had some stuff that I did not. It's not my style to repost stuff that's out there, but their blog looks suspiciously on it's final legs, I'm surprised the links are still even working. I hope they don't mind if I reupload these tracks.

Credit to: https://tallahasseemusicscene.blogspot.ca/2008/06/and-sometimes-i.html

...And Sometimes I took hardcore and added a splash of thrash and even a little emo. I never really hear/heard that many people talk about this band. I don't know if it is because ANKOAS, Cream Abdul Babar, or one of the other sick Tally bands from the same time frame overshadowed them, or if just not many people ever heard of them. I always liked this band though. Just like most of the other bands on here I used to jam to their demo on a daily basis AND SOMETIMES I still do bust 'em out and jam. Britton the guitarist used to play shows wearing the weirdest shit ever. The first time I saw them they played with ANKOAS and Zegota at "the warehouse" in 2000 and Britton was wearing just a shower cap and boxers. Him and the bassist, Bryan, would later form Youtragedy. The singer, Chris, went to play guitar for My First Step Towards Failure, and the drummer, Andy, later formed The Bark The Bite.

 The demo is not worth listening to, the EP slightly OK, but the split is pretty sweet, from both sides. And Sometimes I provides some really classic emo/screamo style stuff with almost Hassan I Sabbah style breakdowns. I'm enjoying it.

Kudzu Wish is a band I had never heard before. Turns out most of what I can find from them is totally awful, but this split song is surprisingly good. Kind of different, wish they stayed with this sound.

Conveniently both songs from the split are on youtube. Check it out. My DLs are a bit better recordings though.

(mullet guy) Demo

Split with Kudzu Wish

Self Titled 7inch EP

Friday, November 3, 2017

Wilderness Medicine

From collective-zine 
The Wilderness Medicine
Year Released: 2003
Format: CDR
Label: Owsla
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a 4 track demo from a band that has a couple of dudes who run great labels that I really respect, so I was pretty sure that the music on here would be the kind of thing I would enjoy. The music is kind of urgently vocalled mid-paced emo, the comparison that springs to mind most obviously for me is the Shivering - I think it's the desperate style of vocals that really makes me think that. The songs are pretty solid and have a decent recording for a demo, they tend to revolve around the drums and bassline creating the groove whilst the guitar kind of wanders off on it's own in a way - it's not prominent in the mix and doesn't get on top of things, which may well be the intention. It's difficult to describe anyway, I guess it has a Moss Icon flavour in a sense, just with much shorter songs! 
Anyways, this is decent without being outstanding just yet - but that's what demo's are for. Definitely a band that I will be interested to hear more of in the future.
I'm surprised this one kind of fell into obscurity. I guess they never released much else. I've known about this band for ages, due to either them being on the Wayfarerers compilation, and also possibly one of those slsk emo tapes. Here's their demo. I'm not entirely sure if there's anything else, but I'm suspecting not. Its's decent for what the style they play, check it out if the above review appeals to you.

The Wilderness Medicine - Demo

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


HumanBodyFlawed (sometimes stylized as .humanbodyflawed.) was a short-lived punk band that formed in the summer of 1997, playing a total of only 6 live shows before announcing their break up in 2000. Their time as a band was plagued with problems, from members getting arrested to the death of one member as a result of a drug overdose. They issued only a demo CD-R and a split 7", and contributed a track to a compilation.
Members have been involved with other bands since their disbandment, such as Pg.99.

There's all your info you'd need. Kind of has this crushing wall of sound with angsty screaming vibe to it. I only have the split songs and the compilation song, really wish I had the demo. I'm actually enjoying the sound of this a fair bit, the compilation song is just really, really heavy. Recommend. Not sure the specific connection to Pg.99. Check out their archived website as well here.

janmichaelvincentcarcrash split + Relics of an Ordinary Life song

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Balm in Gilead

Balm in Gilead are majorly underated, and pretty difficult to find information about. Really all I have is they're from Columbus Ohio and active around 1997-1999. Really the claim to fame here is the split with Remingtin. That's about all I got. I think this is all they've officially released, which is the split and a song off the Better Luck Next Time comp. It's actually pretty good late 90's emo style stuff, I definitely recommend a listen.Wish there was more.

Split with Remingtin + Comp Song

Long Live Nothing

Hardcore punk from chicago with members of Charles Bronson.This band was so forgettable that they recorded their second full length and never put it out.

 Active early 2000's. Members are post Charles Bronson, and pre Pelican which is pretty random. I'm guessing there's truth in the second full length never being put out as I've never seen it. Female vocals, and some pretty rocking instrumentals at times. Actually quite good. The split with Lazarus Plot is a bit more on the emo side, slightly reminds me of the To Dream of Autumn. The other album, is faster paced, and really rocking.

I think(?) this is all they officially released. Check it out. Also check out angryemonerds post on The Lazarus Plot, their song on the side of the split is pretty over the top.

Split with The Lazarus Plot (worried I might be missing a song from this)

Long Live Nothing

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Since by Man (Sincebyman)

Sincebyman was a five-piece band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin founded in 1999. On March 9, 2008, they disbanded according to a myspace bulletin from the band. Their last show was in their hometown of Milwaukee on April 26, 2008.
Okay, Since by Man are definitely not an obscure band, I don't think I've posted a band on here before that has a wikipedia page. I guess their debut full length 'We Sing The Body Electric' got them some mainstream attention. I to be honest had never really listened to them, and found them through their link with "With Arms Still Empty"

Their earlier stuff before the full length is very good, and much less post hardcore sounding. It also from what I understand is fairly unknown. I quite like both the splits. I'm not sure who to relate them too, it's quite technical, but still pretty "emo/screamo" sounding. Definitely check it out.

With Arms Still Empty Split - 2000

Seven Days Of Samsara Split (Burn The Fucking Rock Club To The Fucking Ground) - 2001

Starter Kit To Promote Destruction Of Adulthood - 2001

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Littleman Complex

Not sure why I'm failing at finding much information on them. Their discogs seems to have the most that I can find. I guess active around 2001-2004(?) and from Chicago. They're on the more fast hardcore side of things, but branches off into some 90's emo sounding territory. Definitely has some good instrumentals and intense female vocals at times. It's actually quite good, I recommend.

I have here their discography which was released in 2008. It's weird that it seems kind of hard to find for being released so recently. I also have a CD which contains some better recordings of some of their earlier songs. Anyway, check it out.

Discography - 2008

CD/12" (Harmless) - 2001