Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bright Lights Always Turn Off

From Duluth, MN, active mid/late 2000's. It's definitely pretty mid 00's skram sounding. I do know that they are from the same place as Bear Garden, and they sound actually somewhat similar as well. No info other than that. I've been looking for more tracks by them, to no luck really. Here's just some that I ripped off their myspace.


Friday, July 29, 2016


From Last.FM:
adriell was formed in 2002 in waukegan, illinois. the band played/pirated hundreds of shows in the chicago/milwaukee area for the next year and a half. they were both reviled and revered. a short tour covered the midwest and east coast despite van/drug issues. shithead junkies stole a sizable portion of the band's equipment. adriell broke up in early 2004. ex-members can either be found playing in abaddon or defiling your mother's bed.

Super shrieky rough crazy stuff, reminds me kind of Tion or The GTC. Check it if you're curious.

Pierce Street house demo 2003

Welcome Home

From NJ, active late 2000's. This is the band that came after Remember Van Gogh. It's pretty decent maybe a bit on the post-hardcore side of things. Sounds quite similar to Remember Van Gogh; reminds me kind of Daniel Striped Tiger or something. I'm not entirely sure what all they've released, I think this is it though. I also don't think they have any connection to this other band called Welcome Home that is active right now.

Overcast EP

In Constant Motion

Information taken directly from Last.FM:
In Constant Motion was a short lived post-hardcore band influenced by the likes of Saetia, Piebald, The State Secedes, Off Minor, Portrait, Orchid and the Record Label “Level Plane.” The EP was recorded in July of 2001 and self-released with hand-made artwork. A couple thousand copies were sold at shows, online and at local record shops before the band broke up. In Constant Motion was also on a compilation with the band Thrice called “We Will Answer Questions With Questions” and a short home-made music video was featured on several online underground music sites, which have since disappeared. After Phil, the drummer, left the band he was replaced by C.J. for a short period of time. Some new songs were written and some new ideas formed but they were never recorded. Drama within the band led to a quick split after things started to go down hill. Even with some record label interest and several high-profile shows booked, there was no saving the musical project.
Sounds definitely like a ton of other bands. I'm not entirely sure where they are from, maybe Vermont. There appears to be some unreleased stuff, but I think this it for actual real recordings. Check it out if you're curious.

In Constant Motion

Monday, June 13, 2016


From Penfield NY. Active mid-late 2000's. I'm mainly posting them for their demo, which fits on this blog more than their later stuff. It's pretty noodly and jazzy before that was really a big thing. The later stuff is a bit more modern day twinkly stuff, I'll post it in case people want it. It's still pretty good, just less fitting for here. Members went on to form somewhat popular post hardcore band Polar Bear Club.


Bittersweet and Strange

Last Songs

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rise From Ruin

I'm just going to copy this summary written by one of the band members from this tumblr post.

“Rise From Ruin was a post-hardcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. It was formed in the summer of 2000 by Joe Crociata, Joe Davenport, Matt Gregg, and Josh Holt. Under this lineup a split 7” with The Spirit of Versailles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota was recorded in October of 2000 and released in February of 2001 on the Hermitage, TN based label Chiaroscuro. Shortly afterwards the group disbanded. It was reformed again in 2002 by Joe Crociata, Joe Davenport, Matt Boehm, and Jordan Schettler. Under this lineup a demo CD and a split 7" with the German band Katyn was recorded. It was released in 2003 on the German label Crucifados Pelo Sistema. Shortly after the release of the second 7" the band played a final show with friends Examination of the… from Sioux Falls, SD in April of 2003.“

This same post had a discography link at some time, but it appears to be dead. The following is most of that discography, missing just a few songs. Hopefully that discography will turn up somewhere.

7 song demo

Split with The Spirit of Versailles

Split with Katyn

Other demo/live songs

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Dugat Project

Really awesome late 90's/early 00's band from Houston, Texas. Ex members of The Stalag Seventeen. Can't find too much info out there on them specifically. It's fairly good 90's emo style stuff, I definitely recommend a listen. Surprisingly high quality for how obscure it seems to be.

I'm not entirely sure the details on this demo below, if it is actually unreleased or not. It appears to be missing a song which is unfortunate. I do know that one of the songs is also on the "A Compilation of Heroes" compilation. Who knows if there is anything else.

Demo (unreleased)