Monday, March 19, 2018

As Darkness Falls

From Piscataway, New Jersey, active 1998-2000. This is definitely more of a metalcore band than anything else. I'm posting it here for the 7inch which slightly crosses over into the realm of emo. Think deep heavy metal core vocals overlayed with a vocalist that sounds almost exactly like one of the singers from Love Lost But Not Forgotten. It's not too bad. The second album - A Tremor So Subtle is decent metalcore, but it loses a lot that the 7inch had going for it. I guess I'm also missing a compilation song.

ST 7inch

A Tremor So Subtle

Definitely Not the Majors Comp Song

Hats off, Gentlemen

I don't think Hats Off, Gentlemen were a particularity obscure band, they definitely made their rounds around the internet and for pretty good reason. Hailing from Vancouver BC, and active... 2006-2011 I'm guessing? Spawned from the ashes of indie Sunday Morning Paper.

I'm trying to think of who to relate them too. The vocals are kind of Saetia style, not in similarity of vocals, but the singing screaming style. The instrumentals are all pretty well done, and cleanly produced. It's not your basement tracks emo, but it's still really heartfelt and not overdone.

I was actually internet friends with the lead singer of this band way back in the day and we would exchange emo tracks before this band was a thing. He was a pretty cool dude, and it all culminated in me seeing them live here in Calgary in 2007 (barely any emo bands ever came to Alberta back in those days.) It was a good show, I think Graf Orlock played too, or I'm totally making that up.

I had some early demos that he sent me, but they've been lost with time. Instead I have their official demo and some scans of the lyrics. You can read them and listen and cry along. I'm not sure if they released anything else. Enjoy, definitely worth a download!

We Broke Ribs (demo)

Monday, March 12, 2018


I don't have any information on this, and either there is no information out there or the band's name is too generic either way I can't find anything. I do know that it's early 2000's, and fits into that scene. Kind of has that early 00's metalcore scene influence, I'm thinking maybe similar to Seeing Means More or something like that. Anyway parts of it are kind of cringey (the singing, the song names...) but other parts are OK. Check it if you're curious.

Aynn - Demo

Sunday, February 11, 2018


From Kent, OH and active 1999-2003(?). This band is definitely known almost exclusively for their split with The Red Scare, and it's difficult to find much else by them. They started out as a more traditional dark and heavy 90's emo/screamo style band, but with some metal leanings. As time went on, they kind of just became more and more metal until their last release (a split with minus the tide - not included here) is just straight up metal in the vein of Mastodon and such. For viewers of this blog, the Effective Range Of The System Varies 7inch is probably the most emo of their records, and definitely the highlight if that's your thing. Check it out!

Effective Range Of The System Varies 7inch

The Red Scare Split

Of Monkey Of Man Of Wizard

Monday, January 29, 2018


Active late 90's, from Texas, I found this review of the heartless 7inch here
This two-song EP is brutally emotional and painfully chaotic; the tempo, enjoyably inconsistent, shifting between a disturbingly mellow, meandering pace to ferocious, fast-paced volatilization. The title track A-side, “Heartless,” punishes the ear with aggressive screaming and crunching guitar before inconspicuously changing to a pseudo-passive, howling guitar solo. The song abruptly shifts gears with the final declaration: “I have no home on earth,” and concludes with a drawn-out session of feedback, eerily precluding the equivocal opening of the B-side, “Through the Cracks.” This may be the most diverse six minutes in music; it is brutal enough to inspire a killing spree, yet tragically melancholic to send you crawling by your lonesome to a dark corner. Truly personal lyrics compliment some of the heaviest music I’ve heard yet; plus, it’s printed on really cool clear vinyl. This Texas-based band also has another two-song EP out on Renaissance titled Poison Apple, which was released in 1999 — a little more fast-paced, equally technical and fierce, with bizarre cover art you have to see to believe.

I can't get over how much the poison apple 7inch sounds like Usurp Synapse/The Drago Miette. From the vocals, to the experimental instrumentals. Really captures a dark intense sound not many bands have been able to do. The heartless 7inch is pretty good too, has some sweet guitar solos, maybe a bit more metal. I'm curious if they have anything else. Definitely worth a download.

Poison Apple 7inch

Heartless 7inch

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Long lost band from Sweden, active late 90's. I don't typically post non North American bands, but this was too good to pass up. I've been looking for stuff by this band long before I had this blog. Just recently their demo showed up on soulseek, which renewed my search and after a discogs purchase their other release is here with me all the way from Germany. (My community mailbox was broken into like a day before this arrived, so thank fuck it made it here).

It seems this band was involved with the hxcore scene, and it shows on their sound. Definitely still pretty emo though, especially on the demo. I don't have too much else on this band, both albums here have some pics and words to read through. I hope you download and enjoy. The demo is a tad bit better with the female vocals and violins, but it's all pretty good.

Follow Demo Tape

Split with Now or Never (with Now or Never songs)

Upon the Wings Compilation (this just has a song off the demo, but I'm including it because it has like a billion bands on it that I've never heard of)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Fall of Leningrad

I don't have too much on this. Two releases both appearing to be released 1999. One with Forcefedglass and the other with some band I've never heard of called Incoming! If discogs is to be believed, this band shared members with Forcefedglass and Hassan I Sabbah, so that's very interesting. I don't think it hits the highs of either of those bands, but it's good on its own right.

It's pretty chaotic music; lots of different vocals mixed in the melody. Screamy vocals, and songs just breaking down. I'm not absolutely in love with it, but I think it's worth a listen. If anyone has anymore information, please share. I think I have all for you that they've released.

Split with ForceFedGlass 1999

Split with Incoming 1999