Saturday, May 31, 2014

Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead

I pretty much suck at writing descriptions but umm.. They were from NC, were active early 2000's, and have some pretty tight instrumental aspects. Kind of sludgy at times, but in the end just something a bit different. Female vocals too at times.

UPDATE: I randomly found this on soulseek, It's their whole discography, including missing songs and much better organized than what I had posted below. Download this instead. It is missing some rough tracks off the Mastered Full Length, and a song off the Remain Standing comp, both of which I have below, but other than that, I think this has it all.

Complete Discography

Now I have no idea what they've released, but I would guess this may be a chunk of it. Unfortunately back when I was all into downloading this, my music organizing skills were pretty shitty, so apologies for repeating songs, and if any of these releases aren't accurate.

CD that never was

Mastered Full Length

Split with Shadows and the Silence

Split with Turn around Norman

Summer 02 Demo

Summer 2002 Tour CDR (this and the last link may be part of the same release, dunno though)

Various (Includes random song, and one song off Remain Standing comp.)

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  1. I'm pretty sure they were from Greensboro.. I saw them play a couple times when I lived there.