Friday, June 6, 2014

The Sea, The Sea

Goood band from Michigan, a bit softer than some of the stuff on here. Clean female vocals and just really heartfelt songs. Pretty neat use of saxaphone and keyboard on some of the tracks as well. Definitely worth a listen. I have no idea when they were active, they almost sound more apart of the 90's crowd, but I'm going to go and say they were in the early 00's. I think this should be most of what they released.


One Sided 12"



  1. The male singer is the singer of BEV CLONE.

  2. I recently got this record in the mail. While discogs says it has 4 songs (Song off the split is considered as the 4th song) the song is not on the record. Past December the vocalist Tom died from cancer so in memory of him his brother did vocals for a reunion of this band which was not to long ago. The 12" was released during the last show which is a bit tacky but the 12" rocks really hard. But yeah this is all they did. In amazed you found those unreleased songs