Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Silhouette

Two person band from Houston TX active around 2007, and according to pretty inspired by die emperor die, and burned out bright. I think that description is pretty accurate, they definitely sound very similar. Very over the top haha. I don't know if this is all they had released, I'm suspecting not, but yea...




Below commenter has given the discography. Thanks a bunch. I reuploaded his tracks to mega since mediafire scares me.



  1. They had 2 demos, as far as I'm aware. Your links are for the first demo and two songs off of the second demo, but they are in pretty bad quality. I actually was able to hunt down this band's discography a while ago and uploded both of their demos to Youtube:

    And there's a download link for their discography in the description of the video! If you're interested.

    1. These had come out of my personal collection and I never bothered looking for more. Thanks a bunch for finding those and uploading them. I'm going to update my post and give you credit.

      I'm re listening to these tracks. They don't make them like this anymore haha...

    2. oh god, you have the spoken part lyrics to shell life of drama by cowboys became folk heroes. I used to listen to that more than a decade ago and I never knew them... nostalgia.