Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Last Days as Children

This is an interesting one. It's a short lived band that came after internet famous Kamloops BC band After School Knife Fight. They sound pretty much exactly like them, but maybe more polished and synthy. I believe they were only active in 2002. They apparently recorded three songs in total, and I have all three below. Two were for a split with Montcalm or Droom. I'm getting conflicting information on what band they actually did a split with. The last song is just some random one. Check it out if you like ASKF.


  1. I can confirm the split was with Droom, and OLDAC's side featured "It Lurks" and "Robots are Scary". I don't have the title of the Droom single on hand atm but it's a >5min Bowie-esque synth pop gem. Definitely an unlikely pairing, but it made for a gem of a record.

    Thrilled to see that this rarity didn't get lost with the rest of the skylabcommerce golden years. Diving into the rest of your archive and the warm nostalgia is appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Awesome, thanks for the clarification. Definitely does sound like an unlikely pairing, wonder how difficult it would be to find that Droom track.

      Anyway, glad to hear you're enjoying the blog, and thanks for the comment!