Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yellow Road Priest

All I could find for pics was this randomly on facebook. Dat fest tho...

Active late 90's and from Chicago. If information out there is correct this might be the most obscure bands with famous members I've ever seen. I'm getting mixed results on this but at least on some releases members include Pete Wentz (Fallout Boy), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against),  Trevor de Brauw (Pelican), Laurent Lebec (Pelican). Again not sure if all of those members were in the band full time or just temporary, but still...

In terms of music.. Slightly uninspiring 90's screamo/emo. Still pretty legit for having members of those bands though. I think I'm missing one compilations song (The Difference Between Us Compilation), but hoping to acquire it at some point. Anyway here's the rest. The Milemarker stuff might qualify as obscure as well, it's instrumental and not very good though. Does not sound like their other stuff I've heard. Check out Yellow Road Priest for sure though.

Yellow Road Priest / Milemarker Split

The First Crush Compilation

The Difference Between Us Comp Song


  1. Hey man, I didn't know where to contact you, so I'll just write here. I have some Delaware hardcore punk from the late 90s early 00s that I wanted to send along.

    two cassette comps. MVOE Sample (2002) from MVOEntertainment and Delaware Hardcore - a cassette sampler lots of good screamo on this one, 10x Records.

    Feel free to delete this comment but enjoy the music, man. Thanks

    1. Hey Jared. Thank you so much for these two compilations. I'm listening through them and it's pretty legit definitely up the alley of this blog. I'm going to try and dig up information on these bands and hopefully have some posts up in the future. Once again thanks for helping to keep things alive! If you have any other stuff or maybe some extra info on these you can reach me at