Friday, July 4, 2014

And Or

I have zero information about this band, but I thought maybe some people might want to hear them. Female vocals, and not too bad musicianship. Lyrics are kinda overboard at times, but I guess maybe worth a listen. Yuuup. I'm also unsure if the band name is and/or, and-or, or just and or.. so sorry about that haha.



  1. Hey. This was my band (and/or). We were active from about 2005-2006. We lived together in a collective called the Bangarang in Lewiston, ME. The guitarist and I had played in bands throughout high school together, and our two singers and bass players we met when we went to college in Maine. I believe we recorded this in the Bike Barn in West Falmouth, Maine. Thanks for the love! We were.

    Ryan Conrad: Vocals
    Sam Fletcher: Vocals
    Andrew Faller: Guitar
    Joel Messer: Bass
    Nicholas Klinovsky: Drums

    1. Furthermore, myself and Ryan went on to form to the barricades! with other members.

    2. Sike. This was recorded somewhere near Exeter New Hampshire with our pal Mark Tobey.

    3. Awesome, thank you for the info. The post was originally pretty empty on that. Is this all you guys released?