Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Corta Vita

From Alberta Canada and active between 2000-2004, these guys play a kind a more mainline sound, with similarities to a lot of the bigger bands, and even stuff that is coming out these days. For what seemed like forever these guys were one of the very few emo bands to come out of my hometown; as of relatively recently that has started to change, but this is a bit of history here haha.... I was never a HUGE fan of them, but listening over it right now it's pretty good, so you should check it out.

Communication Is Nothing Without Feedback

Posthumous EP

(Also googling their name + blogspot, I found a link to their demo, so search that out if you want.)


  1. The demo and communication are super sick, I dont exactly remember how I found this band. The posthumous ep wasnt one I digged a whole lot

  2. Me either man. I sang in that band and the transition you are hearing is one of a person and band who were full of ability and confidence that were shattered - and not entirely unjustifiably - by scandal and rumor. We had no budget, we barely wanted to even be together at all anymore but we had a few songs left to record and we had our friend and new guitarist do it for us. We did the very best we could with the time, materials and energy we had remaining to us and got it over with.

    But yeah our early stuff showed a lot of potential that I've never since matched in anything else I've that ever tried or been involved in in my whole dumb life so far.

    Thank you for listening. I come back to this comment sometimes on really bad days and it meant a lot to me over the past few difficult years.

    Stay free.

    1. Hey man, thanks for the comment. Hope things are getting better for you. The Corta Vita seems pretty special, but I bet you've been up to other great things.

      Anyway, if you ever wanted to give some info or an anthology type thing on The Corta Vita. Shoot me an email! Ace2Grace@hotmail.com