Friday, February 12, 2016

Sakita Sarra

From Hillsborough, NJ, active mid 2000's. I remember they used to get compared to CTTS back in the day, and in truth some songs of their's sound very similar. It's kind of that whole metal influenced epic sound type of stuff. It's pretty well done though, worth a listen.

This is some sort of "discography" that I got off soulseek. I think it's just a compilation of songs that are floating around on the internet, and not all they produced. I remember their website having more releases/songs on it, which I have never seen anywhere on the net. As per usual, who really knows about that stuff.


One more song

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  1. this is funny, i went to school with all these guys. they were all in 8th/9th grade when this was recorded and as deducted they (along with every punk and hardcore fan in our circle at the time) were enthralled with as the roots undo. a majority of the guys still collaborate under the name atikas arras (name reversed), minus the vocalist from these releases. i never thought i'd see my friends band from middle school on a blog while looking for obscure emo releases lol