Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Actuve roughly early mid 2000's, and from SoCal, they released a few things. Here for you I have their demo, their split with Occam's Razor, Nietzcshe Said There'd be Days Like This 10", and some other random thing called 10", with some different recordings. The only thing I think I'm missing is their split with Autokinoton, but oh well.


nietzsche said there'd be days like this

Occam's Razor & Lachance split (with Occam's Razor songs)

Random album entitled 10", With better recordings of some songs
Edit: I guess these are unreleased recordings done at the same time as the Occam's Razor split.

The Autokinoton split (with Autokinoton songs)


  1. Hey, actually there is also a much better version of Nietzsche. I am trying to find it and if i get a hold of it I will let you know.

    (no , really, it's not the same ones that are on the 10 inch!!!)

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. That would be cool indeed if you found it. Good luck!