Saturday, September 13, 2014


From Florida, sharing members with Jesse Washington, Heroes and Heresay, and Capsule. Kinda sounds like an early version of Capsule, with some similarities to other Florida bands. Check them out, decent stuff. No idea when they were active. I'm missing their split 7"'s according to their, and one of these releases isn't listed on the, so dunno about that.

Self Titled

We are Devices

Split 7inch with Capsule

Split 7inch with The Critic


  1. I need to hear those split songs. The live set in the We are devices has a bunch unreleased songs

    1. I never actually searched for them, so after this comment I'm now going to try and hunt the split songs down.

      I forgot about that live set. It rules!

    2. Guess they were easier to find then I was suspecting. I updated the post with both the splits.

      I think the Capsule songs are different from their demo, which is sweet. Love Capsule!