Wednesday, September 17, 2014


From Philadelphia active around 2003. Decent band, lots of jangly melodic parts, a little bit metal-core at times. I'm lacking their demo, and some promo cd, but here's their other release. Members went on to a whole bunch of stuff, I think the big one being Fighter Hayabusa, which I will probably post at one point as well.

Etchings of Manzanar - Demo

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  2. Nice upload! Chad actually replaced me on drums in Fighter when I moved to Georgia in 2004 (where he eventually moved to a few years later) and from what I remember of him he was a super nice kid. Solid blog, I just came across it about ten minutes ago. Check mine out too: - Matt

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. That's pretty cool that you knew someone from the band, and that you played in Fighter Hayabusa! Nice blog as well, will definitely be checking out some stuff on there.

    2. Sweet. Justin and Sam, who played guitar and did vocals respectively, and myself are all working on some new material and doing a bunch of writing and whatnot. Once we get our shit together and record some songs I'll shoot 'em your way. I can send you all of the Fighter Hayabusa stuff too, if you're interested, Live shows, the demo, unreleased ep, etc. Not sure if you were into that band or not, so I'll leave that up to you, haha. Take care.

    3. I would totally get those Fighter Hayabusa tracks off you, they would be perfect for this blog. And yea it would also be cool to hear your new material when it comes out. You can post any of them here, or email me at