Thursday, September 18, 2014

System 2600

This band is obviously most known as that random band that did a split with City of Caterpillar. It's kinda weird that even with that they have faded into pretty much total obscurity. They're actually really good, very nice instrumentals. Anyway, you should probably check them out if you haven't.

*local arrogance demo cd- 5 songs
*7th story split 7” 500 on pink wax (sea of dead pirates records)
*tour cd- 5 songs made on the road (basically contains both 7”s)
*city of caterpillar split 7” 400 silkscreened cover 100 special darby edition (sea of dead pirates records)
*electric wine cd ep - if you have one we probably know you 

Here's what they've released according to their I have here both the 7"'s that they released, and some tracks off their myspace. What's missing is their demo, and the two other cd's. Would be cool to hear those some day.

City of Caterpillar Split

Seventh Story Split

Myspace Songs


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