Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hot Cross - Fair Trades Demo

I'm sure most of the people who view this blog have listened to their fair share of Hot Cross. Their entire discography is pretty easily accessible in and around the internet. I have something kind of random here, that I've never really seen anywhere before. It's referred to as a demo for Fair Trades and Farewells, no idea if that is what it actually is, but it definitely is rough (better than live though) recordings of the tracks off that album.

This might be more for the completionists, but the recordings are actually quite different. They are definitely pretty rough in comparison to the very well produced recordings on the actual album. I actually kind of like them better. The vocals are pretty different, and there isn't really much of the clean singing. If you like Hot Cross, and like the album Fair Trades and Farewells, you should definitely check it out for something a bit different.

Fair Trades and Farewells - Demo

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