Friday, August 7, 2015

The Day Had Died (Two Shades of Pain)

Early 2000's, sounds like a ton of other bands from this era. Kind of metalcore/hardcore influenced sound. This is just kind of a collection of songs, some from myspace and some that were sent to me. I would have no idea what all they've released, and information on them seems kind of scarce. I do know that this is pre Boys Night Out, and that they were Canadian. Pretty good stuff though, check it out.

EDIT: I found this on SLSK, it's a more complete collection of all their songs. Definitely download this.

The Day Had Died

Two Shades of Pain Demo (This is a band that came before The Day Had Died)

Also, some of the songs might be a bit messed up at times. They were apparently on a CD that had some damage done to it. It's just a few songs, and it's pretty minor though. Kind of sucks, but not much can be done.


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