Monday, May 29, 2017

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers was a screamo/post-hardcore band that was formed in Miami, FL, December of '05. The band originally comprised of Alex Diaz (Guitar/Vox), Jose Guerrero (Guitar), Eric Rodriguez (Bass), and Kenny Cortina (Drums). The band made four songs together and played a few shows before members changed. In November of '07 the band went on hiatus, while Alex was playing in a side project called Currents and Eric played in a side project called Tony Rome (later known as Homestretch). Currents didn't play many shows and Eric left Jan '07. Emergency Numbers now comprised of 3 of the original members. Kenny left the band due to time discrepancies in March '07. Alex and Jose began to talk to Mario Fabregas (Currents - Drums) and Tommy Skandalis (Currents - Guitar) in possibly starting Emergency Numbers anew. They then formed in March '07 with Jose now on Bass and rewrote 2 original Emergency Numbers songs and 2 original Currents songs. They recorded a 6 song ep in May '07 that has yet to be mastered. The brand new Emergency Numbers disbanded in September '07. Currently, Alex is getting the ep mastered and ready for distribution. He is not playing in any bands in the moment, but is constantly writing. Jose, Eric, and Tommy are currently not in any bands at the moment. Kenny is currently playing drums for the Miami based pop punk band, Zack Attacks The World. And Mario is currently playing drums for the Miami based hardcore band, Tough Break.
There's a pretty good summary from their It's pretty heartfelt skram style stuff, definitely very similar to a lot of other mid 00s Florida bands. The lead singer kind of reminds me of the singer from I Wrote Haikus. This is just some 3 song demo thing that I found + some myspace rips, no idea on that 6 song demo mentioned in the summary. It's not totally awful, check it out.


Myspace Songs

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