Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Baldwin Mass Suicide

Bladwin Mass Suicide was somewhat of a hardcore band for a few years… It was mostly for fun… Ranging from two guitars, drums, violin, and keyboards, to three guitars bass and drums, the suicide has probably has about nine different members… Three of the members went on to play in Cease Upon the Capitol (Ryan, Matt and Roy)… Daniel moved to Knoxville… Josh still lives in Nashville… Ben does vocals for Party Cannon… I don't really know what happened to everyone else… But I'm sure they are all doing fine…

Active early 2002-2003 from Nashville TN, and being noteworthy for containing a few members of Cease Upon the Capitol. In terms of sound it's pretty typical for early 2000s, kind of has that cheesy metal core sound like a ton of other bands on this blog. It doesn't really hold up that well, but maybe some people would like to hear it.

LP 2003

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