Thursday, May 11, 2017

Recovery Period

From their purevolume:
Members: Mitchell / David / Jared / Beth
Recovery Period began in 2003 as a three peice. Over the course of several years it saw a rotating door of members, expanding into a seven peice at one time. Social dynamics, historical politics and common tragedy is the main influence for where most of the song material comes from. Recovery Period has played all over the United States and released several D.I.Y. records. The band has always been a supporter of all ages shows, D.I.Y. forums and vehicle for honest music.
From Biloxi, MS, and active I'm thinking 2003-2008. You can check out their archived website which has lots of stuff to see here. I have most of what they released other than the "Injury to the Transition e.p" and maybe a split(?). As for sound, it's pretty typical stuff. Good though. I recommend a listen.

Pterodactyl Duck Muscle (View of a Burning City split)

No Coast Drama Comp

2005 Rough Mix Demo

Myspace Instrumental Songs

(Sorry the song tagging is a mess...)

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