Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Long Live Nothing

Hardcore punk from chicago with members of Charles Bronson.This band was so forgettable that they recorded their second full length and never put it out.

 Active early 2000's. Members are post Charles Bronson, and pre Pelican which is pretty random. I'm guessing there's truth in the second full length never being put out as I've never seen it. Female vocals, and some pretty rocking instrumentals at times. Actually quite good. The split with Lazarus Plot is a bit more on the emo side, slightly reminds me of the To Dream of Autumn. The other album, is faster paced, and really rocking.

I think(?) this is all they officially released. Check it out. Also check out angryemonerds post on The Lazarus Plot, their song on the side of the split is pretty over the top.

Split with The Lazarus Plot (worried I might be missing a song from this)

Long Live Nothing

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