Tuesday, December 12, 2017

And Sometimes I

I was going to make this post for a while, but turns out someone beat me to it and even had some stuff that I did not. It's not my style to repost stuff that's out there, but their blog looks suspiciously on it's final legs, I'm surprised the links are still even working. I hope they don't mind if I reupload these tracks.

Credit to: https://tallahasseemusicscene.blogspot.ca/2008/06/and-sometimes-i.html

...And Sometimes I took hardcore and added a splash of thrash and even a little emo. I never really hear/heard that many people talk about this band. I don't know if it is because ANKOAS, Cream Abdul Babar, or one of the other sick Tally bands from the same time frame overshadowed them, or if just not many people ever heard of them. I always liked this band though. Just like most of the other bands on here I used to jam to their demo on a daily basis AND SOMETIMES I still do bust 'em out and jam. Britton the guitarist used to play shows wearing the weirdest shit ever. The first time I saw them they played with ANKOAS and Zegota at "the warehouse" in 2000 and Britton was wearing just a shower cap and boxers. Him and the bassist, Bryan, would later form Youtragedy. The singer, Chris, went to play guitar for My First Step Towards Failure, and the drummer, Andy, later formed The Bark The Bite.

 The demo is not worth listening to, the EP slightly OK, but the split is pretty sweet, from both sides. And Sometimes I provides some really classic emo/screamo style stuff with almost Hassan I Sabbah style breakdowns. I'm enjoying it.

Kudzu Wish is a band I had never heard before. Turns out most of what I can find from them is totally awful, but this split song is surprisingly good. Kind of different, wish they stayed with this sound.

Conveniently both songs from the split are on youtube. Check it out. My DLs are a bit better recordings though.

(mullet guy) Demo

Split with Kudzu Wish

Self Titled 7inch EP

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