Friday, December 22, 2017


"With just a guitar and drums they created a uniquely great sound, alternating between pounding fast parts and winding, rhythmic breakdowns, over which singer Jackie would scream from the floor (when the mike was actually in front of her face). By the end of the set, she was sure to be bleeding (none of that pathetic whining, fake crying, or songs about plants passing for "emocore" now). Coleman's music simply seethes with dark emotions. - JEFF, MTNCIA"
They've released a s/t 7", a split LP with Three Studies For a Crucifixion and appeared on a handful of compilations.

Coleman was from  Lakewood, Ohio and active 1995-1997 (I think?). I don't think they were a totally unknown band, but they definitely are most known/overshadowed by their split with Three Studies For A Crucifixion (find their discography here) which in my opinion was one of the best bands of the era, and still somewhat underrated.

Anyway, the vocals take some getting used to. They really resemble a more crust punk style of vocals, and I actually couldn't even identify it was a female singing originally haha. I do find that their instrumentals especially on the split are very unique - kind of dissonant, drony and rhythmic. It works for them. I'd say at least check out the split.

Coleman/Three Studies For A Crucifixion Split (1995)

S/T (1997)


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