Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Ioquire was a post-hardcore / emo band from San Diego, CA, formed in 2001. They recorded several demos and played around the greater southwestern United States with the likes of Bright Calm Blue, Hot Cross, Funeral Diner, and This Flood Covers the Earth, before splitting in 2006 without releasing their sole LP, Honesty is Dangerous, currently found floating around filetrading networks on the internet. has me covered on the details there. Anyway, this one is kind of interesting. There's some elements I like a lot, and some elements which are kind of cringy (the singing...). Not bad instrumentals with impassioned shouted vocals, I would maybe associate them with Stop It!! or something like that.

The description only lists one "release", but I have three for you here. Anyway, I think the Extended Play is pretty good, and their LP is a bit behind that. The earlier release is a bit rough though. I'd say check them out.

2003 - Sleep Is A Dream That Won't Come True Tonight EP

2006 - Honesty is Dangerous LP

2006 - Extended Play 2006

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