Monday, March 31, 2014

Burned out Bright

Over the top stuff, did a split with Die Emperor Die, and apparently went on the form The Walls You've Built, and Fire Team Charlie. They were from Houston and active between 2000-2003. Anyway here's I think most of what they've released.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Lady is Not For Burning

From New Jersey. Pretty good stuff. Active roughly mid 2000's, I think. Check them out.

Nine Songs (demo)

space girls from beyond infinity

Beaumont Hamel

Another long lost Canadian band active between  2002-2005, apparently from Newfoundland which is pretty cool. This is everything they've released minus an apparent split with I Spoke. Who knows about that one though.



Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tunes for Bears to Dance to

One of the better bands from Florida for sure. They were active roughly 2002-2004. I still really enjoy this band, they released some solid stuff. I believe this is everything they've released. Tour 7" is the best imo, so make sure you get that one at the least.

The Demos

Asking in Askance

7inch Tour Edition

Jesse Washington split (with Jesse Washington songs)

El Minotaur split (with El Minotaur songs)

The Viking Club

Kinda spazzy Canadian band from Toronto, active mid 2000's. Check out the Triangle EP, good stuff.

Triangle EP

Japanther Split (Japanther songs included)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lost Kidz

Here is something a little bit different from what has been posted so far. This is a Quebecois band that sounds pretty much exactly like One Eyed God Prophecy. They may even share some members, I'm not entirely sure. They were active in the early 2000's. Check them out for sure if that sounds like it would appeal to you.

diy cd

Olive Tree

You probably know this band from their split with Toru Okada, which they share a very similar sound. They are from the DC/VA area, and were active mid 2000's. I have here, their demo, and another demo-cdr thing. The demo cd-r contains the songs from the split, and a re-recording of one of the demo tracks. So check them out, if you're into the over the top stuff...

Demo CD-R (toru okada songs, rerecording)

Demo (actual demo)

La Mantra de Fhiqria

Don't know a whole lot about this band other than they are from Iowa (I think?) They are actually from Chicago, thank you below commenter. They were active early-mid 2000's. Pretty good band for how unknown they seem to be. Anyway check em out, six song ep is pretty good. I seem to be missing a comp track + their split with Tale of Genji.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


These guys are from New York and play some pretty awesome music. They seem to be mainly active mid 2000's. They've released quite a few different albums, a lot which seem to be just different recordings of the same songs, all worth listening to though. I have no idea what their discography would look like, but I think I have a fair chunk of it here, anyway check it out.

We Are War Like People

Edit: Oh shit... I actually didn't lose the Myspace songs. I'm actually so excited because they're really good. Please download.

Myspace Songs

We Might be Dead Already (woops, these songs are all on the 2005 collection)

Ten and Two split (I know the futbol americana song goes on this, but I have no idea about this other song, this is basically just two songs ripped of their myspace)
(I lost these tracks... And myspace is broken. I'm really sad because they were the best songs. Maybe they'll surface again.)


Actuve roughly early mid 2000's, and from SoCal, they released a few things. Here for you I have their demo, their split with Occam's Razor, Nietzcshe Said There'd be Days Like This 10", and some other random thing called 10", with some different recordings. The only thing I think I'm missing is their split with Autokinoton, but oh well.

Does this "discography" have all that you've released?
It has everything with an actual release. We recorded a couple other demos. Lachance was a band that I started in high school. Maybe my junior year, which would have been like 98/99. But we sounded very different in the beginning and we had a hiatus for maybe a year. . We broke up directly after our longest tour which was in 2005. Basically the band was done before the tour was. Our van broke down. The other guitarists amp took a shit, and we had split up into two groups of two.
Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before?
 After Lachance, both Andrew (the other guitarist) and I were in a pop rock band called Shredosaurus Rex. And I briefly played bass for Andrew in the backing band for his solo project called Shakespeare. Andrew still plays music. He as in a pretty cool pop rock band called the Caps. And he is currently playing in a band with the main guy from the Caps. It's called players island. Austin and Richard (bass and drums) were in a band called called Epicose. There were a handful of other projects we've done, but those were the only ones that did anything noteworthy. One of our original guitarists who we kicked out is now a rapper. He goes by the name besatree.

 Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?
 We played with a lot of great bands. Bands that had members of the bands that influenced us directly. We played with hot cross, off minor, welcome the plague year, the locust, textbook traitors, Forensics, funeral diner, Amanda Woodward, kaospilot, van Johnson, Sinaloa. I'm sure there's some I'm missing.
How did you connect with Occams Razor and The Autokinotikon for the splits?
 I think we met both Occam's razor and the autokiniton at the Robinson house. Which was a house in Los Angeles that used to have shows. We tried to get on every shoe they had, because most of them were great shows. We are all from Rancho Cucamonga, which is like 60 miles east of L.A.
Do you have any thoughts or words on the scene that you were part of (where were you from)?
 Being part of that scene was a lot of fun for the most part. It kinda always felt we were part of a crew of little brother bands. Bands of our status got on bigger shows sometimes but we were never really the main attraction. So the bands we made friends with and did the splits with, we got along with as people and felt no kind of rivalry with. So it was less of a geographic scene or even musical scene that we were a part of. We were good friends with the pine from Bakersfield and Daniel, the drummer from bleeding Kansas was good friend. He played drums for us at a show at Munoz gym in Bakersfield. So we all shared some musical sensibilities but we were never friends with bands just because we thought we sounded similar enough to play with. I think if most of us had a choice we would have tried to put together the most diverse shows possible. Ska bands and guys with acoustic guitars mixed with screamo and hardcore bands. Definitely none of us were strictly hardcore guys or heavy music in general. It just happened to be the style that we were able to play at the time. By the end of Lachance we never practiced our own songs. We had like 2 practices before leaving for that last tour which consisted of us playing Weezer, nirvana, and misfits songs. But people always told us how they could tell we practiced a lot. I think that is because we were loud and fast and we had synchronous sudden stops. No one could that we had fucked up pretty much everything we were trying to do, except starting and stopping together.


nietzsche said there'd be days like this

Occam's Razor & Lachance split (with Occam's Razor songs)

Random album entitled 10", With better recordings of some songs
Edit: I guess these are unreleased recordings done at the same time as the Occam's Razor split.

The Autokinoton split (with Autokinoton songs)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday Boyz

Active 2003-relatively recent. says their from New York. I remember reading somewhere they toured China, which is pretty cool I guess. Long drawn out songs, weird lyrics, tight instrumentals, this band rules, you should definitely check them out.

The Will Killingsworth Sessions

For they were Jolly Good Fellows

The Fiction Split (with fiction songs too)

The Bro Cycle

The Bro Cycle (Better Recording)

We, the Accused

Great band with not a whole lot of info about them. They're from Ottawa according to their page active roughly around 2004. As for their sound, it's pretty typical stuff, but with some pretty interesting instrumentals i'd say. Check them out for sure. I have no idea if they released anything else, but this is what I have.

A Corrosive Melody

From Grand Rapids MN, and active roughly 2005-2007, you may know these guys from their split with Bear Garden. I really enjoy these guys, the instrumentals are very well done, and almost noodly at times. tells me that they've released quite a bit of stuff, which from what I gather, most of it is not to be found anywhere.

The Hour Hand Vs. The Hour Glass (2005)
Horse Head In Yer Bed EP (2006)
2006 Sector 5 Records Compilation(2006)
…And the Heroine Screams Help! Compilation vol.2(2006)
Songs From The GR Compilation 
Tour Demo 
Live @ The American University in Washington D.C. EP 
Bear Garden/A Corrosive Melody Split (2007)
Here for you I have their split with Bear Garden of course, some miscellaneous tracks that I have no idea what release they're from, and also lastly their Live @ The American University release. So check it out, good stuff. 

I think a ton of people have been searching for any of their other releases up there, so without saying, if you've seen any of the other stuff let me (and everyone else) know...

Split with Bear Garden

Live at American University

Various Stuff

Update---- Much thanks to below commenter for the following stuff.

Two Songs From The Hour Hand CD