Monday, June 23, 2014

The Jonah Complex

Along with The Last Will Be The First, this is another long lost ex The Assistant band. Definitely a different vibe from some of the other bands that these guys played in, but still pretty awesome; worth a download. Has most of the members in it from the sounds of it.


Friday, June 20, 2014


From Stoneham MA, apparently active between 2004 - 2007. Can't seem to find much about them underneath the 400 other bands with the same name. Here I have some sort of release and a collection of various other tracks (two being off a split with She Died Real Pretty). No idea if they released anything else. Worth a listen I'd say.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down in the Snow

From Portland OR active early-mid 2000's. I think these guys are most known for their split with Occam's Razor. Interesting band name for sure. I think this is everything they've released + some unreleased stuff. In terms of sound, it's pretty spastic all over the place stuff. Pretty good though. Check it out.

Delta India Echo

(they found my) Naked Corpse (face down in the snow)

Split with Occam's Razor (with Occam's Razor songs)

Evening At The Black House Split (only naked corpse songs)

This Ride Home Split (only naked corpse songs)

Stress Tour cdr

A River Made To Drown In

Can't find too much info about this band. The recordings are not the best, but the songs themselves are OK. Apparently active around 2003, I believe some member(s?) went on to other things.  Kinda metal tinged sometimes, lots of movie samples. Check it out if you're interested.

Reflections of Emptiness

Monday, June 9, 2014


Moaar Canadian bands. It may be a bit of a stretch to post this here, since they're pretty metal-core'ie, but I think they definitely have some emo influences. Their categorizes them as being a mix of "Four Hundred Years, Coalesce, and Anasarca," so maybe some relevance.  From Toronto, they broke up in 2004 and formed Katja, which I will also post at some time. I've never seen these tracks anywhere else, so I figured maybe someone might want them.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Sea, The Sea

Goood band from Michigan, a bit softer than some of the stuff on here. Clean female vocals and just really heartfelt songs. Pretty neat use of saxaphone and keyboard on some of the tracks as well. Definitely worth a listen. I have no idea when they were active, they almost sound more apart of the 90's crowd, but I'm going to go and say they were in the early 00's. I think this should be most of what they released.


One Sided 12"


The Autokinoton

The Autokinoton, or just Autokinoton? I don't know; seems to have fairly indepth descriptions for both which confuses me. Anyway they're from Colorado and play a pretty some pretty well thought out stuff. Good intensity, good vocals, good stuff. Check it out.

Lachance split (with Lachance songs)

Tour Pressing Volume One

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Damioriezol, or dami o'riezol... I don't know. They are described as a "progressive ambient-screamo band" on, and active in 2005.. Worth a listen, I'd say. Apparently someone from this band went on to play in Storm the Bastille, so that's a pretty big deal. The demo is not really worth listening to, but the other release is pretty interesting.



As Dead As Dreams

Female fronted band from Connecticut active around 2005. Decent band all around, with some songs being much better than others. The vocals and lyrics (from what I can understand at least) can be a bit uhhh too much, but I think the instrumentals make up for it. I would say it's worth a listen. I think they have more songs than this, but this will get you started at least.

Self Titled

Light The Fuse And Get Away

Nope, not Light The Fuse And Run... Just their more screamy cousins. Anyway they're from Florida, active from 2002-2004, and play a pretty typical sound. Decent stuff, nothing mindblowing, but maybe worth a listen. I think this is it for stuff they've released.

Greatest Hits

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kwakiutl Cannibal Society

This one is a classic. Future lead singer of Takaru plays in this band, which really amps the awesomeness of these recordings. They were apparently from NY, and play just really good heartfelt stuff. I believe they were active early 2000's, but definitely have a more 90's feel to them. Good stuff.

Self Titled

Split with Against the Odds

The Kyds Vs Columbus

Who is this band... I have no idea. Some review says they are from Arizona, so there's that. They're a bit different from most of the stuff on this blog, kind of metal-core'ie at times, but distinctly emo at other times. Anyway in the end I think they fit here, so take a listen. I think they were active around 2003.

Self Titled

Uproot the Shrub, Future Development Education

Instil Split


Great band, with unfortunately not that much info about them on the internet (at least not that I can find, the 5000 other bands named Polar did not help.) Anyway very interesting songs with great instrumentals. Not much else to say other than you should just listen to them. No picture for this one unfortunately.


Split with Mass Movement of the Moth

Schematic of a Waking Life

Great great stuff, also wickedly underrated.  From Bristol CT, and active early 2000's. Really catchy, don't really know who to relate them to though. I'm missing both splits with Stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff and The Fiction, so apologies for that... Anyway here it is.

Untitled Album (Can't find any info about this album, better of the two albums posted here though)

Cinder and Seeds


I got a hold of their two splits. Good stuff.

stab you in the head split

The Setup Split

Swing Heil!

This is still a good one. Tight instrumentals, and just a very well thought out sound. They were from New York, and I don't think they released anything other than two demos, could be wrong on that though. Make sure to listen if you haven't, it's great stuff.

Cardboard Demo

Demo (Some other demo, with tracks missing. I tried many moons ago to find the rest of the songs, but never could)

This Ride Home

Don't even know too much about this band, nor can I find any worthwhile info.  Intense shrill vocals, quiet parts, reminds me of some of the bigger emo bands. I'm guessing they were active mid 2000's. As for what they've released, I think they had more, but here's what I have.

Split with They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow

Envy show CD

Cocoon of Grand Muses

According to they feature "members of Et Tu Brute, How To Beat A Dead Horse and 12 Days Awake" to give you an idea of what they sound like, they're pretty similar to How to Beat a Dead Horse, but probably a bit better. They're tagged as being 90's emo, but I don't think that's true, I think they're from the 2000's (hence the postage here), could be wrong though. 

All Points North

We'll Dance Like Ghosts On Rooftops

I think this band kind of epitomises the era, with the name, the sound, all fits. I don't really know what other bands to compare them to, maybe I Wrote Haikus or something. Good stuff though. I think they were from Florida, and active 2006-2008. They didn't put out any real recordings, but these are a collection of live tracks that they have (don't worry, the recording on them isn't too bad)

Collection of Songs

Colossus of Roads

Just really tight instrumentals on this one, for sure worth a listen. From California, I have no idea when they were active, but I'm going with later on the 2000 spectrum. I think this is all they've released?


EP (better recordings than some other rips floating around on the webz)

Drowning in Lethe

I think this band is most known for their split with Dead Seraphim. They were from Bothell Washington, and active 2001-2004. They're pretty weird as far as sound goes, really up and down songs. This should be all they've released. Apparently there is a unreleased full length out there, but who knows about that.

Self Titled

Split with Dead Seraphim

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The South

More Florida stuff. Have a pretty rough sound, seem to be influenced by some older Florida bands. I actually think this is all they've released, so check it out. Disbanded around 2004. No picture since there's another band with the same name, and I can't tell whose who.

Sick Pits Bro Sesh


Chomp Chomp Chomp

Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Get Go

Oh, this band. The vocals are pretty much unlistenable at times, maybe you'll like it though. I think it may be a two person band, just really frantic screechy stuff, kinda an object of its era for sure. Reminds me of asthma atttaq a bit. From Sacramento according to


Archeopteryx split (with archeopteryx songs)

Tour CD

Was it Domestic Demo

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ført Ved Brann

So this is the band that came after Departure from Apathy, apparently active around 2005. Much better in my opinion, have a pretty cool dissonant sound to them. Yup.


Heroes and Hearsay

This is the band that came before a whole shwack of Florida bands, the big ones being Jesse Washington, Capsule, Devices and who even knows what else. Actually not that bad, kind of has a similar sound to its successor bands. I'm just including one folder, which has a some songs taken apparently from (a few?) demos. Google and give very little info about them, so who knows if there's more. The only picture I could find involving them was the show poster above.