Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Corrosive Melody (part 2)

A Corrosive Melody Bandcamp

Original Post

Started this blog with some tracks by A Corrosive Melody back in 2014, and spent almost six years hunting down the remainder of their recordings alongside theangryemonerd (shout out to all the people that contributed lol). Finally we have a bandcamp up and running. Looks like it's missing "The Hour Hand Vs. The Hour Glass" EP, which from my understanding might be a bit of a different sound from their later stuff. 

If you haven't listened to them yet, it's very high quality stuff, lots of jazz/math influence. The split with Bear Garden really holds up, but this unreleased stuff is very good as well. Anyway, check out that bandcamp, and hopefully they upload more to their youtube (I put a few of their releases on my Youtube in the meantime to get some word out.)

Monday, December 7, 2020



Eyston started as a college band around end 1998.After we splitted in march 2000 , we didn't play music together until end 2002.Then we decided to bring the band to life again, playing only new songs, with a different sound and a different approach of our music.We had been playing instrumental music until now and vocals added a new unknown dimension to our music.Our band is just about close friends sharing a same feeling you could hardly express in a few words.Our l
yrics may sound immature , they make sense to us

Check this article for a good summary about them. 

From Luxembourg, and active 2003-2006 this band plays a very math influenced type of sound. Their early material is a lot more screamo sounding than their later material, but they keep their roots somewhat until the end. The sound in the later years is very calm indie style math, but intermixed with hardcore. The instrumentals are very good. Their split with Actarus is probably the most indie-math like, and the split with Colin Kramer is probably best for the emo listeners. It's all pretty great, definitely check it out.

Complete Discography (2003-2006)


tvesla split 7"

the yeah! demo

actarus split

collin kramer split 7"

last stand e.p.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Cremation 186

Found this on my old harddrive, information is difficult to find on them. They were from Boise, ID, and active late 2000s. Looks like someone in this band is part of the band Hoods Up!. The band combines emo/screamo with a crust sound. I don't really enjoy the crust element, but when they are doing their other stuff, it ends up being quite good. The band has some really nice kind of spoken word elements, especially on the track "Kesley". 

The tracks that I had were part of a split that I'm not sure was released, and the others are from a separate recording. Discogs has something else for them which I may buy at some point, but for now, here's what I have. I really enjoy the first track off the split, and the track Banshee. Srsly, go check them out.

Collection of Songs

Never Leave Me Alone

Niveneh / Caligula

I'm reposting this one because these two bands were hidden in my Delaware Hardcore Compilation post that I dd. These are two late 90s screamo bands that are extremely obscure. Very little information other than being from Delaware and from the late 90s. Caligula have a dual vocal approach, and Nineveh reminds me kind of Hassan I Sabbah at points. Both go pretty hard. Check them out.

Caligula - Demo

Nineveh - Demo

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Autumn Wind Thesis

 **video pending my horrible internet connection**

Current lineup formed in mid-2001. Based in western Pennsylvania. Main inspirations include Zao, Radiohead, Thursday, Tori Amos, Tool, Bright Eyes, Dillinger Escape Plan, and From Autumn to Ashes. The members look to create a new sound spanning both beauty and chaos. Shunning away mainstream methods of merging heavy and light, AWT instead seperate the two for a dramatic experience. Live show is vicious and heart wrenching at the same time.

This band went on to form The Pax Cecilia, and the sound is very the same. High production metalcore influenced type stuff. Lots of piano/acoustic guitar/singing. Reminds me of bands like An Embrace of Angels. It's a lot more emo/screamo than the little description above leads to believe. I tend not to be the biggest fan of this style of music, but people do like this stuff. Check it out. 

Telling Stories at Dawn

For All Its Worth

 For all its Worth (spelling mistake intentional) were a band from Fairfield County, Connecticut active 2001-2003. I heard of this band from a blog commenter (thank you) and it took some time to track down their material. There's a fair bit of stuff they put out, but true information about them seems fairly scarce on the internet. From their archived website it seems they were pretty close to producing a split with emo legends Robots Don't Cry which is pretty cool. Their sound is pretty influenced by straight edge hardcore, but still pretty emo/screamo. The Road Goes Ever On is probably the highlight. Definitely check it out.

Split with The Promise Of Rebirth

Nailelve (some sort of demo)

Ankaa (This is just one song from youtube, I will try and buy this and upload it here + youtube)

The Road Goes Ever On...



Found this on one of my favorite youtubers/blog reader. Looks to be active around 2005 and from Norwich, UK. I found a review for it on collective zine.

Isn't it fantastic when a band just sneaks up on you out of nowhere and tweaks your bottom then runs away giggling. Of course, Structures are far too emo to engage in that kind of uncouth behaviour, they are way more likely to send you anonymous love poems and stalk you quietly from a great distance so that you'd never even realise they were breaking the law.

Ok. So Structures is the latest in the burgeoning line of British emo bands that I have fallen for. This EP romps through five tracks of twinkling, building up, sobbing, yelling, dual vocalling, falling down, and a bit more sobbing. There is a song on here called "This City Drinks Blood" and it is absolutely, unequivocally, any good. It shocks me with its goodness every time I play it, because some band that is just releasing a CDR without any fanfare at all has no right to be this good. Do they? Eh? This pick of the 5 songs is a killer blend of Saddest Landscape style wroughtness, and mid-west emo sway - these chaps have surely checked out that Bells on Trike 10". Its just beautiful, with one dude yelling out of breathe, and the other being all off-key and cute like Tim Kinsella was auditioning him for a Cap'n Jazz reunion show which Davey couldn't make. The guitars twinkle and sway with an overly high quota of brilliance, waiting for the song to get all explosive and crybaby. This. Knocks. Me. Over.

Beyond that song, there is other goodness, the 5 minute "If You Could Turn Back, Would You Turn Back" doesn't hook me in as much as some of the rest, but overall - I am not the one complaining. The band is well capable of mixing up the ballistic with the swirling melodies, and that is pretty much why I appreciate this as much as I do. You don't get many bands who know how to combine the fast paced emo rocketry with the deftly placed fiddly melody that makes your knees buckle. Also what I want to know is how this is so perfectly produced? Everything is mixed to the exact level that I would have specified if I was at the controls, all the right sounds shine through, yet it is still a little rough round the edges and endearing in that way too. How does some band get to be this good in secret. Lost me.

My favourite kind of music.

I have to agree, it's one of the better things I've heard in a while. Go listen.