Thursday, December 11, 2014


From Colorado, and apparently active between 2001-2009. They kind of do the long drawn out song thing, with long intros and what not, had kind of a metal-core influenced sound. I think instrumental wise, they're actually pretty good. Not too much info other than that. I would have no idea what all they've released, but this looks to be a good start.

The Lonliest Cowboy at the Grammar Rodeo

Update: Found this - more songs, better recordings.

Runsfasterscared 2007

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Remember Van Gogh

Active early mid 2000's. I do not have much info on where they are from, but they play a decent, almost metal-core influenced sound that was pretty typical of the era. I think this is all they've released?

Ticks & Tremors + Tour Demo

Untitled CDR

Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm gathering that there is a number of other bands with the same name. This is the keyboard heavy, high pitched vocals, short song, crazy one. Not too much info sadly.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Allegory of the Cave

Two piece band from Orlando, Florida. Super high pitched vocals, melodic, pretty over the top, but decent instrumentals at times.

Spectres Split (with spectres songs)

Spectres/Maudlin split (same songs as above, just not a vinyl rip. also not official names on songs)

Friday, November 21, 2014

(Nineteen) Nineteen

Pre Welcome the Plague Year, post Makara. Rough recordings, female vocals. Pretty good, definitely sounds more in the vein of welcome the plague year than Makara. Worth a listen if you're into either bands.


Live NYU (imo better quality recordings than the demo)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Syntax Transfer Theory

Not too much info on this other than it came out after Makara, and before Ruhaeda; sharing two members with both bands. Sounds pretty much like a mishmash of those two said bands. Good stuff, deserves more than 6 listeners on haha...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love Lost But Not Forgotten

Probably don't need an introduction here. Anyway, you can find their two main albums on the other blogs, but I have a few things here which I never really see anywhere.

Unfound EP (Other recordings of songs off ST, has two songs from split with JFFB + two more)

Upon the right demo (three demo tracks from upon the right album. with both vocalists)

Metaphors of a Bleeding Heart (Single song I found somewhere... Don't know what it is. yea...)

Monday, November 17, 2014


Not too much info on this, just that they were active around 2002, and possibly from the San Francisco San Jose area. The demo is pretty rough, with long, melodic songs. Check it out.


Edit - Someone sent me some links to other stuff. Here it is:

The Story So Far

More Atriata

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Silhouette

Two person band from Houston TX active around 2007, and according to pretty inspired by die emperor die, and burned out bright. I think that description is pretty accurate, they definitely sound very similar. Very over the top haha. I don't know if this is all they had released, I'm suspecting not, but yea...




Below commenter has given the discography. Thanks a bunch. I reuploaded his tracks to mega since mediafire scares me.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Green is Mean

I can't seem to find much info about this band. I'm actually kind of surprised that they aren't more popular, they seem to have a pretty polished sound. I think this is all that they've released. Their first two releases sound pretty typical of the era, although pretty bass heavy, and almost punkish at times. The last release is a bit different, and almost sounds like stuff being put out these days. All of it is pretty well put together though, check it out...



Destroy or be Destroyed

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cost Of An Arm

From Denver, active possibly around 2001-2002. Again not too much info on this band. Pretty melodic with super high pitched vocals.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Darkness That Brings The Choking Heat

Oooh Silent Hill reference... Anyway, I have zero information on this band. They actually remind me quite a bit of Cowboys Became Folk Heroes, so fairly decent.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh, You Skeleton!

Active around 2002, they are a pretty weird band. Terrible recordings, bizarre vocals, and slow parts. Uh yea...  Anyway, I think the most noteworthy thing about this is that they were supposed to release a split with Phasma Phasmatis. Listen if you're curious...


Phasma Phasmatis

Active between  2002-2003. They're pretty over the top, with some pretty insane vocals. Check it out if you haven't already. I think all they've released is the demo, but here I have some live tracks, and some weird misc track. I have heard there was supposed to be a split released with oh, you skeleton, but who knows about that.


Live at Springfield Park

Misc (One track that was on their website many moons ago, it's pretty weird...)

Monday, October 6, 2014

With Eyes Like Static

From Cali, has some members from Box the Compass, and apparently some members went on to Makanda & Drowning With Our Anchors. Anyway good stuff. Well done instrumental parts, high pitched vocals. You should check them out. They released two demos, but I only have one here. Much appreciation for commenter below providing the second demo.

Friday, October 3, 2014

To Dream of Autumn

I don't think this band band really needs an introduction, you probably know them as that heavy female fronted emo band. Anyway, most of their stuff is super easily accessible on the internet, but for some reason I have never seen this release anywhere. It's basically just some of the songs off Kill Your Cul-De-Sac with different recordings (not as heavy, more cleaner sounding), some instrumental tracks, and also a track off the Songs of the Dead comp.

Tour CD

(The rest of their stuff you can find on other blogs)


All that really needs to be said is that this is a short lived band that came after I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook, and sound pretty much the exact same. I mean there is some differences, but very similar. Anyway, they didn't seem to release much, but it's pretty good. If you like Haiku's then definitely listen to this.

3 song demo (Just a small note here, these are the same songs as the three myspace songs but with better recording (imo?).)

Myspace songs (I think these are the tracks that are more commonly passed around. The recording on them is a bit different from above though. Also includes fourth song not on the demo)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Shadows and the Silence

So this is a band I have very little information about. They've done two splits with bands already posted on this blog. I have their split with Choke their Rivers With Our Dead, and the other tour cd is the same tracks as the split with Robot's don't Cry. I don't know if they've released anything else. Anyway good stuff, check it out.

Edit, found this: First Tour CD

Second Tour CD

Split with Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead

Friday, September 19, 2014


These guys were from Toronto, and apparently released a split with Canadian celebs I Spoke. They're pretty aggressive, and kinda spazzy like a lot of bands coming out of Canada at this time. Minus their split with I Spoke (which might be the ep tracks below), this should be most of what they've released.

DDMMYY split (DDMMYY sound kind of similar, more melodic and electro'ie, check them too if that sounds appealing)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

System 2600

This band is obviously most known as that random band that did a split with City of Caterpillar. It's kinda weird that even with that they have faded into pretty much total obscurity. They're actually really good, very nice instrumentals. Anyway, you should probably check them out if you haven't.

*local arrogance demo cd- 5 songs
*7th story split 7” 500 on pink wax (sea of dead pirates records)
*tour cd- 5 songs made on the road (basically contains both 7”s)
*city of caterpillar split 7” 400 silkscreened cover 100 special darby edition (sea of dead pirates records)
*electric wine cd ep - if you have one we probably know you 

Here's what they've released according to their I have here both the 7"'s that they released, and some tracks off their myspace. What's missing is their demo, and the two other cd's. Would be cool to hear those some day.

City of Caterpillar Split

Seventh Story Split

Myspace Songs


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


From Philadelphia active around 2003. Decent band, lots of jangly melodic parts, a little bit metal-core at times. I'm lacking their demo, and some promo cd, but here's their other release. Members went on to a whole bunch of stuff, I think the big one being Fighter Hayabusa, which I will probably post at one point as well.

Etchings of Manzanar - Demo

Say Hi to your Folks

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

El Minotaur

From Springfield MO. They're pretty spastic with some really weird vocals at times. Here's their split with tunes for bears, and their demo. They have more stuff out there, which I unfortunately do not have.


Tunes for bears to dance to split

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Company of Heroes

From California, released one album in 2006. Alright stuff, pretty much sounds like typical stuff from that era, worth a listen though I'd say.


A Company of Heroes

Saturday, September 13, 2014

El Ahrairah

This is a band I have zero information about. There's a black metal band with the same name, but I can't seem to find any info saying that they are the same band, so I'm just going to go ahead and say that they are not. Anyway, pretty good stuff actually. Dual male/female vocals, and pretty well thought out aggressive sound. One of the vocalists sounds like he's from another more popular band, but I can't quite say which one. If anyone knows more about this band, leave a comment or something.


**Update - Found this as well. It's pretty good.

Bug Records - Rare and Previous Sampler


From Florida, sharing members with Jesse Washington, Heroes and Heresay, and Capsule. Kinda sounds like an early version of Capsule, with some similarities to other Florida bands. Check them out, decent stuff. No idea when they were active. I'm missing their split 7"'s according to their, and one of these releases isn't listed on the, so dunno about that.

Self Titled

We are Devices

Split 7inch with Capsule

Split 7inch with The Critic

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Robots Don't Cry

Okay, so not the super popular one from Ukraine, but instead the one from Omaha. Worth a listen for sure, I'd say. Don't really know who to compare them to, but they play a pretty typical sound.

Now as for what they have released, this one might be a bit tough. Here is their demo, tour cdr, and some random track. On top of that, their lists them as possibly having two other splits. I may have their split with shadows and silence, so I will upload that in time if I can find it. But here's the other's for now.

and humans don't rust

tour cd-r

shadows and the silence split

misc song (off some slsk emo tape)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Play The Piano Drunk (Playthepianodrunklikeapercussioninstrumentuntilthefingersbegintobleed)

ell oh ell at the band name. Anyway not too much info on this unfortunately. Kind of typical stuff, but I guess worth a listen. I think this is all they've released?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Chet Stedman

From North Carolina, this one is a bit more rock focused than some of the other stuff on here. Lots of guitar solos, I think their description on as being thrash metal/post hardcore is relatively accurate. Anyway check it out if that appeals to you.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Drago Miette

I was kind of surprised to see that this didn't have very many listeners on It has members of Usurp Synapse, and pretty much sounds exactly like them, just with longer songs, and maybe a bit more uuuh melodic. Anyway really good, and if you like Usurp Synapse this is a definite listen.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'm going to go ahead and assume that this is not the same band as the one listed on with the same name. So unfortunately that leaves me with zero information on this, sorry. Anyway pretty metaly twinged stuff, kinda reminiscent of early Textbook Traitors, or LLBNF.

666 hours

The Corta Vita

From Alberta Canada and active between 2000-2004, these guys play a kind a more mainline sound, with similarities to a lot of the bigger bands, and even stuff that is coming out these days. For what seemed like forever these guys were one of the very few emo bands to come out of my hometown; as of relatively recently that has started to change, but this is a bit of history here haha.... I was never a HUGE fan of them, but listening over it right now it's pretty good, so you should check it out.


Non Je Suis Mort

Communication Is Nothing Without Feedback

Posthumous EP

(Also googling their name + blogspot, I found a link to their demo, so search that out if you want. Went and uploaded this just for posterity sake)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Part II

From Utah... Screamy, melodic parts, some singing, I dunno what else to say. Actually not bad, I recommend a listen. According to I'm missing an album, but here's the one I have.

weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth

Friday, July 4, 2014

And Or

I have zero information about this band, but I thought maybe some people might want to hear them. Female vocals, and not too bad musicianship. Lyrics are kinda overboard at times, but I guess maybe worth a listen. Yuuup. I'm also unsure if the band name is and/or, and-or, or just and or.. so sorry about that haha.


Thursday, July 3, 2014


Pretty good stuff, as said by their they're very jazzy and almost math'ie at times. Now what I have here is just simply titled "Demo" which is what I believe to be their self-titled CD. At some point these guy guys lost the vocals and went down a different route, so I think these songs might be it for the emo version of them (could be wrong on that though). Anyway check it out...


Strawman Fallacy

Another Canadian band, sharing members of I Spoke according to They sound quite similar, for sure. I'm undoubtedly missing a lot of stuff, but googling the band name is just worthless, so here's what I have. Anyway check it out for sure if you like I Spoke.


ST Special Mike Edition

Split with The Love and Terror Cult (with Love and Terror Cult Songs)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zombie Zombie

Pretty weird synthy electro stuff, kinda different from a lot of other bands. From Colorado active between 2000-2004 it would seem. I'm missing a bunch of their stuff according to their (and there's a dead link to their discography on there, I wonder if anyone got that...) Anyway check out it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Jonah Complex

Along with The Last Will Be The First, this is another long lost ex The Assistant band. Definitely a different vibe from some of the other bands that these guys played in, but still pretty awesome; worth a download. Has most of the members in it from the sounds of it.


Friday, June 20, 2014


From Stoneham MA, apparently active between 2004 - 2007. Can't seem to find much about them underneath the 400 other bands with the same name. Here I have some sort of release and a collection of various other tracks (two being off a split with She Died Real Pretty). No idea if they released anything else. Worth a listen I'd say.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down in the Snow

From Portland OR active early-mid 2000's. I think these guys are most known for their split with Occam's Razor. Interesting band name for sure. I think this is everything they've released + some unreleased stuff. In terms of sound, it's pretty spastic all over the place stuff. Pretty good though. Check it out.

Delta India Echo

(they found my) Naked Corpse (face down in the snow)

Split with Occam's Razor (with Occam's Razor songs)

Evening At The Black House Split (only naked corpse songs)

This Ride Home Split (only naked corpse songs)

Stress Tour cdr

A River Made To Drown In

Can't find too much info about this band. The recordings are not the best, but the songs themselves are OK. Apparently active around 2003, I believe some member(s?) went on to other things.  Kinda metal tinged sometimes, lots of movie samples. Check it out if you're interested.

Reflections of Emptiness

Monday, June 9, 2014


Moaar Canadian bands. It may be a bit of a stretch to post this here, since they're pretty metal-core'ie, but I think they definitely have some emo influences. Their categorizes them as being a mix of "Four Hundred Years, Coalesce, and Anasarca," so maybe some relevance.  From Toronto, they broke up in 2004 and formed Katja, which I will also post at some time. I've never seen these tracks anywhere else, so I figured maybe someone might want them.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Sea, The Sea

Goood band from Michigan, a bit softer than some of the stuff on here. Clean female vocals and just really heartfelt songs. Pretty neat use of saxaphone and keyboard on some of the tracks as well. Definitely worth a listen. I have no idea when they were active, they almost sound more apart of the 90's crowd, but I'm going to go and say they were in the early 00's. I think this should be most of what they released.


One Sided 12"


The Autokinoton

The Autokinoton, or just Autokinoton? I don't know; seems to have fairly indepth descriptions for both which confuses me. Anyway they're from Colorado and play a pretty some pretty well thought out stuff. Good intensity, good vocals, good stuff. Check it out.

Lachance split (with Lachance songs)

Tour Pressing Volume One

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Damioriezol, or dami o'riezol... I don't know. They are described as a "progressive ambient-screamo band" on, and active in 2005.. Worth a listen, I'd say. Apparently someone from this band went on to play in Storm the Bastille, so that's a pretty big deal. The demo is not really worth listening to, but the other release is pretty interesting.



As Dead As Dreams

Female fronted band from Connecticut active around 2005. Decent band all around, with some songs being much better than others. The vocals and lyrics (from what I can understand at least) can be a bit uhhh too much, but I think the instrumentals make up for it. I would say it's worth a listen. I think they have more songs than this, but this will get you started at least.

Self Titled

Light The Fuse And Get Away

Nope, not Light The Fuse And Run... Just their more screamy cousins. Anyway they're from Florida, active from 2002-2004, and play a pretty typical sound. Decent stuff, nothing mindblowing, but maybe worth a listen. I think this is it for stuff they've released.

Greatest Hits

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kwakiutl Cannibal Society

This one is a classic. Future lead singer of Takaru plays in this band, which really amps the awesomeness of these recordings. They were apparently from NY, and play just really good heartfelt stuff. I believe they were active early 2000's, but definitely have a more 90's feel to them. Good stuff.

Self Titled

Split with Against the Odds

The Kyds Vs Columbus

Who is this band... I have no idea. Some review says they are from Arizona, so there's that. They're a bit different from most of the stuff on this blog, kind of metal-core'ie at times, but distinctly emo at other times. Anyway in the end I think they fit here, so take a listen. I think they were active around 2003.

Self Titled

Uproot the Shrub, Future Development Education

Instil Split


Great band, with unfortunately not that much info about them on the internet (at least not that I can find, the 5000 other bands named Polar did not help.) Anyway very interesting songs with great instrumentals. Not much else to say other than you should just listen to them. No picture for this one unfortunately.


Split with Mass Movement of the Moth

Schematic of a Waking Life

Great great stuff, also wickedly underrated.  From Bristol CT, and active early 2000's. Really catchy, don't really know who to relate them to though. I'm missing both splits with Stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff and The Fiction, so apologies for that... Anyway here it is.

Untitled Album (Can't find any info about this album, better of the two albums posted here though)

Cinder and Seeds


I got a hold of their two splits. Good stuff.

stab you in the head split

The Setup Split

Swing Heil!

This is still a good one. Tight instrumentals, and just a very well thought out sound. They were from New York, and I don't think they released anything other than two demos, could be wrong on that though. Make sure to listen if you haven't, it's great stuff.

Cardboard Demo

Demo (Some other demo, with tracks missing. I tried many moons ago to find the rest of the songs, but never could)

This Ride Home

Don't even know too much about this band, nor can I find any worthwhile info.  Intense shrill vocals, quiet parts, reminds me of some of the bigger emo bands. I'm guessing they were active mid 2000's. As for what they've released, I think they had more, but here's what I have.

Split with They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow

Envy show CD

Cocoon of Grand Muses

According to they feature "members of Et Tu Brute, How To Beat A Dead Horse and 12 Days Awake" to give you an idea of what they sound like, they're pretty similar to How to Beat a Dead Horse, but probably a bit better. They're tagged as being 90's emo, but I don't think that's true, I think they're from the 2000's (hence the postage here), could be wrong though. 

All Points North

We'll Dance Like Ghosts On Rooftops

I think this band kind of epitomises the era, with the name, the sound, all fits. I don't really know what other bands to compare them to, maybe I Wrote Haikus or something. Good stuff though. I think they were from Florida, and active 2006-2008. They didn't put out any real recordings, but these are a collection of live tracks that they have (don't worry, the recording on them isn't too bad)

Collection of Songs

Colossus of Roads

Just really tight instrumentals on this one, for sure worth a listen. From California, I have no idea when they were active, but I'm going with later on the 2000 spectrum. I think this is all they've released?


EP (better recordings than some other rips floating around on the webz)

Drowning in Lethe

I think this band is most known for their split with Dead Seraphim. They were from Bothell Washington, and active 2001-2004. They're pretty weird as far as sound goes, really up and down songs. This should be all they've released. Apparently there is a unreleased full length out there, but who knows about that.

Self Titled

Split with Dead Seraphim

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The South

More Florida stuff. Have a pretty rough sound, seem to be influenced by some older Florida bands. I actually think this is all they've released, so check it out. Disbanded around 2004. No picture since there's another band with the same name, and I can't tell whose who.

Sick Pits Bro Sesh


Chomp Chomp Chomp

Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Get Go

Oh, this band. The vocals are pretty much unlistenable at times, maybe you'll like it though. I think it may be a two person band, just really frantic screechy stuff, kinda an object of its era for sure. Reminds me of asthma atttaq a bit. From Sacramento according to


Archeopteryx split (with archeopteryx songs)

Tour CD

Was it Domestic Demo

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ført Ved Brann

So this is the band that came after Departure from Apathy, apparently active around 2005. Much better in my opinion, have a pretty cool dissonant sound to them. Yup.


Heroes and Hearsay

This is the band that came before a whole shwack of Florida bands, the big ones being Jesse Washington, Capsule, Devices and who even knows what else. Actually not that bad, kind of has a similar sound to its successor bands. I'm just including one folder, which has a some songs taken apparently from (a few?) demos. Google and give very little info about them, so who knows if there's more. The only picture I could find involving them was the show poster above.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead

I pretty much suck at writing descriptions but umm.. They were from NC, were active early 2000's, and have some pretty tight instrumental aspects. Kind of sludgy at times, but in the end just something a bit different. Female vocals too at times.

UPDATE: I randomly found this on soulseek, It's their whole discography, including missing songs and much better organized than what I had posted below. Download this instead. It is missing some rough tracks off the Mastered Full Length, and a song off the Remain Standing comp, both of which I have below, but other than that, I think this has it all.

Complete Discography

UPDATE2: Got some info off a member of the band, plus a link to their demo

Does this "discography" have all that you've released?

-There was a CDR demo released in 2001 that is missing

Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before?

-In '98 I played in a band called Mitchell w/ Russell (second drummer) & Cameron (original bassist). We put out a 12" split w/ a band called All The Answers.

Do you have any thoughts or words on the scene that you were part of (where were you from)?

-Nothing of note IMO. We were based out of Charlotte, NC. There wasn't a "skramz" scene at the time. Also, there wasn't a lot of cross pollination between genres. Metalcore was the main scene at the time.

Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?

-We were very fortunate to be able to do a handful of small tours. I really enjoyed played in PA, namely Reading and Allentown. The shows were well attended and we always got a good reaction.
Bands of note: The first one that comes to mind High On Fire. I was excited to play a show with the dude from Sleep. We played a lot of shows w/ The Avenging Disco Godfather Of Soul. Our prior bands played together and I was always happy to play with them.
I also enjoyed playing with Advocate (very under rated) and Backstabbers Inc. We played with the more well known bands in the genre: pg.99 Circle Takes The Square, City Of Caterpillar, Neil Perry, Daughters, etc.

How did the band get on the splits with Turn Around Norman/Shadows and the Silence?

-The TAN split: I didn't have much of a hand in that release, other than printing the cover. We knew the vocalist from the time he put on house shows in Morgantown, WV during & our time in Mitchell. We stayed in touch and out later bands had some songs that no body else wanted to put out.
STATS: We played a handful of shows in their hometown (Blacksburg, VA). They reached out to us, and were able to put it out together. They took care of the pressing, we took care of the packing. I worked in a print shop at the time. We were lucky that my boss printed cover for bands like Universal order of Armageddon. So he was very accommodating when it came to DIY projects.


Now I have no idea what they've released, but I would guess this may be a chunk of it. Unfortunately back when I was all into downloading this, my music organizing skills were pretty shitty, so apologies for repeating songs, and if any of these releases aren't accurate.

CD that never was

Mastered Full Length

Split with Shadows and the Silence

Split with Turn around Norman

Summer 02 Demo

Summer 2002 Tour CDR (this and the last link may be part of the same release, dunno though)

Various (Includes random song, and one song off Remain Standing comp.)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last will be the First

Pretty much a forgotten band. This has most of the members of The Assistant in it, and came a bit after that, but quite a bit before Wrong Day to Quit if I remember. If you like The Assistant, this is pretty much a more gruff sounding version of that. I can't find any pictures to go with this one...


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Departure from Apathy

From Maine 2003-2004 according to Pretty over the top, sounds kind of like a large chunk of bands from that era. Will also post successor band Ført Ved Brann soon. 


Self Titled

Live - First Show