Saturday, November 26, 2016

Unblind Eyesight

Montreal, Canada band coming before popular modern day band The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch. Based. On some show dates that I can find, they seem to be active around 2003, not sure for how long. As for sound it's that over the top screamy melodic hardcore sound that was really popular at this time. Check it out if you like that type of thing. Much thanks to certain slsk user for providing this and some other stuff to me. Based on listens, I'm not sure if these tracks are that easily found...

The Greatest Pinball On Earth!

The Greatest Pinball On Earth is a band consisiting of Robert/Julio/Phil and Cody. Phil and Cody are very similiar for an unknown reason. The band tends to play a emotionally fueled mix of modern skramz and post rock. They tune too much live. Apart from the tuning they are very enjoyable live. Robert is very supreme at guitar. As is Phil. Julio plays drums and gives out the smiles. They are all ready to have girlfrenz so ladies can say what's up at shows with little to no hesitation.

From East Orlando FL, and active around 2007 I think. It's super shrieky style stuff, with maybe like a hint of math twinkle and even postrock influence. It's actually fairly decent. I'm not sure if they've released more than this one demo, can't seem to find any mention of anything else out there. Worth listen I'd say.

Demo 2007

Sunday, November 6, 2016

But A Statue

I can't find much on this. Here's some bio I took from their archived website:
Since September 2000 that we're working hard, heart and soul for this band, but lately, I've asked myself if the meaning of our name has stood the same…well I think not, 'cause this monument we once tought so solid started to lose pieces in March 2001, Danny, our guitar player decided to leave the band and the region…Six months have passed without any activity, it has been long, but we've finally filled the the band with a new guitar player(Guillaume) to restart up everything, he was real good and it seemed like he was devoted, but unfortunately it wasn't case…our first and last show with him by our side was the Mullet Fest II, our first show since the first edition. Actualy, it took nine months before we played a show since Dan has gone away. Right now I realise how much it is difficult to have security and balance in a band. A statue reflects a part of history, in some ways, in our case, it's simply ours. If we continue today and that we've been able to do it months ago, I think that it's because we are solid at the bottom of all of this "monument" and that we are believing in this project and that there also people out there asking us to continue and that give us to strength and will to do it, if it wouldn't have been of you guys out there I sincerely think that we would've broken up last year. We are still working on finding a new guitar player, for now life goes on and keep up the support you guys are all offering to the QCHC scene it means a lot to all of us(speaking in every bands name). I hope we'll be back as soon as possible. We are…but a statue.

This one is pretty obscure. They're from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada and active 2000-2002. As for sound, it's fairly screamy melodic hardcore sounding stuff. Kind of rough on the recordings, check it if you're curious.

in memoriam (2000-2002) (contains the below, just better recordings)

Demo Tape

The Giraffe Years EP

The Killing Bottle

Info taken from this soundcloud post
The Killing Bottle was a Post Hardcore band from Minneapolis MN circa 2000-2003. Heavily influenced by the underground alternative bands at the time such as At The Drive In, Refused, Milemarker, Cursive, and Drive Like Jehu, the quartet had an immediate impact if all but too brief in Minneapolis, releasing only one full length album before dissolving probably over some chick or some crap. The members later split to form such other MN acts as Vampire Hands and Torch The Spires.
The Killing Bottle definitely seem to fit on that line between post-hardcore and emo. They kind of progressed from straight post-hardcore in their demo, to a more emo sound in their full length. I actually recommend you skip the demo, and just go to Speak in Primaries. It has some over the top post-hardcore moments, but overall it's pretty solid. Definitely recommend a listen.

This is one of the few posts on this blog that was ripped by me. I wasn't able to find speak in primaries anywhere on slsk/web. I managed to track the actual CD down, so hopefully you download + listen to it. The last download link is just the demo songs + live tracks - all taken from the soundcloud linked above.

 The Killing Bottle Demo

Speak In Primaries

Dear Honey Flower; Live and Lost