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Sorry for the inactivity of this blog. I still have some stuff to post. Expect it sooner or later.

I also have a ton of single tracks that were never worth making a post for. Maybe a Thisendlessbreath singles post some day.

On another note, I am running out of material. It's just the nature of what I'm posting. There's some world stuff I've been sitting on which I could post to keep things going for a while longer.

Either way, when I get my shit together you'll see some more stuff.

Monday, October 15, 2018


From 1995-present illithed has rocked in and out of hiatus status. Good times were had. Currently, members of illithed are pursuing other projects(not just in music). Will illithed return? Nope. Maybe? Probably. Probably not though. It could happen. What do YOU think?

This is a weird band that seems to have played many styles of hardcore. They're from Indianapolis and started out as kind of a generic hardcore band as seen in these youtube tracks. They're not particularly noteworthy so I'm not going to post them. What I am going to post is two compilation tracks where they play a very late 90's emo sound, which is quite good. They later went on to play some more generic hardcore sound as can be seen in this bandcamp. Not sure why they changed their sound so much.

The tracks are from Relics of Ordinary Life, and Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands. Both are legendary compilations.

Compilation Songs

With Childlike Eyes

Okay, I don't have too much on this band. It's mid 2000's from St.Louis I believe. Very tech metal influenced. Not entirely sure if there is much else. I also have some stuff by hundred year hex which I will post. It's kind of meh to be honest.

3-d demo

six minutes of jazz hands

half of split

hvndr3dy34rh3x split (with hvndr3dy34rh3x songs)

live at shattered

Salusa Secundus

Salusa Secundus
Tracks 1-8 recorded by Mike Bowler in St. Louis, MO, Spring 2000
Tracks 9-11 recorded by Eric Abert in Alton, IL, Summer 1999
Billy Wallace: guitar and vocals
Steve Ricks: guitar and vocals
Jarid Mathenia: bass and vocals
Drew Mader: drums and vocals
More vocals by Jon Robertson and Justyn Stahl
Billy, Steve and Drew could later be heard in the band Camp Climax for Girls

I actually got this album off one of the members who played in this band. I originally found out about them due to their association with They kind of fit in that scene. The guy I was talking to was going to give me some extra info + some other tracks from other bands, but I never heard back from him. Maybe one day.

Anyway, it's not totally remarkable but check it out if you're curious.

Salusa Secundus

Death Is Your Language

A hardcore band from Richmond VA with some grindcore / power violence moments.
They released a Split with Waifle as well as a S/T album in 2000 on 1640 Records.

 I think the split with Waifle is the what this band is most known for. The tiny description I took off is pretty apt. I think the "Richmond Fuck You Hardcore Demo" is the best of their releases. Most of their stuff is kind of generic hardcore sounding, but the last track on the demo goes kind of angsty on punk rawk ethos.

Richmond Fuck You Hardcore Demo

Split 7inch with Waifle

Barbaric Thrash Demolition Compilation

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Violence Party!

By request, from Melbourne Australia, 2004-2007. Don't know if there's more.

Violence Party!

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Strange Death (of Silas Deane)

The Strange Death (of Silas Deane) was a post-hardcore Atlanta band in the style of the San Diego / Three.One.G sound during the mid-late 90s. The 3-piece consisted of two members of the recently defunct hardcore band Between Shadows, Jordan Noel and David Bryan, and then Chapterhall drummer, Lee Corum. TSDOSD existed for only a brief moment in 1998 and never played a proper show (although one show had been set up at Sprockets and later cancelled). During summer 1998 the only semi "shows" took place when friends would come to rehearsals. Although only 3 songs were written most of the material the band played was an improvisation. Unfortunately, any rehearsal tapes documenting the improvisations (we're not talking jam sessions, we're talking noise and rock mayhem) have been lost in the shuffle of the past 11 years. BUT, there is still a rehearsal tape of the 3 written songs. The tape was recorded on a karaoke machine in Lee's parents basement.
TSDOSD Line-up:
David Bryan - guitar/vocals
Lee Corum - drums
Jordan Noel - bass/vocals

It's kind of what you'd expect from late 90's emo. I'm not hearing much of the three one G sound as described in the bio. It's still kind of good though. Shrieky basement recorded stuff we all love so much, still melodic at times though. For being 1998 it reminds me a lot of the myspace-core of the future, like listen to the first song and tell me that's not 2000's. It seems pretty obscure if is to be trusted. Go listen!

Demo 1998

The Map Says We're Fucked

I'm sorry, I don't have much on this or I just can't be bothered since there is some shitty grindcore band with the same name. I have a recording called "Self Titled" and some youtube video with same song names, but not the same songs, or different recordings? I don't know. Either way, the self titled that I have posted is very intense, just relentless. Still melodic though. The youtube is very similar just a bit less intense. Sorry I haven't had that much time to listen to it all.

Update: Discography and future vinyl release


Self-Titled (Youtube)

Marjan Crash

Band from Providence active in the early 90's. 1994 being pretty early for the genre. I'm not even sure what you'd call this band. The real gem is the grace 7inch which seems to be a demo of some sort. It borderlines on really rough angsty industrial. It's a bit weird. Kill Yr Idols was apparently never released and is a bit more along the lines of 90's emo/punk. I find Cruis Dakota to be just too clean, I'm not into it that much. Check out Graze and Kill Yr Idols for sure. I think I might be missing some songs too.

Graze 7inch 1994

Kill Yr Idols (Bandcamp)

Cruise Dakota 1994

The August Prophecy

The August Prophecy was a four piece outfit from Syracuse, NY. The group featured ex-members of Herman Dekalb, and combines harsh aggression sewn together with blistering breakdowns, creating one hellish sonic landscape. The band released an MCD on Florida's OHEV Records (The Rocking Horse Winner) before disbanding in late-2001 tells me this band is from Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, United States. Long name for a place. Anyway, looks like Simon B. beat me to posting this on the web. Here's the MP3's though. I'm terrible at describing music, but describes similar artists as Phoenix Bodies and In/Humanity. I can hear the Phoenix Bodies. Some parts remind me a bit of Usurp Synapse. It gets kind of jazzy at times. I recommend.

five endeavors in self murder

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Angels Never Answer

Angels Never Answer... Looks to be active around the year 2000 and from Birmingham Alabama, and later Denver Colorado. It's very metalcore, but during this time, it seems that a lot of metalcore was bordering on music appropriate for this blog. Just really angsty screamy metalcore. It think it was an interesting time. I kind of have a soft spot for this type of music. I definitely recommend the S/T (or Hier Ist Kein Warum as it's other known as), I haven't listened too much to the split, but it seems to be OK as well.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Gyre Spire & Spindle

Another Edmonton, Alberta band. I wish I had more on this band. I can't even find their complete album. They were active late 2000's and kind of play a melodic type of sound with female vocals.It kind of fits a newer sound I've noticed out of Canadian (Albertan?) bands. I think this is their only release, and I know I'm missing a song from it. Hope I can track down more at a later time. Check it out for sure, I think it's quite good.


Road to Emmaus

From their bandcamp
our attempt at a screamo band. we did shows in the inland empire (california) in early 2000. we recorded a five song demo and a full length. i will gladly burn one for you if you want to contact me. members went on to be part of the beautiful mistake and falling cycle. the beautiful mistake covered one of our songs on their "light a match, for i deserve to burn" record. it was fun while it lasted. 

It kind of sounds like a pre-metalcore band. Looking up those bands that members went on to play in, they're total garbage scene core type stuff. This band is alright though. Reminds me maybe of Embrace of Angels or something.


.​.​.​this winter will end. (bandcamp)

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Wake

I don't have too much on this band other than that they were from Michigan and active early 2000's. Searching for them definitely brings up a ton of stuff about their split with Searchingforchin a pretty "big" Canadian band. Nothing really to be found about them other than that. I have here that split and also a demo. It's kind of metalcore influenced stuff, somewhat similar to Searchingforchin even. Check it out if you're curious.

the wake - demo version 1.0

Searching For Chin & The Wake

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Ladderback

The Ladderback was born in a garage in Rocky Mount, N.C. in 1996. After recording a demo and playing tons of shows in the area, they moved to Raleigh to practice and work on recording their first full length album. Once the first record, "Honest, I Swear, It Was the Turnstyles", was recorded and released they parted ways with founder/guitarist "B". "J","D", and "C" soon got to work on writing and recording the second record, "Introduction to Departures". Soon sfter the writing and recording for that record was done "C" left the band to pursue other life endeavors. "J" and "D" were left to figure out the future of the band. They decided to continue on. They found a local drummer, "J", who is now known as Lucian Thorr from the mighty Valient Thorr. Once he was trained in the ways of the Ladderback they began writing a third record and went on thier first major tour. Once the tour was over and the songs for "Trigger Themes" were almost complete they got "B" to rejoin. Once he was back the songs quickly took shape and the record became the masterpiece it is. He quit the band soon after it's recording. After that, the boys took the show to Japan where they were welcomed as heroes. Women bowed before them. Men cried and asked for forgiveness for even thinking of gazing into their eyes. They conquered that island…but love conquers all. "J" met a wonderful woman while on tour there and they soon married and moved into an awesome apartment in Kyoto. The LB was no more. But we have there records…and those lucky enough to see them and party with them have their stories.
I found out about this band from finding their split with Marion. I'm not sure why I've never heard of them as they seem to be fairly prolific. There's a bandcamp which has most of their releases. I'm making this post to share some of their splits which also show some other obscure bands.

The Ladderback/Legend of the Overfiend Split 7" 1999

Okay so, just right out of the way The Ladderback are pretty over the top on this record. Just super angsty late 90's emo. They seem pretty upset haha. It's pretty good though. I can't find any info on Legend of the Overfiend, but they mix emo with some black metal, almost similar to Tears of Avarel (I keep forgetting to post them). It's pretty interesting.

The Ladderback/Marion 1999

I talked about this in my Marion post, but the Ladderback are pretty solid here. Less angsty than their earlier split. Marion definitely wins this one though.

The Ladderback/Five Kinds Square 2002

I'm kind of mixed on The Ladderback here. It's a little different. The vocalist almost sounds like the vocalist of Seeing Means More here. Overall it's not bad. Five Kind of Square are a pretty obscure Japanese band. To be honest I'm not that big of a fan of a lot of Japanese emo, but they are alright. A little generic though. I did find this really cool blog on Japanese emo + zines here though.

That's about it. Checkout their bandcamp for the full lengths.

Fuck the Tundra

Another late 00's Edmonton Alberta hardcore band. This one is actually quite unique in terms of sound. Math based instrumentals with melodic parts all with really weird shrieked vocals on top. I think it all comes together quite well. I think there's definitely some Three One G influence as well. Apparently a member in this band went on to form Purity Ring which is pretty random. I'm not sure if there's any more releases than this, but definitely check this out.

Grin Diesel

Red Hot Daggers

"A more accurate name has rarely been coined for a band – their edges would be dangerously filthy and serrated were it not for the fact that they have been plunged into the fire. A molten concoction of dance music, noise rock, and post-hardcore sensibilities, Red Hot Daggers is the sonic equivalent of a stylish seizure, all conniptive bursts, sulfurous screams, and joyfully vitriolic spasms." – push pins (October 14, 2006)
"Red Hot Daggers were like City of Caterpillar fighting Red Light Sting in a pit of Broken Glass. It was awesome."

From Edmonton, Alberta, and active late 2000's. They seemed to belong to a really good era of Alberta hardcore along with bands like Gift Eaters, and Fuck the Tundra. I think the description of them sounding like City of Caterpillar mixed with Red Light Sting is kind of apt, there's definitely a distinct Canadian post hardcore sound to them, mixed with more traditional emo. Pretty good. Check it out.

Red Hot Daggers

Delaware Hardcore Compilations

Someone sent this to me while I was on vacation and I had a good chance to listen to it. Really obscure bands that I've never heard of nor can I find much information on. Seems to be a really good capture of a lost scene active in Delaware in the late 90's/early 00's. I believe the person who sent me this was personally connected to these compilations so hopefully I can get some more info at some point. I might make extra posts for individual bands depending on what I can dig up.

Anyway, the two real stand out bands on these compilations are Caligula and Nineveh. Both have enough songs to form a small album between both compilations. Caligula fit right in with the late 90's "screamo" scene, with an interesting dual vocal approach. Definitely quite good, I believe Caligula II is just referring to their second demo which is more instrumental based. Nineveh are very similar with some almost Hassan I Sabbah sounding stuff. There is some more emo/screamo stuff (Rx139, Bessemer Process, etc), the rest is other genres of hardcore. 100% check this out, it's a little rough at times, but super cool.

Delaware Hardcore
Cassette Sampler
Various Artists
Bands: Caligula (USA), Time For Noisy V, Adam Sadler, Nineveh
Prescription 139, Caligula II, My Version of It, Pyramids of North Dakota
The Basin Road Betties, Year of the Comet, The Harvey Oswalds
A collection of Hardcore and punk bands from Northern Delaware
Some home demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks
Sold at shows.
1. Jefferson Farms / Caligula (USA)
2. Secret War / Caligula II
3. Pathfinder / Caligula II
4. Kouyunjik (Kuyuncuk) / Nineveh
5. Usurper C_1995 O1 / Nineveh
6. Untitled Acoustic Demo / Nineveh
7. Doors Unlimited (cover) / Time For Noisy V
8. B is for Bear Penis / Adam Sadler
9. How To Apply The Crossface Chicken Wing / Adam Sadler
10. Superman Shit From Texas / Pyramids of North Dakota
11. Eleven Eleven / Year of the Comet
12. Betsy Ross Was a Slut / The Harvey Oswalds
13. Salinger / The Basin Road Betties
14. Why Do I Come Here? / Caligula (USA)
15. Co-Dependent / Caligula (USA)
16. Like A Flash of Lightning / Caligula (USA)
MVOE Sampler (2002)
CD-R Zine Giveaway
MVOEntertainment Group
Bands: Caligula (USA), Time For Noisy V, Adam Sadler, Nineveh
Prescription 139, Caligula II, My Version of It, Doctor Goose
Bessemer Process and Nunc Dimittis
A collection of Hardcore and punk bands from Northern Delaware
Some home demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks
Given away with the "My Version of It" Zine.
Most of these songs were from the late 90s, the zine was focusing on Northern Delaware Bands of the last 5 years.
It was a follow up to the 1997 10x Records "Delaware Hardcore" Compilation
1. Die Fucker / Caligula USA
2. Goldfinger (Cover) / Time For Noisy V
3. He Was The King /  Adam Sadler
4. I Won't Follow / Caligula USA
5. Just a Boat Ride To India / Nineveh
6. The Lebanon 73 / Nineveh
7. Lesson #09 (Cover) / Time For Noisy V
8. Love Song #5 / Prescription 139
9. Motown Philly (Cover) / My Version of It
10. Prophet Jonah / Nineveh
11. Sakura / Doctor Goose
12. Sese Seko / Caligula II
13. Swanwyck / Caligula USA
14. Unplug Deep Blue / Caligula II
15. We Always Made Sure / Adam Sadler
16. What's Mine? (Live) / Bessemer Process
17. Why God Made Drugs / Nunc Dimittis
Some extras:
Nineveh Demo
Caligula Demo
Caligula II Demo
Prescription 139/Rx139 Demo

Thanks Jared!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yellow Road Priest

All I could find for pics was this randomly on facebook. Dat fest tho...

Active late 90's and from Chicago. If information out there is correct this might be the most obscure bands with famous members I've ever seen. I'm getting mixed results on this but at least on some releases members include Pete Wentz (Fallout Boy), Tim McIlrath (Rise Against),  Trevor de Brauw (Pelican), Laurent Lebec (Pelican). Again not sure if all of those members were in the band full time or just temporary, but still...

In terms of music.. Slightly uninspiring 90's screamo/emo. Still pretty legit for having members of those bands though. I think I'm missing one compilations song (The Difference Between Us Compilation), but hoping to acquire it at some point. Anyway here's the rest. The Milemarker stuff might qualify as obscure as well, it's instrumental and not very good though. Does not sound like their other stuff I've heard. Check out Yellow Road Priest for sure though.

Yellow Road Priest / Milemarker Split

The First Crush Compilation

The Difference Between Us Comp Song

(This is free from DuPageCounty Hardcore just download there and give them hits and your money)

Monday, March 26, 2018

To Dream of Autumn (Part 2?)

Posting this since I need some input. I previously featured a tour CD from To Dream of Autumn, and the rest of their stuff is pretty accessible on the blog rounds. I recently found these tracks on this youtube and they're labeled To Dream of Autumn, but sound nothing like them.

Mislabeled or just early tracks?


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mother Was Not A Person

15 and 16 year olds who tried their best to play sweet tunes. Played seven or eight shows, had one good one and decided it was over.

From Montclair, NJ. Heartfelt basement recording style stuff. It's a bit rough but OK. Reminds me slightly of I Wrote Haikus or something like that, just that era of music. Check it out if you're curious. I don't really much info on them otherwise. This demo is from 2009, so I'm guessing based on how little shows they were really only active around that year.

Summer Demo 2009

Monday, March 19, 2018

As Darkness Falls

From Piscataway, New Jersey, active 1998-2000. This is definitely more of a metalcore band than anything else. I'm posting it here for the 7inch which slightly crosses over into the realm of emo. Think deep heavy metal core vocals overlayed with a vocalist that sounds almost exactly like one of the singers from Love Lost But Not Forgotten. It's not too bad. The second album - A Tremor So Subtle is decent metalcore, but it loses a lot that the 7inch had going for it. I guess I'm also missing a compilation song.

ST 7inch

A Tremor So Subtle

Definitely Not the Majors Comp Song

Hats off, Gentlemen

I don't think Hats Off, Gentlemen were a particularity obscure band, they definitely made their rounds around the internet and for pretty good reason. Hailing from Vancouver BC, and active... 2006-2011 I'm guessing? Spawned from the ashes of indie Sunday Morning Paper.

I'm trying to think of who to relate them too. The vocals are kind of Saetia style, not in similarity of vocals, but the singing screaming style. The instrumentals are all pretty well done, and cleanly produced. It's not your basement tracks emo, but it's still really heartfelt and not overdone.

I was actually internet friends with the lead singer of this band way back in the day and we would exchange emo tracks before this band was a thing. He was a pretty cool dude, and it all culminated in me seeing them live here in Calgary in 2007 (barely any emo bands ever came to Alberta back in those days.) It was a good show, I think Graf Orlock played too, or I'm totally making that up.

I had some early demos that he sent me, but they've been lost with time. Instead I have their official demo and some scans of the lyrics. You can read them and listen and cry along. I'm not sure if they released anything else. Enjoy, definitely worth a download!

We Broke Ribs (demo)

Monday, March 12, 2018


I don't have any information on this, and either there is no information out there or the band's name is too generic either way I can't find anything. I do know that it's early 2000's, and fits into that scene. Kind of has that early 00's metalcore scene influence, I'm thinking maybe similar to Seeing Means More or something like that. Anyway parts of it are kind of cringey (the singing, the song names...) but other parts are OK. Check it if you're curious.

Aynn - Demo

Sunday, February 11, 2018


From Kent, OH and active 1999-2003(?). This band is definitely known almost exclusively for their split with The Red Scare, and it's difficult to find much else by them. They started out as a more traditional dark and heavy 90's emo/screamo style band, but with some metal leanings. As time went on, they kind of just became more and more metal until their last release (a split with minus the tide - not included here) is just straight up metal in the vein of Mastodon and such. For viewers of this blog, the Effective Range Of The System Varies 7inch is probably the most emo of their records, and definitely the highlight if that's your thing. Check it out!

Effective Range Of The System Varies 7inch

The Red Scare Split

Of Monkey Of Man Of Wizard

Monday, January 29, 2018


Active late 90's, from Texas, I found this review of the heartless 7inch here
This two-song EP is brutally emotional and painfully chaotic; the tempo, enjoyably inconsistent, shifting between a disturbingly mellow, meandering pace to ferocious, fast-paced volatilization. The title track A-side, “Heartless,” punishes the ear with aggressive screaming and crunching guitar before inconspicuously changing to a pseudo-passive, howling guitar solo. The song abruptly shifts gears with the final declaration: “I have no home on earth,” and concludes with a drawn-out session of feedback, eerily precluding the equivocal opening of the B-side, “Through the Cracks.” This may be the most diverse six minutes in music; it is brutal enough to inspire a killing spree, yet tragically melancholic to send you crawling by your lonesome to a dark corner. Truly personal lyrics compliment some of the heaviest music I’ve heard yet; plus, it’s printed on really cool clear vinyl. This Texas-based band also has another two-song EP out on Renaissance titled Poison Apple, which was released in 1999 — a little more fast-paced, equally technical and fierce, with bizarre cover art you have to see to believe.

I can't get over how much the poison apple 7inch sounds like Usurp Synapse/The Drago Miette. From the vocals, to the experimental instrumentals. Really captures a dark intense sound not many bands have been able to do. The heartless 7inch is pretty good too, has some sweet guitar solos, maybe a bit more metal. I'm curious if they have anything else. Definitely worth a download.

Poison Apple 7inch

Heartless 7inch

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Long lost band from Sweden, active late 90's. I don't typically post non North American bands, but this was too good to pass up. I've been looking for stuff by this band long before I had this blog. Just recently their demo showed up on soulseek, which renewed my search and after a discogs purchase their other release is here with me all the way from Germany. (My community mailbox was broken into like a day before this arrived, so thank fuck it made it here).

It seems this band was involved with the hxcore scene, and it shows on their sound. Definitely still pretty emo though, especially on the demo. I don't have too much else on this band, both albums here have some pics and words to read through. I hope you download and enjoy. The demo is a tad bit better with the female vocals and violins, but it's all pretty good.

Follow Demo Tape

Split with Now or Never (with Now or Never songs)

Upon the Wings Compilation (this just has a song off the demo, but I'm including it because it has like a billion bands on it that I've never heard of)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Fall of Leningrad

I don't have too much on this. Two releases both appearing to be released 1999. One with Forcefedglass and the other with some band I've never heard of called Incoming! If discogs is to be believed, this band shared members with Forcefedglass and Hassan I Sabbah, so that's very interesting. I don't think it hits the highs of either of those bands, but it's good on its own right.

It's pretty chaotic music; lots of different vocals mixed in the melody. Screamy vocals, and songs just breaking down. I'm not absolutely in love with it, but I think it's worth a listen. If anyone has anymore information, please share. I think I have all for you that they've released.

Split with ForceFedGlass 1999

Split with Incoming 1999

Monday, January 1, 2018

Saint Peter Ghidora

I remember I was looking for this band a while ago. Didn't have much luck with finding anything, and then I lost my soulseek wishlist and forgot about them. Randomly stumbled upon this bandcamp. It's fast screamy hardcore from Arkansas active early 2000's, seems to be totally forgotten. Pretty sweet, recommended.

Saint Peter Ghidora Bandcamp (Songs are free to download)