Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Life with the Spaniard

Active early-mid 2000's, and from Spokane WA. It's definitely on the post-hardcore side of things. High pitched vocals, quite melodic, kind of catchy. Pretty good stuff actually, both releases after the demo are decent.

Demo 2003



The Conqueror Worm

I think there is multiple bands with this name/similar name. These guys are from Flint, Michigan and were active 2002-2005. Decent metal influenced stuff. Female vocals, kind of reminds me a little bit The Assistant at times and CTTS at others. Overall quite well produced on some albums. There might be/probably is more out there, but here's what I was able to track down. Check it out.

Fascination Bleeds Me Alive

Split with Lingua Franca

Split with The Sea, The Sea & Two Stars Burning Sun

Split with Driving the Stake