Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hoop Dreamz



It's kind of midwest sounding, had some trumpets, from Dentron TX. I'm not 100% sure of dates on this one, but late 00s possibly early 2010s. It's not the most exciting thing I've ever heard, but it's not bad. 




From Union City, NJ, formed in 2000.
Within the first 6 years of .Junta. the band recorded a self-released demo/ a split 7" with Chapter on Failsafe Records (1,000 printed and sold)/ a 7" on Dogprint Records (1,000 printed and sold)/ a self-financed demo cd (500 printed, sold and reviewed)/ and a self-financed 45 minute full length cd recorded at Stained Glass Studios by Jayson Dezuzio (1,000 printed, distributed and reviewed). After several line up changes (Dave Eisenberg-drums, Mike Braverman-vocals) and Chris and Ian filling in on Bass, the band acquired Alex Reiter on vocals, Mike Oquendo on drums and has since solidified its parts into a congruent whole with the addition of Juan Soaz on bass.

The description above says the formed in 2000, but that must mean disbanded since every says the below releases are both from 97. I do not have the full length CD, it's on discogs, but shipping to Canada is always insane and I've never bit the bullet on that one.  This band is definitely more of a 90s sound to me, very heavy and metal influenced. The split with Chapter (Pre/same band as Crucifixion is creation) is the best material in my eyes. The band sounds very similar to Creation is Crucifixion. 

chapter & junta - 1996 - split '' (fail-self records)

junta - 1997 - st 7'' (dogprint records)

My Skeleton Will Dance


Chaotic punk rock from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Heavily infuenced by bands like Orchid and Pg.99. Disbanded early 2001

Google is failing for me on this band, and there's only 17 listeners on so I don't have much info other than that little blurb. It's some rough recordings, in the typical early 00s screamo style. Instrumentals are not bad, but the vocals are very irritating. Check it out if you're curious.

simulacra in the songs

Gasoline Please

Active 2003-2004 from San Diego, USA. Looks like members played in metalcore band American Tragedy, and had some associations with As I Lay Dying. It's more on the dancing/rocking/post hardcore'ish type of sound. Not too amazing, but interesting. I might be missing a demo + split, but soulseek isn't giving me anything on that.

Gasoline Please - EP

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ready to Fade


I cannot find anything about this band. Googling their name, the split mentioned here, and other things brings me up nothing, so hit me up if you know anything about them. The demo here is dated to 2000, so I'm assuming the split is close to that time as well. The music is a softer emo with math/midwest vibes. I can't remember if the demo is from my old collection, or I just downloaded it early in my blog days, but I tracked down the split recently. It's really fucking good. Srsly go download, and listen.

Demo (2000)

Life Defined & Ready to Fade - the affordable cure protection