Sunday, August 16, 2020


Active sometime around 2000-2002 and from Milwaukee, WI. I was looking up another Milwaukee band The Goodboy Suit and came across this on youtube. This one release came out in 2000, and honestly is pretty good. Has kind of angular math elements to the guitars with kind of Rorschach style vocals. The download below also includes a track from the Break Even compilation. Check it out.

Robin The Boy Wonder

Whilst only active for a short while, before disbanding, and later reforming as Harasser, Robin The Boy Wonder is one of the first danish screamo bands.

 Based on when Harasser was around I'd guess this band would be active mid 2000s. I've never actually listened to Harasser but always knew of them due to having these tracks laying around. Turns out the one Harasser track I can find is just one of these songs. It's pretty much the same band I guess. As for sound, it's kind of dissonant sounding basement track stuff. It's decent.


Friday, August 14, 2020

While They Slept

Minneapolis quintet that plays melancholy, brooding hardcore/indie that brings to mind The One AM Radio, Still Life, Hoover and the oppressive beauty of a midwestern winter.

Active 2001-2002, this is almost bordering on something I wouldn't post here, but it's pretty good and seemingly very obscure. It's weird coming across some of these bands with good production, and well put together music that no one bothers to listen to. Not super screamo or anything, more conventional postrock/mid west emo. It's well crafted, sad jamz. Check it out.

Where? There Is No Life There

Parade The Circus Around The Silhouette


Tora Tora Torance Split (first three songs are while they slept, sorry didn't bother to correct)