Saturday, November 30, 2019


This seems like it's the only release between bands Tetsuo & Edgar. They're both from Long Island, NY and play some pretty classical mid 90s heavy stuff. Lots of angsty screaming and spoken words, both bands seem to be formed from quite young members. Check it out.

Tetsuo & Edgar - Split 7'' [1995, Mountain]

Friday, November 29, 2019

Noah's Dove

Managed to get some info from a member of the band on Reddit. This is a rip by me, and from my knowledge digital tracks of this do not exist anywhere else. You should listen to it since it's also quite good.

Rough dates that you were active from?
we were active from around 97 through 01
Is the one release I have on my blog all you've released?
pretty much yes. we did one song on a comp from a label called Reason Y but it sounds nothing like this. after the bassist left we got a bunch of new members and i pretty much stopped doing vocals. we got a female vocalist too. it was ok but never the same.
Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before?
the bassist went on to be in Read Yellow and still plays around Boston. The drummer did a few local things. I played in a metal band called Acariya and a post rock band called Maritime Pilot. i'm currently working on a new project.
Do you have any thoughts or words on the scene that you were part of (where were you from)?
I'm from Massachusetts and the scene that Noahs Dove was part of was great. The Amherst/Northampton Ma scene was so fun. We had bands like Orchid, Tipping Canoe, Wolves, there and then in the Boston area we had Cave in, Piebald, Isis. The guys from Jeromes Dream used to come up and play all the time.
Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?
well we played with all the bands listed above. we also played with drowning man, 400 years, aus rotten (that was weird)
How did you get on this release with Delvic?
they were/are really good friends of ours and from the area.

Noah's Dove

Thursday, November 28, 2019


If my sources are correct, they are from Charlotte, North Carolina and active around 2008. describes them as Circle Takes the Square minus Kathy Coppola, and uuuhhh that's kind of true. Instrumentally it's not as technical as CTTS, but the vocals, music style, lyrics, and even some of the instrumentals truly sound like a CTTS tribute band at times (does the vocalist from this photo also kind of look like Drew, haha?). Like the last track on this album could totally be a chopped song from As the Roots Undo. It's not amazing, but decent enough.

Random note, it seems like people hate CTTS now. I still think they're good. Super pretentious though.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Blow Up

4. Columbus, Ohio based post-hardcore/screamo band from 1999 to 2002 . Featured the members of post-hardcore band, Remingtin. They utilized synthesizers as their main instrument.

This appears to be their only album released by Blood Of The Young Records. The earlier (awesomely underrated) band Remington was going this direction of sound in their later times. The main instrument used here is definitely the synthesizer. Very similar to bands like Tion or Zombie Zombie. I was never really that big of a fan of them back in my skramo days. It's just a bit too all over the place. Precursor to shitty white belt stuff and much more future sass core.

Blow Up

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sea Sons

From La Habra. Sea Sons broke up, literally, when their tour van collided with a semi-truck. Insane Car Accident. Only Alan Hunter survived, to form Graf Orlock and talk about zombies puking corpses. members: Alan Hunter Andreas Desjardins Nick Shannon Taylor McAmmond
Little blurb from Chug Life
sea sons// this was the first screamo band i saw back in high school, and i was so confused and so jarred. i seriously didn't understand what it was, but it made so much sense to me. the people in the band where all people i knew from going to shows, riding bikes, and i even went to high school with one of them. i never realized they were in this amazing band. it was wild, i saw them for the first time on their last show. the guitars were mostly always clean slightly over driven, bass very groovy, and the drums slightly technical but not over done. all in all really really groovy off timish band. the vocals were probably the part that confused me the most as a young teen… i had heard screaming/yelling vocals… but they were not mutually exclusive to me at that point. the singer in this band does something with his voice, where they are doing both at once, and i remember it hit me straight to my core. i could understand every word, and i could feel just how anxious, upset, and unsettled they were. maybe i am romanticizing this band, but that show set such a high bar for me as far as screamo/emotive bands go. 
Active mid 2000's, the connection to Graf Orlock seems to be the major point here. There may be a 4-song demo out there or the release I have below is actually that demo just with instrumental interlude tracks. It's pretty good melodic, and impassioned stuff, similar to popular stuff from this era. Recommend a download!