Saturday, May 31, 2014

Choke Their Rivers With Our Dead

I pretty much suck at writing descriptions but umm.. They were from NC, were active early 2000's, and have some pretty tight instrumental aspects. Kind of sludgy at times, but in the end just something a bit different. Female vocals too at times.

UPDATE: I randomly found this on soulseek, It's their whole discography, including missing songs and much better organized than what I had posted below. Download this instead. It is missing some rough tracks off the Mastered Full Length, and a song off the Remain Standing comp, both of which I have below, but other than that, I think this has it all.

Complete Discography

UPDATE2: Got some info off a member of the band, plus a link to their demo

Does this "discography" have all that you've released?

-There was a CDR demo released in 2001 that is missing

Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before?

-In '98 I played in a band called Mitchell w/ Russell (second drummer) & Cameron (original bassist). We put out a 12" split w/ a band called All The Answers.

Do you have any thoughts or words on the scene that you were part of (where were you from)?

-Nothing of note IMO. We were based out of Charlotte, NC. There wasn't a "skramz" scene at the time. Also, there wasn't a lot of cross pollination between genres. Metalcore was the main scene at the time.

Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?

-We were very fortunate to be able to do a handful of small tours. I really enjoyed played in PA, namely Reading and Allentown. The shows were well attended and we always got a good reaction.
Bands of note: The first one that comes to mind High On Fire. I was excited to play a show with the dude from Sleep. We played a lot of shows w/ The Avenging Disco Godfather Of Soul. Our prior bands played together and I was always happy to play with them.
I also enjoyed playing with Advocate (very under rated) and Backstabbers Inc. We played with the more well known bands in the genre: pg.99 Circle Takes The Square, City Of Caterpillar, Neil Perry, Daughters, etc.

How did the band get on the splits with Turn Around Norman/Shadows and the Silence?

-The TAN split: I didn't have much of a hand in that release, other than printing the cover. We knew the vocalist from the time he put on house shows in Morgantown, WV during & our time in Mitchell. We stayed in touch and out later bands had some songs that no body else wanted to put out.
STATS: We played a handful of shows in their hometown (Blacksburg, VA). They reached out to us, and were able to put it out together. They took care of the pressing, we took care of the packing. I worked in a print shop at the time. We were lucky that my boss printed cover for bands like Universal order of Armageddon. So he was very accommodating when it came to DIY projects.


Now I have no idea what they've released, but I would guess this may be a chunk of it. Unfortunately back when I was all into downloading this, my music organizing skills were pretty shitty, so apologies for repeating songs, and if any of these releases aren't accurate.

CD that never was

Mastered Full Length

Split with Shadows and the Silence

Split with Turn around Norman

Summer 02 Demo

Summer 2002 Tour CDR (this and the last link may be part of the same release, dunno though)

Various (Includes random song, and one song off Remain Standing comp.)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Last will be the First

Pretty much a forgotten band. This has most of the members of The Assistant in it, and came a bit after that, but quite a bit before Wrong Day to Quit if I remember. If you like The Assistant, this is pretty much a more gruff sounding version of that. I can't find any pictures to go with this one...


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Departure from Apathy

From Maine 2003-2004 according to Pretty over the top, sounds kind of like a large chunk of bands from that era. Will also post successor band Ført Ved Brann soon. 


Self Titled

Live - First Show

Dance Danse el Capitan

Okay, this band still rules. says they're from VA. I remember thinking that some people from this band went on and formed something else, but I can't remember. They're pretty melodic, and awesome. What I have is something called "demo 2" with four songs on it, and it came out in 2004. According to their they only have 5 songs in total, so who knows about that other song.


Update: Found this, it's just instrumentals from the demo, and also that 5th song.

Pre Demo

Le Joshua

I have no idea why this band wasn't more popular. Pretty good stuff from somewhere in California I think. I believe they were active in the mid 2000's. Check out Point to the Sky for sure.


Point to the Sky