Saturday, July 18, 2020

The American Drama

Zero on this.

Demo (Missing tracks it seems)

Violent Scene From a Film

From San Diego, played shows with Ten Grand and The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower in 2003. That's all I'm able to find about this band. One of the vocalists here reminds me kind of Love Always, Your Dear Friend, but probably no connection. 

Violent Scene From a Film

Friday, July 17, 2020

Le Mal du Pays

Pre- Loma Prieta. According to the wise angry emo nerd, there exists a demo and a split. This random collection of  four total songs (2 live and 2 recording) is what we have until likely someone with the physical releases uploads them. I have no idea on what the connection to Loma is. Information on this is soo sparse. Great stuff though. Probably the last pre-loma band to surface out there. It's pure skramz, played shows with Loma, Seeing Means More, Comadre, Horror City. I think you know what you're getting into.

Two live tracks, and two songs seemingly ripped off the web, here you go.


The Farewell Chapter

This band might be the closest band to Love Lost But Not Forgotten I've ever heard, and there is soo many bands that have tried to do that sound. They're from the same era as LLBNF, active early 2000s, and from Boston, MA area.

Imagine a bit less insanity with the vocals, but the exact same intensity of musicianship of LLBFN and you have these guys. The songs on here are all just kind of insane in a certain way. I have a bit of a soft spot for this type of music. I think it's pretty good.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cross My Heart With A Knife CMHAWK Compilation

This is an interesting relic of the past. A lot of us know of CMHWAK as being kind of a meme level skram inventing website. It has a pretty large history going back into the early 2000s, and you can actually find the original forum still archived on the web.

I'm not sure who made this, but it's an actual playlist of bands taken directly off that website. being kind of a holy grail of early 2000s forgotten emo/screamo. A lot of bands on this compilation are featured here, and the ones that aren't I question whether actual recordings still exist.

On my youtube I posted what I think are the most interesting tracks on this compilation. The rest is a mix of more popular emo/screamo, and a lot of (shitty) metalcore/post hardcore that makes me cringe. Included in the zip is an actual html document of the playlist with super cringe descriptions of each band by whoever made this. I'm imaging whoever this is was kind of young, so it's alright.

Some bands worth saying stuff about:

The Mezzanine: Featured a member of In Loving Memory(?) ZERO information other than that.

The Lapis Sanctuary: A dupage county band, I have more by them and there used to an album by them on my favorite Dupage county Bandcamp I think

One Dying Wish: Lame post hardcore band that I have stuff by, but this song of theirs is much more screamo. No idea on whether it's even the same band.

Lots of other bands that you can find here. Basement style early 2000s stuff.

Go take a listen, some of the lame (imo) stuff is still very obscure and might be up your alley. For the highlights, go to my youtube for all the videos with the picture above. Oh and yes, check out the HTML document in there for sure.

VA - cross my heart with a knife

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