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A Corrosive Melody (part 2)

A Corrosive Melody Bandcamp

Original Post

Started this blog with some tracks by A Corrosive Melody back in 2014, and spent almost six years hunting down the remainder of their recordings alongside theangryemonerd (shout out to all the people that contributed lol). Finally we have a bandcamp up and running. Looks like it's missing "The Hour Hand Vs. The Hour Glass" EP, which from my understanding might be a bit of a different sound from their later stuff. 

If you haven't listened to them yet, it's very high quality stuff, lots of jazz/math influence. The split with Bear Garden really holds up, but this unreleased stuff is very good as well. Anyway, check out that bandcamp, and hopefully they upload more to their youtube (I put a few of their releases on my Youtube in the meantime to get some word out.)

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Eyston started as a college band around end 1998.After we splitted in march 2000 , we didn't play music together until end 2002.Then we decided to bring the band to life again, playing only new songs, with a different sound and a different approach of our music.We had been playing instrumental music until now and vocals added a new unknown dimension to our music.Our band is just about close friends sharing a same feeling you could hardly express in a few words.Our l
yrics may sound immature , they make sense to us

Check this article for a good summary about them. 

From Luxembourg, and active 2003-2006 this band plays a very math influenced type of sound. Their early material is a lot more screamo sounding than their later material, but they keep their roots somewhat until the end. The sound in the later years is very calm indie style math, but intermixed with hardcore. The instrumentals are very good. Their split with Actarus is probably the most indie-math like, and the split with Colin Kramer is probably best for the emo listeners. It's all pretty great, definitely check it out.

Complete Discography (2003-2006)


tvesla split 7"

the yeah! demo

actarus split

collin kramer split 7"

last stand e.p.

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Cremation 186

Found this on my old harddrive, information is difficult to find on them. They were from Boise, ID, and active late 2000s. Looks like someone in this band is part of the band Hoods Up!. The band combines emo/screamo with a crust sound. I don't really enjoy the crust element, but when they are doing their other stuff, it ends up being quite good. The band has some really nice kind of spoken word elements, especially on the track "Kesley". 

The tracks that I had were part of a split that I'm not sure was released, and the others are from a separate recording. Discogs has something else for them which I may buy at some point, but for now, here's what I have. I really enjoy the first track off the split, and the track Banshee. Srsly, go check them out.

Collection of Songs

Never Leave Me Alone

Niveneh / Caligula

I'm reposting this one because these two bands were hidden in my Delaware Hardcore Compilation post that I dd. These are two late 90s screamo bands that are extremely obscure. Very little information other than being from Delaware and from the late 90s. Caligula have a dual vocal approach, and Nineveh reminds me kind of Hassan I Sabbah at points. Both go pretty hard. Check them out.

Caligula - Demo

Nineveh - Demo

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Autumn Wind Thesis

 **video pending my horrible internet connection**

Current lineup formed in mid-2001. Based in western Pennsylvania. Main inspirations include Zao, Radiohead, Thursday, Tori Amos, Tool, Bright Eyes, Dillinger Escape Plan, and From Autumn to Ashes. The members look to create a new sound spanning both beauty and chaos. Shunning away mainstream methods of merging heavy and light, AWT instead seperate the two for a dramatic experience. Live show is vicious and heart wrenching at the same time.

This band went on to form The Pax Cecilia, and the sound is very the same. High production metalcore influenced type stuff. Lots of piano/acoustic guitar/singing. Reminds me of bands like An Embrace of Angels. It's a lot more emo/screamo than the little description above leads to believe. I tend not to be the biggest fan of this style of music, but people do like this stuff. Check it out. 

Telling Stories at Dawn

For All Its Worth

 For all its Worth (spelling mistake intentional) were a band from Fairfield County, Connecticut active 2001-2003. I heard of this band from a blog commenter (thank you) and it took some time to track down their material. There's a fair bit of stuff they put out, but true information about them seems fairly scarce on the internet. From their archived website it seems they were pretty close to producing a split with emo legends Robots Don't Cry which is pretty cool. Their sound is pretty influenced by straight edge hardcore, but still pretty emo/screamo. The Road Goes Ever On is probably the highlight. Definitely check it out.

Split with The Promise Of Rebirth

Nailelve (some sort of demo)

Ankaa (This is just one song from youtube, I will try and buy this and upload it here + youtube)

The Road Goes Ever On...



Found this on one of my favorite youtubers/blog reader. Looks to be active around 2005 and from Norwich, UK. I found a review for it on collective zine.

Isn't it fantastic when a band just sneaks up on you out of nowhere and tweaks your bottom then runs away giggling. Of course, Structures are far too emo to engage in that kind of uncouth behaviour, they are way more likely to send you anonymous love poems and stalk you quietly from a great distance so that you'd never even realise they were breaking the law.

Ok. So Structures is the latest in the burgeoning line of British emo bands that I have fallen for. This EP romps through five tracks of twinkling, building up, sobbing, yelling, dual vocalling, falling down, and a bit more sobbing. There is a song on here called "This City Drinks Blood" and it is absolutely, unequivocally, any good. It shocks me with its goodness every time I play it, because some band that is just releasing a CDR without any fanfare at all has no right to be this good. Do they? Eh? This pick of the 5 songs is a killer blend of Saddest Landscape style wroughtness, and mid-west emo sway - these chaps have surely checked out that Bells on Trike 10". Its just beautiful, with one dude yelling out of breathe, and the other being all off-key and cute like Tim Kinsella was auditioning him for a Cap'n Jazz reunion show which Davey couldn't make. The guitars twinkle and sway with an overly high quota of brilliance, waiting for the song to get all explosive and crybaby. This. Knocks. Me. Over.

Beyond that song, there is other goodness, the 5 minute "If You Could Turn Back, Would You Turn Back" doesn't hook me in as much as some of the rest, but overall - I am not the one complaining. The band is well capable of mixing up the ballistic with the swirling melodies, and that is pretty much why I appreciate this as much as I do. You don't get many bands who know how to combine the fast paced emo rocketry with the deftly placed fiddly melody that makes your knees buckle. Also what I want to know is how this is so perfectly produced? Everything is mixed to the exact level that I would have specified if I was at the controls, all the right sounds shine through, yet it is still a little rough round the edges and endearing in that way too. How does some band get to be this good in secret. Lost me.

My favourite kind of music.

I have to agree, it's one of the better things I've heard in a while. Go listen. 


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Dolorous Canter


Chicago's own Dolorous Canter have dropped an extremely impressive EP on the world by way of For What You Thought Was Once Dead. Seemingly drawing from equal parts Funeral Diner and Yaphet Kotto, the band's EP unleashes close to half an hour's worth of cathartic screamed vocals and intense, intricate rhythms. Fusing terrific, discordant instrumentation with extremely intense vocals and lyrics to match, the band immediately establishes themselves in a positive light.

"To East Ontario" is a short but intense blast of power and conviction. The band has an extremely raw yet polished sound to them. That's not to say the music is overproduced, which couldn't be further from the truth, only that the raw, bare sound perfectly suits the vocals and instrumentation, and just sounds like an absolutely complete package. All four members of the band heavily contribute, doing vocals as well as playing their own respective instruments. Canter make solid use of the loud/soft dynamic, offering long instrumental passages that build and build until finally unloading in a spastic burst of screaming fury. "Unusable Signal" is the perfect example for this, as there's more than a couple transition phases between the different tempos, and it's all extremely fluid. The relentless pounding, starts and stops of the guitar and drums towards the end lead brilliantly into a whirlwind of quick and dissonant guitar work.

Still, Dolorous Canter have a much more subtle side, begging to be released.

And on the eleven-minute "From Tokyo to Stockholm," a much more reserved band is seen. The rhythms and instrumentation are still tight as ever, but the vocals are in part sung in this song, which is ultimately my biggest gripe with the album. I appreciate their willingness to change things up, but to be frank, the singing is pretty poor. Luckily for them, it accounts for only a few of the song's eleven minutes, the rest being taken up by a solid variation of guitar tones and harmonies.

This EP really presents a lot to like from the Chicago four-piece. They have an extremely solid grasp on every aspect that makes this kind of music enjoyable. It's urgent, intense, raw and visceral, and every possible element was dealt with in a precise manner, so that there's no lack of flow, no loose ends, nothing unnecessary. Fans of either of the bands that I originally cited as influences here will do well to track down a copy of this; you will not be disappointed.

Well there's this epic review along with a few others on the internet. For all this media exposure it's surprising that there is nothing out there on this band and finding stuff on this band is difficult. I think the Yaphet Kotto description is somewhat apt, they play a mainstream "emocore" type of sound. I wouldn't say it's anything special, but very well recorded and surprisingly obscure.

For What You Thought Was Once Dead

The Alpha Project EP


- Andrew Reizuch / bass, vocals
- Matt Howze / drums
- Rusty Cavender / guitar
- George Navarro / guitar, vocals

Most notable for having three of these members going on to somewhat more famous band Le Shok. If you've listened to Le Shok, you can hear a tiny bit of influence in this band, sort of a 90s Gravity sound. The last time I looked for info on this band I swear there was a blogger out there with some actual info, but I'm failing at finding that this time around. This should be all they've released including:

Untitled 7inch 1997

Pour it into our Bodies 6inch 1999

Bomb Diffusion 7inch 2000

16 / Treadwell Split 7inch 2000

Treadwell Discography

Abort Captain Part 2


I'm making this post as a second part to my 2016 post of Abort Captain so it can get a bit more attention. Just copying some basic info that I had there.

Started out as a two piece from Raleigh, NC in 2004, ended up as a full band. Straight forward hardcore in the vein of JFFB, Neil Perry, ETC. Broke up in 2005.
two members now in Wolverines.

It's decent stuff. Bears some resemblance to Wolverines, but less jangly and more generic emo sounding. Check it out, and if anyone has more tracks, please comment below or something.

These are two tracks that I came across a while ago now, one being off their myspace and the other that I tracked down on soulseek. I think this band is kind of underrated in a way, at least compared to Wolverines. Wish I had any idea of what they actually had out there, at least according to Last.fm I seem to have most of it between these two posts. 

Two Songs


Harmony Set

Harmony Set was a short lived screamo band from Boston, Massachesetts. They formed in the winter of 2001 & featured Gibby of Panic, The Trouble & MakeOutClub fame. The band recorded four songs of which three went on to a demo cassette limited to only 17 copies that were given to friends after their first and only show at "Fuck Fest" in New Bedford.

I ripped this one track off myspace a long time ago, and never got around to posting it. Managed to find another track posted on youtube along with some information. There definitely are a few more tracks of a demo out there, which I will hopefully come across at some point. In the meantime check this out. 

Demo (missing songs)

To Drown Her Sorrows


This is from the same youtuber that uploaded Best Left Forgotten. All that they seem to say is that it's "South Dakota metalcore/screamo band, members of Nodes of Ranvier" This is not really sweet init sound like Best Left Forgotten, instead it's bordering on shitty metalcore. Not very good, but still kind of interesting.

2002 Demo


Vikings! is a three piece hardcore punk/screamo band from Hagerstown, MD. They formed in the winter of ‘07/’08 and began playing shows in mid 2008. They have released a debut EP (2008 EP) which was recorded by Mike of Pianos Become the Teeth at the Crawlspace Studio in Eastern Maryland. They have played shows with bands like Algernon Cadwallader, The Blue Letter, We Were Skeletons, Nationale, Fine Lines, Pianos Become the Teeth, Age Sixteen, Sawhorse, Debelia Debelia, and L’antietam. Their sound has been compared to bands like Envy, Funeral Diner, I Hate Myself, and even Explosions in the Sky.

It seems the person who runs the chug life blog was in this band and made a post about it back in 2009. This is just pure mid/late 2000s skram. Worth a listen for sure.

2008 EP

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The Jukebox Scenario

Alright, here's my megapost for the year where I hunted down rare stuff off discogs and bankrupted myself for you. I can't really find a comprehensive summary of information for this band, but they were from Magdeburg, Germany and active 1999-2002 it would seem. This is just really high quality late 90s emo of the discohijack stlye. I'm honestly impressed with a lot of this, and I definitely recommend checking it all out; each release is pretty sweet. I will see if I can try to write more about this band and post some scans of the stuff that I bought, but here's the files in the meantime.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Beginning Again


The Kill, Baby

Got this one off Reddit. Late '97 - early '98, presumably somewhere from Philadelphia. Just going off other people's word that there is not much info on this. Sound is Love Lost But Not Forgotten style vocals, crazy horns like amalgmation or something, and awesome pure late 90s screamo instrumentals. I'm getting something like Puritan overall. Go check it out, it's actually really cool.

If anyone has info on this, definitely leave a comment!

Sunday, August 16, 2020


Active sometime around 2000-2002 and from Milwaukee, WI. I was looking up another Milwaukee band The Goodboy Suit and came across this on youtube. This one release came out in 2000, and honestly is pretty good. Has kind of angular math elements to the guitars with kind of Rorschach style vocals. The download below also includes a track from the Break Even compilation. Check it out.

Robin The Boy Wonder

Whilst only active for a short while, before disbanding, and later reforming as Harasser, Robin The Boy Wonder is one of the first danish screamo bands.

 Based on when Harasser was around I'd guess this band would be active mid 2000s. I've never actually listened to Harasser but always knew of them due to having these tracks laying around. Turns out the one Harasser track I can find is just one of these songs. It's pretty much the same band I guess. As for sound, it's kind of dissonant sounding basement track stuff. It's decent.


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While They Slept

Minneapolis quintet that plays melancholy, brooding hardcore/indie that brings to mind The One AM Radio, Still Life, Hoover and the oppressive beauty of a midwestern winter.

Active 2001-2002, this is almost bordering on something I wouldn't post here, but it's pretty good and seemingly very obscure. It's weird coming across some of these bands with good production, and well put together music that no one bothers to listen to. Not super screamo or anything, more conventional postrock/mid west emo. It's well crafted, sad jamz. Check it out.

Where? There Is No Life There

Parade The Circus Around The Silhouette


Tora Tora Torance Split (first three songs are while they slept, sorry didn't bother to correct)

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The American Drama

Zero on this.

Demo (Missing tracks it seems)

Violent Scene From a Film

From San Diego, played shows with Ten Grand and The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower in 2003. That's all I'm able to find about this band. One of the vocalists here reminds me kind of Love Always, Your Dear Friend, but probably no connection. 

Violent Scene From a Film

Friday, July 17, 2020

Le Mal du Pays

Pre- Loma Prieta. According to the wise angry emo nerd, there exists a demo and a split. This random collection of  four total songs (2 live and 2 recording) is what we have until likely someone with the physical releases uploads them. I have no idea on what the connection to Loma is. Information on this is soo sparse. Great stuff though. Probably the last pre-loma band to surface out there. It's pure skramz, played shows with Loma, Seeing Means More, Comadre, Horror City. I think you know what you're getting into.

Two live tracks, and two songs seemingly ripped off the web, here you go.


The Farewell Chapter

This band might be the closest band to Love Lost But Not Forgotten I've ever heard, and there is soo many bands that have tried to do that sound. They're from the same era as LLBNF, active early 2000s, and from Boston, MA area.

Imagine a bit less insanity with the vocals, but the exact same intensity of musicianship of LLBFN and you have these guys. The songs on here are all just kind of insane in a certain way. I have a bit of a soft spot for this type of music. I think it's pretty good.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cross My Heart With A Knife CMHAWK Mp3.com Compilation

This is an interesting relic of the past. A lot of us know of CMHWAK as being kind of a meme level skram inventing website. It has a pretty large history going back into the early 2000s, and you can actually find the original forum still archived on the web.

I'm not sure who made this, but it's an actual mp3.com playlist of bands taken directly off that website. Mp3.com being kind of a holy grail of early 2000s forgotten emo/screamo. A lot of bands on this compilation are featured here, and the ones that aren't I question whether actual recordings still exist.

On my youtube I posted what I think are the most interesting tracks on this compilation. The rest is a mix of more popular emo/screamo, and a lot of (shitty) metalcore/post hardcore that makes me cringe. Included in the zip is an actual html document of the playlist with super cringe descriptions of each band by whoever made this. I'm imaging whoever this is was kind of young, so it's alright.

Some bands worth saying stuff about:

The Mezzanine: Featured a member of In Loving Memory(?) ZERO information other than that.

The Lapis Sanctuary: A dupage county band, I have more by them and there used to an album by them on my favorite Dupage county Bandcamp I think

One Dying Wish: Lame post hardcore band that I have stuff by, but this song of theirs is much more screamo. No idea on whether it's even the same band.

Lots of other bands that you can find here. Basement style early 2000s stuff.

Go take a listen, some of the lame (imo) stuff is still very obscure and might be up your alley. For the highlights, go to my youtube for all the videos with the picture above. Oh and yes, check out the HTML document in there for sure.

VA - cross my heart with a knife

My Youtube

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Council of Five Nations

"Council of Five Nations is not about making any political change. It is not about money, popularity or any other disease such as those. It is about your every-day life. It is about what pisses you off, what makes you happy, and most importantly what makes you sad. Every member of Council of Five Nations has some personal or political problem with life and this is our way of letting it all out. If you can relate to that then I need not write another word, but if you cant relate then you are farther from this world than you believe you are." - Chris Swirski
There's a Discohijack post for this band (thanks to them for the 4 way split), but I seem to have found some extra stuff. Looks to be active 1994-1996, and from Connecticut. This band is actually really good. I honestly enjoy all their songs, they're all quite good. I'm guessing this is their discography, I haven't seen anything else.

The four-way split between In Vain, Council of Five Nations, Know Nothing, and Thinner is pretty sweet. All bands share members are from Connecticut it seems, good stuff from all them to be honest. The split with In Vain is pretty iconic and seems to be their most popular song (it's at least on youtube.) The unreleased material has the track off the split with In Vain, plus some other great stuff.

Really just all of it has amazing instrumentals and interesting vocals. It's very 90s emo, but quite interesting in comparison to a lot of the generic emo being produced in the mid 90s. So much cool stuff I've been finding to post here recently. Go listen!

...On Death and Dying (1994)

In Vain & Council of Five Nations - Split EP (1995)

In Vain & Council Of Five Nations & Know Nothing & Thinner 7'' (1995)

Unreleased (199x)

Saved From Failure

Sunday June 26, 2005

Voila, it's brand new, the French from Saved From Failure have decided to split up. The drummer of the group decided to leave the group for lack of time. Saved From Failure stays in our hearts and they come back to us with EVA 01, an emo screamo in another vein, with a song this time in French (their numerous meetings in recent times, have greatly changed their style ...). Note that the line-up does not change masses. Indeed, Seb, former SFF guitarist, appropriates the drums.

That little tidbit was about the most I could track down from them. I do know EVA-01, and I'll assume that this band is from Lille, France as well? Why does the first song above's intro kind of remind me of Cap'n Jazz? The rest of this band has a bit of a post-hardcoreish sound to them, but still pretty emo/screamo of the early 2000s type. I think the picture in my first video dates them quite well. It's not bad, check it out.

Saved From Failure EP


Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Nationale was a 4 piece hardcore/screamo band whose lineup included Matt Reilly (drums, formerly of Five Stars For Failure and Fighter Hayabusa and currently a member of King Slender) , Daniel Shroyer (bass, formerly of Peregrine and currently a member of Savagist), Carrie Jones (vocals), and Zack Thrower (guitar, went on to play drums in Pale Prophet). The original bass player (who played on the demo) was Jake Duvall, previously the vocalist of Life Is A Fight.
In total, they released a four song demo (2008) and a tour ep called "Living Season" (2009). There was also a self-released cassette made over the summer of 2009 that had two songs recorded live at the bands practice space.
In the summer of 2009 the band initially split up as Carrie moved to New York City for almost a year. After she returned to Georgia, there were four final songs recorded during a short lived reunion over the summer of 2010 that were never finished or mixed. The band broke up shortly thereafter when Matt left Athens and moved back to his hometown of Philadelphia.
There is another band named Nationale from Los Angeles who was an atmospheric rock band that mixed a number of tracks known as the Soundisidore Sessions (2006) and an EP called "Lost Hills" (2007). Fans of bands like Slowdive may enjoy the Soundisidore Sessions, though newer tracks took the band in a different stylistic direction. Jonathan Sheley of Nationale has started a new project, Youth Symphony.
Really great female vocals, impressive instrumentals, this is honestly pretty awesome. I don't know why I've never heard of them before. Looks like I have all they've released. It's all quite good, but I think the unreleased 2010 demo is the best. I've attached two songs that I like from that above.


Living Season

Demo 2010

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hot Nights, Cool Dragons!

Kinda garbage "kittencore" style music that has zero information on the internet about them, absolutely nothing to my knowledge. It has to be mid 2000s based on when I downloaded it, and is likely American. Okay maybe it's not as awful as some stuff out there. Check it if you're into this type of thing.

Hot Nights, Cool Dragons!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Twelve Blades

Houston Texas, active mid 90s. Only one officially released song on the There is a Light compilation with some of the other emo greats of the time. I have a collection of some of their other recorded songs, and a live set recording. I found their old website you can check out, also here is an article of the guitarist (Lauren Larson) who plays in a band called Ume. Their songs are pretty varied going from powerviolence to black metal to crust. I attached the one "emoish" song.


Fonde Community Center in Houston (Texas) (1st feb 1997)

Van Closel

This band has one popular song on The Emo Armeggedon compilation. I have a whole bunch of rough tracks by them which I don't think are that easily found. The compilation track is quite good, but the rest is really rough. I have no information on this band, and googling them gives me nothing, sorry about that.

Van Closel - Various

The Anasazi

I swear I made a post on this band before, no idea on that though. I recently bought their split with Waifle which I don't think The Anasazi track is that easy to find, so I uploaded it. I guess here's the rest as well.
The Anasazi were a short-lived, chaotic hardcore outfit in the vein of makara and other ultra lo-fi monsters. Featuring members of Yaphet Kotto and Mohinder.
"calculating components and compound formulas for mass population reconstruction…"
Troubleman Unlimited
"this is a party as much as it is a funeral"
Split 5" with Waifle
Pensive Records
I haven't listened to the CD in a long time, but going through it now it's really sick. Jenny Piccolo/Makara/Mohinder vibes for sure.

Calculating Components And Compound Formulas For Mass Population Reconstruction ... ... A.K.A. Measurement & Control

The Idea Men

This is an extremely obscure band I downloaded back in the late 2000s. I never really realized how good they were until recently while finding stuff to post on this blog. They were from Baltimore, and active around 96. This is pure mid 90s emo of the discohijack type. They only had one official release which is their ST 12inch, and I have a whole bunch of seemingly unreleased stuff, that I'm not sure even exists on the internet anymore. The 12inch and The Final Gathering are both great. The final gathering song I uploaded above has some great 90s twinkle action going on. Recommended!

ST 12inch

The Final Gathering

Towards Brighter Tomorrows

Friday, April 3, 2020

7654 Stories

7654 Stories was Started in early 2003 by John Terry and Wyatt Harte. They quickly recruited bassist Peter August wrote 5 songs and started playing shows. They circulated over 250 demo CD's and played a number of weekend tours. 7654 Stories build a strong following on the east coast in the DIY basement scene. Bekim Hida was recruited on bass and Pete switched over to guitar. They played a number of shows with the line-up like this until Pete left the band to join Monument. The band continued playing/touring/writting as a three peice for a few more months. They recorded a split 7 inch with local NJ band arcadius for prescription records. They did a final tour through the south east. The band members remain on good terms. Wyatt is in school. Pete is working and playing in Animal Blood. John is going to school and playing in Rapid Cities. Bekim is in Dick Punch! and living in Brooklyn. They still have merch available through their myspace site.
I remember in the late 2000s there being these huge text lists of Megaupload links to download emo/screamo stuff. I always knew this band as being on one of those lists and never anywhere else. Always tried to get into the self titled, but it was never that remarkable to me. When I made my Arcadius post a while back, I listened to their split with these guys and turns out it's actually quite good. Just classic 2000s stuff. Download the split at least.

7654 Stories

Split with Arcadius 7inch (Same songs as the split + an instrumental, not a vinyl rip)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Random CDs

Found some interesting CDs while searching up Takenfromyou. No info on them other than what's provided by the uploader, they all seem to be from Panama City Beach, Florida. Not all of them are emo/screamo as well. Check out the whole playlist/channel if you're interested in similar local show cd hardcore/indie/post-hardcore stuff.


Taken from You (sometimes spelled Takenfromyou) was an indie rock/post-hardcore band from Pensacola, Florida that formed in 2001 and broke up in late 2005. With constantly revolving members, Taken From You's sound changed with almost every record put out. With the band's original line-up they played a light indie rock comparable to Hum or At the Drive-In. At that time the band members were stil in their late high school years and played mostly local shows. They quickly gained popularity but were still mostly isolated to the Pensacola scene. Friend, Jake Brown (played in Moments in Grace and currently En Masse) was running a small label at the time called Computer Club Records and put out the band's first two releases Dying for Change and We Sing the Body Electric (recorded by Chris Staples of Twothirtyeight and Discover America). Eventually singer/bassist Thomas Samuel left the band to pursue other musical interests and Eric Jernigan from local band Agnostia was recruited to fill the spot.
Eric's presence drastically changed the sound more towards the post-hardcore direction the band was already headed. The music was a lot darker and most vocals were screamed instead of sung but they still held firm to an indie rock edge, rejecting the hardcore clich├ęs that were popular at the time. It was with Eric that That Fading Flower, His Glorious Beauty was written. This five-song EP was recorded with Jeremy Griffith (also in Moments in Grace) and released on Raise the Red Flag Records and the band finally began touring in support of it. Shortly after the first tour guitarist Jarrod Burris left the band and Eric moved to the guitar position. The rest of the band's time was spent with an array of bass players, never securing a permanent member.
In November 2004, after tireless tours with nothing to show, the exhausted band called it quits. Three newer songs were written and recorded but the band wasn't pleased with how that recording came out so it was never released. Eric now plays in City of Ships. Michael now plays in A Planet That Eats Planets. Joshua played in Brothers and Sisters for a while, and now plays in A Planet That Eats Planets.
It's super post-hardcore. I can only handle bits of That Fading Flower and the Suck Demo. Even those have a bit too much singing on them.  I know some people might be curious though.

Body Electric

Body Electric B-Sides

Dying For a Change

Suck Demo!

That Fading Flower

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tunes For Bears To Dance To (Unreleased)

Recently, around 500,000 music files (out of estimated 50 million(!!)) were recovered from Myspace spanning 2008-20010. You can find all the info and the webplayer here. In short, it's not as great as I was hoping, can't find much on there and the searching function is pretty shitty. 

I just as a test searched up Tunes for Bears to Dance to and came across this random track I've never heard before. It simultaneously sounds like them, but not at all. More Capsule or something. Not a very good song. It could totally be a mislabeled track, so comment below if you know anything about it.

And, if you haven't heard this unreleased track uploaded by theangryemonerd, check it out. Much more legit and a decent song.

Roads to Shiloh

Found this on Facebook a few months ago, pre Van Johnson. Must have been active late 90s/very early 00s and from somewhere in Ontario (assuming Ottawa like Van Johnson.)

Their demo is definitely the highlight, the EP is a bit heavier on the metalcore - still pretty good though.


Robust Android

I was hunting down a long lost Canadian band Tonnn late last year and came across a user on Soulseek who had some stuff by them to share. They gave me some info about seeing Tonnn, and I just randomly asked them if they had anything else interesting to share. Turned out they played in this band during the late 2000s. Totally random but pretty awesome find. Thanks to said person for sharing.

Very melodic, with kind of a wailing vocalist. It's pretty interesting. Check it out.

The vocalist played in a later band called Captain Space, it's a bit on the more experimental side, still quite good though.

(Definitely a lot more to be said about both these bands, just haven't had a ton of time to gather that)

Friday, March 20, 2020

Ghost Stories

From Ontario, Canada. Early active-mid 2000s kinda sassier band that was a super popular style in Canada at this time (and not like today's sass). I'm writing this on my phone so I'll see if I can up more later.

The below release was sent to me by someone who miraculously lives in the same province as me. Major appreciation to him.

Ghost Stories

Friday, February 28, 2020

This City is Sinking

Mid 2000s myspace band. I remember coming across them when I was ripping stuff of myspace a few years ago. I neglected ripping them along with a lot of other stuff, since I never expected myspace to crap out (ugh.) Anyway I came across their stuff on soulseek, so here it is. In terms of sound, it's very mid 2000s myspace/mp3/cmhwak skram if that's any description, actually sounds very similar to a band that I can't put my finger on. Not bad.

This City is Sinking

Edit: This soundcloud has it all


Monday, February 17, 2020

March 15th

March 15th are: Chris, Kevin, Keith, Pat and Andrew They were a short lived post-hardcore/screamo seemingly coming from Washington State, USA. After the break up, some members moved on to play smokersdieyounger. http://web.archive.org/web/20040208132223/http://march15th.tripod.com:80
Seems to be active around 2004. A lot of the songs are quite bass-heavy and definitely some noodling going on. I think it's kind of interesting. The website above is a pretty good snapshot of their website. I was amazed to find that a few of the mp3s on the site were still listenable/downloadable, I've never seen that in an archive before. Anyway, I have here a full release, a few tracks off a release mentioned on their website, and another random song.

Hello No-One

(These are a bit more post-hardcore, not bad though)

Edit: I found this

Best Left Forgotten

Got this lost and forgotten item from Reddit. The user gave me a short description
They were around 2002-03 and played only about a dozen shows in western North Dakota. The guitarist/lead vocalist Vanessa and other guitarist, her then boyfriend Jerik (my high school friend) later had an an acoustic project called In Ink Please that I believe released a full length. Jerik also played for awhile as the guitarist in the Fargo metalcore band Hands around 2010
Alright, so most of the songs have pretty cringe early 2000's singing on them, but there definitely seems to be some influence of stuff like In Loving Memory, and The Spirit of Versailles.  Check it out if you're curious.

Demo 2003