Monday, December 7, 2015

Twenty Two Days

This is a band from New Orleans that came right after Memory as Perfection, sharing both the drummer and guitarist I believe. They were active in 2007 and were pretty short lived, releasing only this demo as 10".They really don't sound much like Memory as Perfection, much more screamy and less jazzy. It's okay stuff, sounds kind of like a lot of mid-late 00's 'skram' type stuff. Check it out if that sounds appealing.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Memory as Perfection

Active early-mid 2000's, and from New Orleans/Baton Rouge. Really good stuff actually. Kinda bass heavy, almost noodly stuff with unique shouted vocals. They're very listenable and I'm surprised that they were never bigger. I think this is everything that was released + some bonus stuff. I definitely recommend a listen.


CDR (Contains demo tracks + non-vinyl rip split tracks)

Split with Scent of Human History (With Scent of Human History Tracks)

Times Are Hard For Dreamers comp track

A History of Blank Pages

01.26.03 - Live Tracks

Friday, November 27, 2015

Remingtin (West Fucking Triad)

Active 1993-1999. Seem to be pretty much a forgotten band  They were active quite a long time, and did some high profile stuff, most noticeably doing a split with the book of dead names. I've always really liked them. Their early stuff is very 90's emo, then gets a bit more skramz or whatever. I think members went on to band called Blow Up.

I found this not that long ago, and it is their discography, minus a casette which I'm not sure if exists out there. So here this is for anyone that might want this.

Remingtin Discography

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Last Days as Children

This is an interesting one. It's a short lived band that came after internet famous Kamloops BC band After School Knife Fight. They sound pretty much exactly like them, but maybe more polished and synthy. I believe they were only active in 2002. They apparently recorded three songs in total, and I have all three below. Two were for a split with Montcalm or Droom. I'm getting conflicting information on what band they actually did a split with. The last song is just some random one. Check it out if you like ASKF.

Avenger of Awry

Active early 00's from Old Saybrook CT. Has that metalcore sound of the period. As per usual I'm having a hard time finding any relevant information on them. I'm not entirely sure on any real info of the releases below either. Most of their songs are pretty long, and good production quality. Possible members of stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff.

Much thanks to Geno for sending me these files and a number of other bands posted on this blog. Definitely helping to keep a lot of forgotten early 2000's stuff alive.


Split Tracks

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kill Mannequin

Seven person band from Toronto, Canada. Active I'm guessing 2002-2004. Played with a lot of the other popular Canadian emo/screamo bands. As for sound, they're a little bit different sounding. They almost kind of remind me of some European bands. I think this is all they've released. Their website hints at one other possible split, but I'm not entirely sure if it ever actually came out. That's about all I've got for this. Check it out, it's pretty unique from other stuff, at least posted on this blog.

Self Titled

Plant The Bomb Split

Within Arms Reach

I'm lacking a bit of information here. They are from Philadelphia, and have members of A Life Once Lost. Active early 00's. They sound almost a bit like Joshua Fit For Battle, and played in that whole scene with a lot of those bands.  Can't even find a relevant picture or anything. They're pretty good though.


Self Titled 7"

With Arms Still Empty

I'm just going to copy their bio from their now defunct website. They are from Michigan I think? If you want to see their website check here. 

with arms still empty started around november of 98. 3 of us had previously played in another band called the bounty hunters. Originally there were five of us; jeff, greg, yann, jeremy, and aric. We recorded two songs in december of 98 for a comp and a 7'. Later in may of 99' we recorded 6 songs for a CD ep. Around november of 99' we kicked aric, our singer out. Many reasons led up to this desicion, blah blah blah. We went on as a four piece with yann picking up most of aric's vocals, and greg & jeremy filled in the gaps. In Jan of 2000 we recorded 3 songs as a four piece, and 3 more in april, 5 of which ended up on a split cd with milwaukee's Since By Man which was released in june 2000. In August we played a couple shows out east with Blue skies burning, and then headed west for a 10 day tour with John Brown Battery. In January of 2001 greg left with arms, it was on good terms so there's no hard feelings. Kevin Spoelma now plays guitar in with arms. Some local grand rapids kids might recognize him from yesterday's gone and the bounty hunters.

 They seem to have a lot of random songs out there on comps and other things. Here's all I've compiled at least. As for what they sound like, it's a pretty typical sound of the era, pretty decent though. They broke up in 2002. Check it out.

 Watching Friends Fall cd-ep

Since By Man Split (with Since by Man songs... which are awesome)

Summer Demo

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Satellite Crash

I think this band is really only known for their split with Neil Perry, that is all I have at least. They were active 1998-early 00's, and from Binghamton. Their website is still somehow up, and gives a fairly indepth history about them + releases. Check it out here. I'm more making this post to see if anyone out there has more stuff by them. Their website lists them releasing a demo + a split with a band called Faraday's Discovery. I'm curious if those exist in digital format anywhere out there. Anyway, as for sound think emo mixed with a bit of crust. It's kind of unique. I'd recommend a listen.

Split with Neil Perry

Update2 -- Thanks to the commenter below for the Project Mercury demo. Really happy to have this on here.

Project Mercury Demo

Update --- I managed to track down their Farm Sanctuary Benefit Compilation track. I'm just going to post the entire compilation as it seems to be pretty hard to find.

Farm Sanctuary Benefit Compilation

Bands on it:


Numbers are Neutral

I guess the main claim to fame for this band is being on that awesome summertime comp. This demo of theirs (which contains the comp song) is the only thing they ever released (I think?). Info on them seems to be pretty scarce. They were active late 90's early 00's, and from the East Coast (Philadelphia?). Ex. Eldritch Anisette, and All Else Failed. The demo is fairly high quality, I recommend a listen. Long songs, melodic, violin, slow-parts, pretty angsty...

demo (School Sucks! EP)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bullyrag (Aka Fucking Thunder)

Late 90's - early 00's band from Arizona. They're pretty good, intense politically driven stuff, there seems to be a few comparisons with Shotmaker to them on the internet. I think this is all their main releases, there could be some compilation tracks out there, not entirely sure. Also, major thanks to a certain discogs/soulseek user for ripping me their copy of the split with nineteenhundredandtwelve.

Split with nineteenhundredandtwelve

My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys 7"

Hearts Spark Arson

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bear Garden

From Duluth, MN, and active late mid-late 2000's. Most of their official releases are quite easily found on the internet, and they seem to be overall fairly popular of a band. I was lucky enough to just recently have someone send me their discography, which includes some stuff that I had never heard about/didn't even know existed. This discography seems kind of official, so I'm guessing it has all that they've recorded. It also includes some videos as well. Definitely check it out if you like Bear Garden.

The Last Bearmitzvah - Discography

Kidnapping Theory

All I have for this is their description on
brian, justin, and pat.
3 dudes playing crap.
they are from southern jersey.
I'm guessing they were active early 2000's, based on the date of their demo. It's pretty rough stuff. Kind of more on the grind/power violence spectrum, with the second demo being more grindy than the first.  High pitched vocals, and short songs. Check it out if you're curious.

Demo 2k2

Another Demo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

David is Burning

From Hi Nella, NJ and active early 2000's. They are definitely more on the metalcore/tech metal spectrum, but have some relevance for being posted here. Not much on this other than that. I think this is all they've released?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

All Those Birds

I have zero information on this, other than that they were from Fieldsboro, NJ. It's pretty mid-2000's skram sounding, and I'm guessing they were active roughly around then as well. These are all myspace tracks, so they might/probably have more out there, probably impossible to find at this point though.



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eleventh Symphony

Active 1998-2001, from Cincinnati I believe. They play a fairly weird brand of stuff. Sounds very 90's influenced, but definitely has hints of crazier bands from the 2000's. Members went on to Noarmsnolegs, and They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow. The band actually sounds quite a bit like a 90's version of Naked Corpse. has a pretty good description on them if you'd like to know more. Here is all they've released. I definitely recommend A Uniform Infinity above the others, as the early stuff is quite different from the later. Good stuff overall.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Falls Under April

Active 2001-2002, and from Central Virginia. These guys play a very 90's emo influenced sound. It's pretty good stuff overall. I definitely would recommend a download of the first album that I have here. The second one is a a lot more metalcore sounding, and not nearly as good as their other stuff. Here it all is though. This is most of the tracks that I've seen floating around, but as per usual there could probably be more stuff out there.

Falls Under April

"Demo" - shares some tracks with the below download. No idea.

This Could Have Been Our Finest Hour

Edit: I randomly came across this youtube video, and reading the comments I guess these albums are pretty butchered and missing stuff. I updated the post with another "demo" that I found on soulseek a while ago. So just be aware that none of these DL's make sense, nor are they good quality recordings (sadly most of this blog is like that...) I'd fix them if I had the proper sources.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hot Cross - Fair Trades Demo

I'm sure most of the people who view this blog have listened to their fair share of Hot Cross. Their entire discography is pretty easily accessible in and around the internet. I have something kind of random here, that I've never really seen anywhere before. It's referred to as a demo for Fair Trades and Farewells, no idea if that is what it actually is, but it definitely is rough (better than live though) recordings of the tracks off that album.

This might be more for the completionists, but the recordings are actually quite different. They are definitely pretty rough in comparison to the very well produced recordings on the actual album. I actually kind of like them better. The vocals are pretty different, and there isn't really much of the clean singing. If you like Hot Cross, and like the album Fair Trades and Farewells, you should definitely check it out for something a bit different.

Fair Trades and Farewells - Demo

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Day Had Died (Two Shades of Pain)

Early 2000's, sounds like a ton of other bands from this era. Kind of metalcore/hardcore influenced sound. This is just kind of a collection of songs, some from myspace and some that were sent to me. I would have no idea what all they've released, and information on them seems kind of scarce. I do know that this is pre Boys Night Out, and that they were Canadian. Pretty good stuff though, check it out.

EDIT: I found this on SLSK, it's a more complete collection of all their songs. Definitely download this.

The Day Had Died

Two Shades of Pain Demo (This is a band that came before The Day Had Died)

Also, some of the songs might be a bit messed up at times. They were apparently on a CD that had some damage done to it. It's just a few songs, and it's pretty minor though. Kind of sucks, but not much can be done.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kisses and Hugs

Okay, so not the power-violence/hardcore 90's band Kisses and Hugs, but apparently another one. This was sent to me, and I really can't find any relevant information for it anywhere. The first song on here is a rougher version of the Birthday Boyz song "pass the courvoisier", which would lead me to believe this is pre-Birthday Boyz or something, but yea zero information out there that I was able to find. You should check it out though, kind of a rougher Birthday Boyz with added violin.  If anyone knows anything about this, please comment!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Super screamy stuff, active early 2000s from somewhere in the NE, maybe Philadelphia.. Kind of has a sound that was a little bit before its time. Just really high intensity and all over the place with trumpets at times. The vocals are pretty off the walls in some spots haha.  Pretty good though. Would definitely recommend a download if you haven't heard.

What I have below is just a collection of their songs. I know for sure that the last 4 songs on it make up a 7inch that they put out. The rest just seems like demos and stuff. The 7inch is definitely higher quality than the rest.

Various Songs

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eyeballz (Days to Streaks)

"California Hardcore screamo supergroup" in the words of another blog that was sharing this. I guess they were originally called Days to Streaks, but ended up changing their name to Eyeballz. Active somewhere in early 2000's, no idea on specifics though.

I originally had this album while ago, but lost it due to a HDD crash. I spent quite a long time looking for it again, and finally got it. Hope you enjoy. Pretty much as said above, screamy hardcore style stuff. Pretty good though. This album includes everything they've released I think, same recordings as another demo thing floating around.

Days in Hell, Nights in California



Very metalcore influenced stuff, active late 90's-early 00's. I believe they're from New Jersey. Pretty much the angstiest stuff ever. I wish I had more relevant information on them. There seems to be a fair bit of live video of them out there, which is pretty interesting. I think this is all they've released?

the untimely construction of a building to jump off

Monday, August 3, 2015

Emotape Compilations

I have no idea who made these, but they used to be passed around soulseek many moons ago. They were definitely a great way to find new music, and much of the stuff on this blog was originally found on these compilations. As for bands on these compilations, it's pretty much a wide variety of bands from all around the world, some popular and some really, really obscure.

I think there was multiple people making these, so the ordering for them never really made much sense. I used to spend a bit of time looking for them back in the day, and this is what I turned up with, so no idea on the missing numbers or if they even exist. Some of the files on a few of these compilations are incomplete, and some comps are missing tracks, so sorry about that, but overall they are fairly complete. Hope you enjoy...

Emotape #2

Emotape #3

Emotape #04

Emotape #0.5

Emotape #5

Emotape #0.6

Emotape #6

Emotape #8

Emotape #9

Emotape #10

Emotape #11

Emotape #12

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If It Doesn't Kill You (ifitdoesntkillyou)

From Greenville NC and active 1999-2003. Very 90's metal-tinged emo influenced sound. Check out their for a better summary about them. I believe this is everything they've released + some unnoficial tracks that were on their myspace. I also will be doing a post in the near future on the more emo sounding late 90's band Hovel that came before ifitdoesntkillyou.


5 Songs

The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker Comp Song (Includes whole compilation)

Unknown Compilation Song

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cold Like December

Active early-mid 2000's and from Easton Pa. It's pretty well produced metal/hardcore influenced stuff. Sounds very much like other bands from the era. Man, I really suck at finding/writing worthwhile information about a lot of these bands, so sorry about that... Anyway here you go, I'm going to guess this is their only release.

oh my god, it's full of stars

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Late 90's band from Tampa, Florida. Really not much info on this. High quality stuff though, very over the top 90's emo. I'm not entirely sure what all they've released. Their live stuff on youtube would hint that they have quite a bit of material, but I would have no idea if all of it is recorded. I have their split with Bullyrag, and their 403 chaos compilation track as well. All of it is really good, I recommend a listen.

Update: I found this, I think it has all available songs on it

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello Romeo

From Maryland, active around 2005. Info seems kind of scarce about them on the internet, but from what I gather this is their only release. They play kind of a fast-paced, post-hardcore influenced type of sound. The album itself is pretty well produced, not really anything special though.

They Lust For Us!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ho Ka'Set

Ho Ka'Set were active mid 2000's, and were from Austin, Texas. They play fairly typical skram style stuff. It's all pretty well put together, I'm kind of curious why they seem to be so obscure. I can't really seem to find much solid info about them on google or anything. Anyway these 2 songs that I have don't seem to be off anything, so no idea whether they have any official releases or anything. I'm going to guess not though. Worth a listen I'd say.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cain Marko

Zero information on this. It's kinda typical skramzie stuff, and they were probably active early-mid 2000's if I was to guess. I'm going to go ahead and say that the band on with the same name as them probably has no connection, could be wrong on that though.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello Space Cowboy

That weird band that did that split with Cowboys Became Folk Heroes? Yea... I don't actually have much info on them, but I always assumed they were from the same place/shared members with CBFH. Anyway they sound kind of like a more spastic shorter song version of Jerome's Dream. Check it if you're curious.

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes Split (just Hello Space Cowboy songs)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boa Narrow

Pretty good stuff from North Carolina, active somewhere around 2006. They play some really solid experimental jazz influenced stuff. The instrumentals on a lot of these tracks are just amazing if you're into that type of thing. Really worth a listen I would say. I think this is all they have out there. Could be wrong on that though.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Eyes Like Autumn

Not too much info on this, other than being from New Hampshire, and active roughly around 2002. They play similarly to a ton of other bands from this era, a kind of metal influenced sound. I think this demo is their only official release, but they also have two fairly substantial well recorded live sessions as well.


Live June 11 2002

Live Sept 21 2002

Saturday, May 16, 2015

OMG!! You're Dead

From Dallas Texas, active 2003-2005 and sharing members notably with Trifle Tower. They play a sort of skramz with a touch of grind. Kinda jokey at times, but melodic at others, fairly interesting. Not too much info on what they've all released, but here's what I have.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Grand Color Crayon

Active 2004-2007 and from Napa California. They play a fairly metal influenced brand of stuff. Decent stuff in terms of well put together songs, and fairly quality recordings. Some of their songs are just straight up metalcore, and others are fairly typical skram stuff, it's pretty interesting.  I think these three releases is all that they have.

See This Before It Stops

When We Changed The World

Ice Eaters

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rep Seki

Pretty interesting band. Just really crazy all over the place style kind of in the vein of other other bands posted here like Drowning in Lethe or Amalgamation. Even amongst the craziness, it's still pretty melodic though. I guess they were active 1999-2005, and are from Indiana, sharing a member with Rapider Than Horsepower and Usurp Synapse (maybe?) Anyway here is all they've released I think. Their last album is pretty different from the rest, still worth a listen though.


Usurp Synapse Split (With Usurp Synapse Songs)

Mara'akate Split (with Mara'akate songs)

Various (songs of the dead comp + one other song)

Earth Burglar

Monday, March 16, 2015


What is with emo bands and the name Ariadne? Anyway, all I have on this is that they are from Trenton NJ, and I'm guessing early-mid 2000's. Pretty rough recordings, fairly typical sound. Check it if you're curious.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Vincent Black Shadow

The Canadian emo band active between 2000-2002, with raspy vocals and pretty sweet instrumentals. I was able to talk to one of the band members of Vincent Black Shadow, and get some real information on this band, so here it all is. Lots of information on them + other fun things about the Canadian music scene at this time, I recommend a read. Much thanks to the commenter below for the information!

Self Titled

First of all, where were you guys based out of, and where were some of the highlights that you went/toured to?

We were based out of Oakville, Ontario. The best tour, by far, was to the East Coast of Canada. All the way to PEI. I was 17 at the time...the oldest member of the band may have been 19. The youngest was 15. Absolutely the most formative times of my life. Learning what I did about friendship then is still the most valuable thing I hold onto now. The stories from that entire tour still make me smile. A short one that has to start with the sentence "fuck New Brunswick" is this:
Fuck New Brunswick circa 2001. Our van broke down. We were on a highway. We made a duct tape sign that read: HELP! NEED PHONE! on the side of our white van (whose name was Damien Buttertop)*. The man that finally stopped was wearing John Lennon circular sunglasses. Mid forties. His sunglasses has reflections of skulls in them. But seriously. He told us he could drive us to a friend's house close by to use the phone. Two of us get in his car. He drives to who the fuck knows where fifteen minutes away. As I ring the doorbell to the goddamn Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, with no other house for miles, he dude with the slick sunglasses drives off. Forever.
This kid opens the door. He's about our age. He says absolutely nothing. "Hey man, a buddy of yours just dropped us off here to use the see our van broke...". The kid just stares, holding the door open a crack. He still says nothing. He then backs away from the door about two feet. We push the door open and walk past him into the house, which I swear to God in my memory actually has chicken feathers floating in the air and reeks of piss covered newspaper. The kid stands right where he is the entire 10 minutes that Ty and I are digging through his house to find a phonebook. We find a tow truck, and have no clue at all where we are. The kid won't answer us. The tow truck driver agrees to just drive along the highway until he finds the van.
Ty and I run our asses out of that house as quickly as possible...with that kid still standing right where he was. It's unsettling to think about even now. Of course, a fifteen minute drive on the highway turns into an hour and a half long walk. We try hitchhiking. One person pulls over...only to shower us with gravel when we get close enough to the car.
When we make it back to the van, the whole band and tow truck driver are super angry at us for making them wait. They were living outside of the horror movie that Ty and I were transported to that morning. Fuck New Brunswick.
*I Spoke later bought that van from us. It was the greatest, most hilarious van ever. I have a tattoo of it. It never worked for them and they hated us for ripping them off.

Rough dates that you guys were active from?

Somewhere like 2000-2002

Is the one release I have on my blog all you've released?

That's it compadre. We wrote other songs, but never released anything.

Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before Vincent Black Shadow?

Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats was the first roaming singer that VBS had...Me and Mike are in Lost Cities now. I was also in The Stickup for a while. Now I own a music store and recording studio. Still trying to keep music as the focal point it needs to be in my life.

Do you have any thoughts or words on the Canadian scene when Vincent Black Shadow was active?

I'm not sure if it was ignorance or if it was truly the case, but the scene seemed to embrace us hard. We were a bunch of kids that skateboarded all day through the towns we were playing that night...met a bunch of people who ended up coming to the shows...and were just best friends. It's the stuff that most people believe is for the movies. Jared, our sultry whisperer, was from PEI, and it felt like home to all of us. In Ontario, we just always had the best time. We played with Piebald once in Ottawa, covered in piss because of a "pee in the bottle and throw it out the window" mishap, and everyone there hated our band...but it's all still the greatest memories. The singer of Piebald gave me all their records because he loved what we were doing. That has always stuck with me. Stand up dude.

Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?

We played with: TDOA, Bright Calm Blue, Funeral Diner and Staircase in Ty's basement in Oakville. One of the best shows I'd ever been to...let alone been a part of. On the strange end of the spectrum we played with Piebald and The Constantines (where we dressed up like cowboys). We loved dressing up for no reason. We also always tried to get on shows that absolutely wouldn't like us...claiming we were a different band...and we'd make up a name that would suit that show but just play a VBS set. Our favorite that was often used was The Fashion Cowboys.

Do you have any information on the band Hung by Hope, I remember reading somewhere that VBS is ex Hung by Hope.

I was the singer/guitarist of Hung by Hope. Hilarious that you ask this one. I was 14/15 years old at the time. It's super funny to think that that band exists in anyone's imagination still. We had a twenty second song about Bambi. It was more a grind band than the recordings would suggest.

Any interesting information on Strawman, I Spoke, Panserbjorne or any other Canadian bands? (Maybe even some suggestions for other bands to post on this blog?)

If you can find anything from Ghost Stories...they were another band I recorded in my basement that were awesome. One song always stood out to me...but I have no idea what it's called or if it exists anywhere. Though, if you can find VBS can definitely find this.
I Spoke were like a sister band to us. Love those guys to this day. As I said, they bought our van...and the minute they did, the van went to shit. They were pissed, but I think Damien Buttertop was our trusty steed, and gave up as soon as five new dickholes were trying to ride him. Chris Woodford of I Spoke is actually running the label that's releasing the Lost Cities full length. The ties never die.
Panserbjorne was fun. The singer went on to form Titan with Chris Woodford from I Spoke. The singer, James McDonough, also lived a block away and would hear VBS practicing. He told us that he loved our band, and his heart broke the day we went driving past his house in Damian all singing along to a Get Up Kids record. Fuck you, James! That was a good record!

I guess any other information you want to share?

I could go on for days, brother. I won't, but I could. Wouldn't have changed a single thing we did. I feel like that song Suburbs by Arcade Fire could have been written about us. If only the Get Up Kids wrote it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Bullet For The Family Traitor

Coming from Albany NY , and active 2001-2003, A Bullet for the Family Traitor play a very metal-core influenced style, with have female vocals as well. I would say they're not so bad, in that early metal-core type of way. They definitely have elements that make them appropriate to be posted here though. Anyway this ep is all they've released, so here you go.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Active mid 2000's and coming out of New Jersey, Arcadius play more uh.. metallic hardcore influenced stuff. Kind of reminiscent of This Ship Will Sink, In First Person. They might even share members with said bands due to being from the same area, I don't really know though. Anyway good stuff if you're into this style.  I'm not sure what all they've released, here's a chunk of it though.

Unknown Album (seems to be a collection of their earlier songs)

7654 Stories Split (With 7654 Stories songs. They're pretty good too, you should check them out)

"Rough Demo"

Caged and Crazy

Sunday, March 1, 2015

This Was The Year To Lose Friends

From Oklahoma and active roughly 2004-2006, they play a fairly diverse selection of music. They kind of progressed from typical "skramz" sound, to a sludgy metal sound, and then lastly settling on a more tech-metal style of sound.

Everywhere I can find seems to say that they only have three official releases. Their (archived) website hints at two more releases, but I can't find any info about that at all. I know there exists some early songs that aren't on those releases, but whether they exist in recordings (and not just live) is the question. Anyway this should be all of what is officially out there.

Early Live Tracks


El Paso Hot Button Split (With El Paso Hot Button Songs)

Tears Like Atreyu Split (With Tears Like Atreyu Songs)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pay The Price

Active 1999-2003, this is a band that came after Amalgamation. They share the lead singer and play a fairly similar style, though Pay The Price is a bit less crazy than Amalgamation. I got some of these tracks off their website, which I'm surprised is still up and running. Check it here


This one is dated quite a bit earlier than most of the stuff on here, but I thought the scarcity of some of these tracks deserved a post. I think they're probably best known for the split with Jerome's dream. Active 1996 - 1998 & from the DC/VA area, they play a really spastic crazy sound.

The split with JD is probably the best, but the other stuff is worth hearing. Now I'm missing their demo tracks (do these even exist anymore?) and also one comp track. Here's the rest of what they've released though.

Left in Ruins split (with Left in Ruins tracks)

Jerome's Dream Split

Song off Caligula comp

Song off HG Fact comp

Update: Someone sent me this, thanks!:
Song off Defeated Records FNB Comp

For Pay The Price, one of the bands that came after Amalgamation, check out my post on them here.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Skeleton Coast

From Portland and active around 2003 based on the release of this album. In terms of when this was released it actually has a fairly unique sound. Female vocals, and a pretty melodic almost 90's style sound. Pretty good stuff overall.

Write It Down, Burn It Up

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beneath Low Flying Planes

I feel like the internet deserves a comprehensive Beneath Low Flying Planes post. If you don't already know them, they are from Florida and were active roughly 2000-2006. They're pretty good and really kind of showed the awesomeness that was coming out of Florida during this time. I believe this is all they've released.


5 Track EP

Arse Moreira Split

Two Songs (EP?)
(songs: Batcave & Isolated on the Analog Tracks)

Unlabeled CD-R (Other Demo?)
(songs: Canova & You Look How I Feel, The Venge of Caenis)

Edit: Found this

Thursday, January 15, 2015


This one was a request. I had never heard of them, but looking at their they seemed like a good fit for here. A few months of soulseek wishlist provided these tracks, so check them out. Here's their description from

A post-hardcore/screamo band based out of Carmel, NY. Their main influences were The Red ScareOff Minor, and Iron Maiden. They formed in June 2001, and broke up sometime in 2004. Members of the band have been inor started various bands, such as: Irma VepFull FuzzApocolyptic YouthFucked By The StateWolverine Carcassbreed/extinction. They recorded 3 self-released EP’s none of which got much exposure. They still rule however.

This has quite a few tracks, so I'm going to assume that it covers most if not all of the 3 EP's. Sorry for it being so unorganized, it's just how I found it. Track: "02shot not.wma" appears to be broken, at least when I attempted to convert it to mp3, so I included .wma files and my converted mp3 files for you to play around with. Anyway yup, check it out.

Various Songs

Friday, January 9, 2015


Very metal/metal-core influenced stuff from Wyoming OH. Doesn't seem to be very much relevant information on it out there.

The Sounds of Sodomy

Thursday, January 8, 2015

An Empty Memory

Absolutely zero information on this, and google does not seem to bring up anything relevant. Active early 2000's just based on the date for the mp3s. Kinda has that metalcore influenced sound from the era. yuuup.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My First Step Toward Failure

Kinda Metalcore influenced sound. Active around 2000 if I am correct. Played with some big name bands like LLBNF, and The Assistant. Don't know exactly where from, but assumed east coast. Nothing too spectacular, but maybe you'd like to hear it. They also released a split with Wrench In The Works, which I do not have.

My First Steps Toward Failure

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This one is a submission, and a really good one at that. I'm just going to copy what he wrote about about since it beats what I usually have to say.

"Early more screamo form of Comadre I would say. Longer songs but quite good. The two song 7" came out later after the band had been broken up for a little while. Extinction is probably my fav. long songs with with awesome build ups into faster stuff. early 2000 to maybe 2004. they were all still in highschool when everything was recorded and started comadre right when they were graduating highschool. From Redwood City CA. HCL has members of a few local Bay area CA screamo punk bands. Members went on to form Comadre, AsBlackHeartsBreak (metalcore band Bayarea) some other indie projects that didn't get super well known. "

Taking a listen through, it's actually really good. The relationship to Comadre, the number of songs produced, and the quality makes me pretty shocked that this isn't more widespread. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how what I have here corresponds with the discography list on their, but I gather it would be a fair bit of it. Thanks once again to the sender of this. Recommend a download for sure, especially if you're a fan of Comadre.

Tour CD

Final Remaster Copy


New Orleans 7"

Love Always, Your Friend

From Wisconsin, these guys play an object of the era type style. Really rough recordings, female vocals, and fairly over the top. Kind of remind me of a more rough version of in loving memory (similar name too)... Anyway check it out. I know here I'm missing one song that is on a broken hard drive of mine, so maybe one day on that if I can ever get it fixed.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Red Orange and Green Birds

Not much to say for this one, apparently from Virginia Beach VA. Pretty rough recordings. Kinda has a typical screamy sound of the era (2005-2007). The second demo kind of reminds me of Ten and Two a little bit.

Demo 1

Demo 2