Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kill Mannequin

Seven person band from Toronto, Canada. Active I'm guessing 2002-2004. Played with a lot of the other popular Canadian emo/screamo bands. As for sound, they're a little bit different sounding. They almost kind of remind me of some European bands. I think this is all they've released. Their website hints at one other possible split, but I'm not entirely sure if it ever actually came out. That's about all I've got for this. Check it out, it's pretty unique from other stuff, at least posted on this blog.

Self Titled

Plant The Bomb Split

Within Arms Reach

I'm lacking a bit of information here. They are from Philadelphia, and have members of A Life Once Lost. Active early 00's. They sound almost a bit like Joshua Fit For Battle, and played in that whole scene with a lot of those bands.  Can't even find a relevant picture or anything. They're pretty good though.


Self Titled 7"

With Arms Still Empty

I'm just going to copy their bio from their now defunct website. They are from Michigan I think? If you want to see their website check here. 

with arms still empty started around november of 98. 3 of us had previously played in another band called the bounty hunters. Originally there were five of us; jeff, greg, yann, jeremy, and aric. We recorded two songs in december of 98 for a comp and a 7'. Later in may of 99' we recorded 6 songs for a CD ep. Around november of 99' we kicked aric, our singer out. Many reasons led up to this desicion, blah blah blah. We went on as a four piece with yann picking up most of aric's vocals, and greg & jeremy filled in the gaps. In Jan of 2000 we recorded 3 songs as a four piece, and 3 more in april, 5 of which ended up on a split cd with milwaukee's Since By Man which was released in june 2000. In August we played a couple shows out east with Blue skies burning, and then headed west for a 10 day tour with John Brown Battery. In January of 2001 greg left with arms, it was on good terms so there's no hard feelings. Kevin Spoelma now plays guitar in with arms. Some local grand rapids kids might recognize him from yesterday's gone and the bounty hunters.

 They seem to have a lot of random songs out there on comps and other things. Here's all I've compiled at least. As for what they sound like, it's a pretty typical sound of the era, pretty decent though. They broke up in 2002. Check it out.

 Watching Friends Fall cd-ep

Since By Man Split (with Since by Man songs... which are awesome)

Summer Demo

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Satellite Crash

I think this band is really only known for their split with Neil Perry, that is all I have at least. They were active 1998-early 00's, and from Binghamton. Their website is still somehow up, and gives a fairly indepth history about them + releases. Check it out here. I'm more making this post to see if anyone out there has more stuff by them. Their website lists them releasing a demo + a split with a band called Faraday's Discovery. I'm curious if those exist in digital format anywhere out there. Anyway, as for sound think emo mixed with a bit of crust. It's kind of unique. I'd recommend a listen.

Split with Neil Perry

Update2 -- Thanks to the commenter below for the Project Mercury demo. Really happy to have this on here.

Project Mercury Demo

Update --- I managed to track down their Farm Sanctuary Benefit Compilation track. I'm just going to post the entire compilation as it seems to be pretty hard to find.

Farm Sanctuary Benefit Compilation

Bands on it:


Numbers are Neutral

I guess the main claim to fame for this band is being on that awesome summertime comp. This demo of theirs (which contains the comp song) is the only thing they ever released (I think?). Info on them seems to be pretty scarce. They were active late 90's early 00's, and from the East Coast (Philadelphia?). Ex. Eldritch Anisette, and All Else Failed. The demo is fairly high quality, I recommend a listen. Long songs, melodic, violin, slow-parts, pretty angsty...

demo (School Sucks! EP)