Monday, October 15, 2018


From 1995-present illithed has rocked in and out of hiatus status. Good times were had. Currently, members of illithed are pursuing other projects(not just in music). Will illithed return? Nope. Maybe? Probably. Probably not though. It could happen. What do YOU think?

This is a weird band that seems to have played many styles of hardcore. They're from Indianapolis and started out as kind of a generic hardcore band as seen in these youtube tracks. They're not particularly noteworthy so I'm not going to post them. What I am going to post is two compilation tracks where they play a very late 90's emo sound, which is quite good. They later went on to play some more generic hardcore sound as can be seen in this bandcamp. Not sure why they changed their sound so much.

The tracks are from Relics of Ordinary Life, and Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands. Both are legendary compilations.

Compilation Songs

With Childlike Eyes

Okay, I don't have too much on this band. It's mid 2000's from St.Louis I believe. Very tech metal influenced. Not entirely sure if there is much else. I also have some stuff by hundred year hex which I will post. It's kind of meh to be honest.

3-d demo

six minutes of jazz hands

half of split

hvndr3dy34rh3x split (with hvndr3dy34rh3x songs)

live at shattered

Salusa Secundus

Salusa Secundus
Tracks 1-8 recorded by Mike Bowler in St. Louis, MO, Spring 2000
Tracks 9-11 recorded by Eric Abert in Alton, IL, Summer 1999
Billy Wallace: guitar and vocals
Steve Ricks: guitar and vocals
Jarid Mathenia: bass and vocals
Drew Mader: drums and vocals
More vocals by Jon Robertson and Justyn Stahl
Billy, Steve and Drew could later be heard in the band Camp Climax for Girls

I actually got this album off one of the members who played in this band. I originally found out about them due to their association with They kind of fit in that scene. The guy I was talking to was going to give me some extra info + some other tracks from other bands, but I never heard back from him. Maybe one day.

Anyway, it's not totally remarkable but check it out if you're curious.

Salusa Secundus

Death Is Your Language

A hardcore band from Richmond VA with some grindcore / power violence moments.
They released a Split with Waifle as well as a S/T album in 2000 on 1640 Records.

 I think the split with Waifle is the what this band is most known for. The tiny description I took off is pretty apt. I think the "Richmond Fuck You Hardcore Demo" is the best of their releases. Most of their stuff is kind of generic hardcore sounding, but the last track on the demo goes kind of angsty on punk rawk ethos.

Richmond Fuck You Hardcore Demo

Split 7inch with Waifle

Barbaric Thrash Demolition Compilation