Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pay The Price

Active 1999-2003, this is a band that came after Amalgamation. They share the lead singer and play a fairly similar style, though Pay The Price is a bit less crazy than Amalgamation. I got some of these tracks off their website, which I'm surprised is still up and running. Check it here


This one is dated quite a bit earlier than most of the stuff on here, but I thought the scarcity of some of these tracks deserved a post. I think they're probably best known for the split with Jerome's dream. Active 1996 - 1998 & from the DC/VA area, they play a really spastic crazy sound.

The split with JD is probably the best, but the other stuff is worth hearing. Now I'm missing their demo tracks (do these even exist anymore?) and also one comp track. Here's the rest of what they've released though.

Left in Ruins split (with Left in Ruins tracks)

Jerome's Dream Split

Song off Caligula comp

Song off HG Fact comp

Update: Someone sent me this, thanks!:
Song off Defeated Records FNB Comp

For Pay The Price, one of the bands that came after Amalgamation, check out my post on them here.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Skeleton Coast

From Portland and active around 2003 based on the release of this album. In terms of when this was released it actually has a fairly unique sound. Female vocals, and a pretty melodic almost 90's style sound. Pretty good stuff overall.

Write It Down, Burn It Up

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beneath Low Flying Planes

I feel like the internet deserves a comprehensive Beneath Low Flying Planes post. If you don't already know them, they are from Florida and were active roughly 2000-2006. They're pretty good and really kind of showed the awesomeness that was coming out of Florida during this time. I believe this is all they've released.


5 Track EP

Arse Moreira Split

Two Songs (EP?)
(songs: Batcave & Isolated on the Analog Tracks)

Unlabeled CD-R (Other Demo?)
(songs: Canova & You Look How I Feel, The Venge of Caenis)

Edit: Found this