Monday, December 7, 2015

Twenty Two Days

This is a band from New Orleans that came right after Memory as Perfection, sharing both the drummer and guitarist I believe. They were active in 2007 and were pretty short lived, releasing only this demo as 10".They really don't sound much like Memory as Perfection, much more screamy and less jazzy. It's okay stuff, sounds kind of like a lot of mid-late 00's 'skram' type stuff. Check it out if that sounds appealing.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Memory as Perfection

Active early-mid 2000's, and from New Orleans/Baton Rouge. Really good stuff actually. Kinda bass heavy, almost noodly stuff with unique shouted vocals. They're very listenable and I'm surprised that they were never bigger. I think this is everything that was released + some bonus stuff. I definitely recommend a listen.


CDR (Contains demo tracks + non-vinyl rip split tracks)

Split with Scent of Human History (With Scent of Human History Tracks)

Times Are Hard For Dreamers comp track

A History of Blank Pages

01.26.03 - Live Tracks