Monday, November 29, 2021

Midnight Drive


Found here on this Reddit thread. From Reston, VA Circa 2002. Now you know just as much as I do. There may be some connection to The Catalyst Really from googling, but I can't find anything else. Sick stuff here. Lots and lots of melodic breakdowns, inbetween your usual emo/metal material. Vocals alternate between quite high to almost raspy like vincent black shadow. It feels pretty well produced metal-tinged stuff. No idea on the popularity level being so low.

Vampire Cat


From you smell like paste (dead link tho)

I don't know anything about this band, their page is emptier than my head and the bands name is hard to search through on google. Great sound though, their music is a tad bit traditional, as in you've heard something like this before, but what've you got left to complain about? Similar artists on are Schematic of a Waking Life and XVPOPDMX all the while they have been tagged as grindcore and they don't sound anything like grindcore. Skramz and Jamz.

I have very little info on this either. My files say I downloaded this in 2007, so around that era. No idea on country, but singer sounds mostly North American, but oddly australian or something at times. I lagged on posting this because I think I thought poorly of it originally, but hearing a request for it recently made me listen to it, and it kinda goes hard. Check it out. 


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Shitty Blogging, but active youtubing

 I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've been a lot more active on youtube and really lagging with posting things here on the blogspot. I think the dopamine hit of posting on youtube is just a lot higher and there's a lot more engagement there.

The problem with that is that there are no downloads on youtube, and that's ideally what people want. People also want information on these bands, that is what the purpose of this blog is (should) be. I'll really try to shape up and get things better updated on here. I've just been lazy and having fun with youtube.

Hope everyone's well. Stay calm and cool, and don't give in to disinformation. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

We Close Our Eyes

Review by Andy Malcom - Collective Zine

This is mighty fine for a demo. All the more shocking is that this band comes from Norwich. Not in a million years would I ever expect a band from Norwich to play screamo this well. I would expect them to be a boring metal band that screams, or sound like Thursday and pretend they are screamo. Instead, WCOE plays noisy hardcore that does retain a bit of a metal edge, but luckily they’ve taken a big ole file to it to round it off a bit, and make it a little more palatable for my ears, like that band the Quest for Quintana Roo. Amidst the more thundering riffs they sprinkle in some melodic guitar and a good crossover of harsh screamed vocals and more shouty/talky ones. “Day Trips to Alkatraz” has an awesome twinkly breakdown in it for example. “Your Life At Twice The Price” is totally frantic and spazz. They finish on their best track “Second Hand Oppression” which is a total epic – it builds up into a spiralling emo finale, has breakdowns and quiet bits and just everything. Absolutely awesome.

At other times this CD reminds me of the earlier Saetia stuff, with a more chaotic urge at times that can bring to mind Orchid. Obviously, it’s totally unfair to a band that is putting out a demo to be compared to those two bands, but hey. There is an awesome instrumental right in the middle – loved that. And things are rounded off by the excellent packaging,

Also, must mention that some of the guys in this band are also in another Norwich band called Long Live who are even better than this lot (they sound like kind of a cross between stuff like Slint and Giants Chair and the melodic parts of Saetia – no screamin’). Talented folks.

Oh! One song has hand claps! That seals it!

Demo 2002 

Fork and Knife


Marking the first installment in Alone Records' new limited edition seven inch series, New York's The Electric Mayhem and Fork & Knife team up to unleash their own brands of stripped back, raw aggression on one single slab of virgin vinyl. Featuring members of I Am the Resurrection, The Hope Conspiracy and Gospel, The Electric Mayhem fuse the intensity of screamo with a dirty rock sound straight from a garbage barge burning in the East River. Two blistering tracks of unharnessed power that will bring the surrounding tri state area to its knees.


Fork and Knife / Electric Mayhem

Fork and Knife / Helen of Troy

Fighter Hayabusa


Fighter Hayabusa was a hardcore band from Philadelphia with unique vocals that kicked ass. They released an EP "Can Kill A Shark With Their Bare Hands" in March of 2006. They announced their break up in December of 2006. The guitarist and original drummer currently play together in the band King Slender.

Fighter Hayabusa

The Attica Underground


In high school I spent a lot of time hanging out at Ernie November, the record store in downtown Mankato, MN at the time. I bought a lot of records and CD's. I bugged the employees a lot. I especially bugged them about hiring me when I turned 18. Eventually I turned 18 and graduated high school and they hired me. My first boss there was a Sioux Falls, South Dakota transplant named Erik Torkelson.

It's not very often you have a boss in any job that is into the same records as you, and for my first record store boss he was excellent for recommending some bands based on the stuff I was into. One of the bands he informed me about was his old hardcore band from 1997 in Sioux Falls called The Attica Underground, which he was the vocalist in alongside drummer Becky Hanten, who also played drums in Cadillac Blindside, The Book Of Dead Names, and The Kill In Me.

He played the 7" for me at work one day and upon hearing the beginning of the first song on side A, I knew I had to track down this 7". It wasn't long before I came across a used copy at the Ernie November store in Sioux Falls, SD while on a roadtrip to see a show and I've recommended this 7" to many friends since then, although it's not easy to find by any means, unfortunately. Erik eventually quit the record store and moved back to Sioux Falls to join Examination Of The... as their second (and eventually only) bass player.

Aside from Erik and Becky, two of the members of The Attica Underground played previously in the Sioux Falls band Jedi, which was the opening band of the first punk show I ever attended (I'll upload their 7" sometime in the future). The 7" also features backup vocals from Shawn Glassford, who is currently in Starfucker.
Pre Spirit of Versailles, but 90s goodness.

Tape + Some repeats (get the 7inch from the blog above)

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Flee The Century


Youtube wouldn't let me post this, which is bizarre because I can't seem to find it on youtube or the band's bandcamp. Anyway, I originally downloaded this a while back and put it in my "not for blog" list, but on further listen it's actually pretty good and somewhat appropriate. Think early Hot Hot Heat. If you want their most "skramz" song, listen to the third track, but both that and the first go hard.

They're from Spokane, Washington, and active 2004-still somewhat active? Just synth and drums, which sometimes isn't my vibe, but it's surprisingly good. I enjoy the album. Definitely check it out.

2 Song Demo

The Border of Light (this is the one to check out)

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hoop Dreamz



It's kind of midwest sounding, had some trumpets, from Dentron TX. I'm not 100% sure of dates on this one, but late 00s possibly early 2010s. It's not the most exciting thing I've ever heard, but it's not bad. 




From Union City, NJ, formed in 2000.
Within the first 6 years of .Junta. the band recorded a self-released demo/ a split 7" with Chapter on Failsafe Records (1,000 printed and sold)/ a 7" on Dogprint Records (1,000 printed and sold)/ a self-financed demo cd (500 printed, sold and reviewed)/ and a self-financed 45 minute full length cd recorded at Stained Glass Studios by Jayson Dezuzio (1,000 printed, distributed and reviewed). After several line up changes (Dave Eisenberg-drums, Mike Braverman-vocals) and Chris and Ian filling in on Bass, the band acquired Alex Reiter on vocals, Mike Oquendo on drums and has since solidified its parts into a congruent whole with the addition of Juan Soaz on bass.

The description above says the formed in 2000, but that must mean disbanded since every says the below releases are both from 97. I do not have the full length CD, it's on discogs, but shipping to Canada is always insane and I've never bit the bullet on that one.  This band is definitely more of a 90s sound to me, very heavy and metal influenced. The split with Chapter (Pre/same band as Crucifixion is creation) is the best material in my eyes. The band sounds very similar to Creation is Crucifixion. 

chapter & junta - 1996 - split '' (fail-self records)

junta - 1997 - st 7'' (dogprint records)

My Skeleton Will Dance


Chaotic punk rock from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Heavily infuenced by bands like Orchid and Pg.99. Disbanded early 2001

Google is failing for me on this band, and there's only 17 listeners on so I don't have much info other than that little blurb. It's some rough recordings, in the typical early 00s screamo style. Instrumentals are not bad, but the vocals are very irritating. Check it out if you're curious.

simulacra in the songs

Gasoline Please

Active 2003-2004 from San Diego, USA. Looks like members played in metalcore band American Tragedy, and had some associations with As I Lay Dying. It's more on the dancing/rocking/post hardcore'ish type of sound. Not too amazing, but interesting. I might be missing a demo + split, but soulseek isn't giving me anything on that.

Gasoline Please - EP

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ready to Fade


I cannot find anything about this band. Googling their name, the split mentioned here, and other things brings me up nothing, so hit me up if you know anything about them. The demo here is dated to 2000, so I'm assuming the split is close to that time as well. The music is a softer emo with math/midwest vibes. I can't remember if the demo is from my old collection, or I just downloaded it early in my blog days, but I tracked down the split recently. It's really fucking good. Srsly go download, and listen.

Demo (2000)

Life Defined & Ready to Fade - the affordable cure protection

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Haunted Lunch


From Snohomish, WA, and connected to a few bands that you can find on the above youtube channel. Keyboard heavy, pretty spazzy, still with some good hardcore emo/screamo connections. Has some singing which is not totally annoying. Overall, really good! I think this is all they've released. I feel only the YouTuber above and a few others would know anything more about this band.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Barnhouse Effect

I guess it's no lie to say that many consider The Barnhouse Effect to be one of the most exciting bands to come out of the Dutch DIY punk scene in the last couple of years. I happen to full heartedly agree….they're nothing short of amazing! They impressed everyone involved right from the start with their intense & extremely passionate live shows and music. They mix haunting melodies with full on heavy & harsh screamed assaults, seemingly reminding people of anything from Shikari to old French hardcore to Uranus to 'emo-crust' to 'emo-violence'. Whatever it might sound like to people, the before mentioned passion & intensity in everything they do, seems always obvious to everyone.
Members are currently also active in Cathode and Kriegstanz (with past & present members of Seein'Red, Betercore, Cathode & Orwell Nation). You don't want to miss this. Period.

Okay this is cool. Came across this randomly on soulseek, don't know where I got the band name from. Turns out the person I got it off of is a member of the band. Hoping to get him to answer some questions which I will update this post with. I can see the influences mentioned above. Reminds me of the golden era of Quebec 90s emo. Some of the songs I'm definitely getting a One Eyed God Prophecy feel from them. Seems to be totally obscure, check it out.

Does this "discography" have all that you've released?

All we released was a demo tape, then a two track 7" and the cd you downloaded

Did you, or any of the other band members play in any other bands after/before?

Bands we played in before or after:

Will (drums) and Ed (bass) also played in Cathode around the same time. And I (Thale, guitar) later joined Cathode when Nico left that band.

After Barnhouse Edo and I started Kriegstanz together with Nico, Rogier and Jos, which was a d-beat/crust band. Actually, Rogier and Jos asked the three of us to do a d-beat band and so we did.

When Kriegstanz ended, Rogier, Jos and I went on as Staathaat.

Cathode eventually morphed into Black Decades because Will was the only original member and we wanted to change the style of the band into something similar to Barnhouse

That is to say we wanted to go back to the basic idea we had with barnhouse; no genre, no fixed style and no rules as to what we would do musically

Do you have any thoughts or words on the scene that you were part of (where were you from)?

The scene we were part of at the time was great. In the late 90s early 2000s there was a very active and passionate DIY hardcore punk scene here in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Also in the US and parts of Asia I guess.

Did you play any shows with interesting/noteworthy bands?

There were a lot of squats and other places where people organised shows. It was a very inspiring network of people making politically and emotionally charged music and art. We played a lot with bands like Seein Red, Shikari, Mihoen, Catharsis, Tragedy and loads of other bands from that era.

Also, when were you active from, and where exactly?

All of us lived in Utrecht and we were active from the late 90s (maybe 98, I don't remember exactly) to about 2004.

Wow my memory is really bad :) we must have been active from around 2000 to 2006...

Goat hen en komt wier

My Life With Her Ghost


My Life With Her Ghost

I Will Dare


The Aleatoric


To Celebration of All Hope

Monday, February 8, 2021

A Happy Ending To A Suicide Note


From either Vancouver or Victoria BC, Canada. Active 2004. 



in hand and underfoot ep

Zane Paul


Sent to me from a viewer (thank you very much). I can only find that this came out in 2004, and is kind of a rough kittencore style of music. I'm not super into it, but the recording is pretty good and it's reasonably thought out. A bit of a tech metal side to it. 

Zane Paul - Demo 2004

Marc Antony

Marc Antony... I've wanted to do this band for a while, been sitting on their split with Dogs of Ire. The issue here is a progenitor band "The Bruté Medium". It's basically the same band, just a bit more melodic screamo than Marc Antony. I tracked down their split with Wilmot Proviso, but they have an elusive CD I've been hunting for, for years. I've contacted many people on youtube/discogs for this, and no one has ever gotten back to me. I'd really like to get it some day.

Anyway, Marc Antony are from California and active 2004-2006 it would seem. They play an angular discordant type of sound. It's interesting, but not overly captivating to me. I believe their split with D'Amore listed on discogs is just the same tracks as something on here. Good stuff overall, Dogs of Ire is a cool band that I would like to do a post on soon.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Alberta Metalcore

 Surprisingly I have never done a post for anything that I don't consider to be emo/screamo. I don't intend to either, just to keep the focus of this blog, I'm making one exception with this though. I'm not sure how much people like 2000s metalcore here. There are some obvious links to what is posted here with a ton of bands here crossing over into that realm. These are just more straight-up textbook metalcore, but you know these guys all have sad lyrics and sad breakdowns.

I'm guessing most provinces/states across North America had fairly large metalcore communities in the early/mid 2000s. This was before the real scene myspace days so I'm not classifying any of this stuff as post-hardcore. Either way, these are some bands from my home province of Alberta, Canada and active early/mid 2000s. I think some of it is pretty good for metalcore, but a few are a bit more amateur. Worth archiving this stuff though. Check it out if any of this sounds appealing to you.

Life at Last

Nikola Tesla

Oceans Away


Standing for Something Falling For Nothing

Tandum Vitalis

The Divided Left


Vying For Solace

Where Once Was Hope

Empathy's Intentions

Alright, there is NOTHING out there on this. I can't even find evidence of these tracks being anywhere on the internet. I found this in a pile of recordings of early 00s metalcore from my home province of Alberta. The assumption is that this band is based out of Edmonton. Rather than being typical metalcore of the times, this is definitely more on the emo side, with a bit of skramz in the first song. Sounds like something a bunch of young teens produced. It's kind of heartfelt and endearing haha. Totally obscure.

Empathy's Intentions

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Between Two Thieves

 Do you like skramz? like, screamo.  .but…you know…not MTV’s screamo…we started calling it skramz, so we wouldn’t get people asking us about Hawthorne Heights when we bring it up…

Yeah, you like Jerome’s Dream, Orchid, Pg. 99, Majority Rule…all that good shit?

Do you remember

Well, on, there was this skramz band called Between Two Thieves.

I tell everyone about this. 

They were kinda like Jerome’s Dreams, but their sound was like really dark. They had a little bit of death metal going on too. The last song (if it really is supposed to be the last song…I don’t actually know the track order. . they were just arranged that way on the page from top to bottom) the end of it is just brutal. It’s like an Immolation part. . an old one. There’s this keyboard.  .kinda like the Locust . .but not constantly, not overbearing, but it’s there. 

 As far as I know, they only released those 5 songs. 

 I randomly encountered a member on twitter, but when I ask if they had released any physical media I got no answer.

Anyway, check this out. I listen to it entirely too much…which will show you.

To me, they were super underrated. I knew one person who actually saw them live. He told me they covered later Jerome’s Dream (Presents stuff) and “did it right”. 

 Did you know about them? Did you ever see them live? lemme know.

Okay, this is pretty cool. I can agree with the Jeromes Dream comparison. There's some sort of twangy keyboard sound going on that is interesting. Overall it's fairly memorable and high quality. Props to the people who preserved this. 

Between Two Theives 

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Black Spring

Okay I can't find ANYTHING on this. It sounds like something that should be a little more well known, so I have to question whether the band name is correct or I just fail at searching on google for things. It sounds like anything produced in the early 90s, has kind of that wholesome almost proto-emo sound to it. Another one from the old collection that I have zero information on. Check it out.

Maybe the Demo

We Are Spies

All I have on this is that they are from Richmond, Virginia, and active sometime around 2003. An apparent association with the record label Cherub Records. These are from my old collection, so they're shrouded in a bit of mystery. It's pretty basic emo/screamo stuff, not super amazing but not awful either.