Monday, June 26, 2017

She's Hit!

Okay, so this is an interesting one. It's a short lived band that came after Saetia with members Matt Smith, Greg Drudy, and Billy Werner in it along with vocalist of Orchid Jay Green on guitar and Paul Granger. I think they must have been quite short lived, as information about them is very sparse. In truth I've never seen these recordings before other than when I downloaded them many years ago. Should have posted this earlier, as I bet people would be curious to hear it.

Anyway, one might suspect with this being such a super group that this would be some awesome stuff. The three songs that I have are pretty rough recordings which almost sound live, but I'm suspecting that they are not. The sound is sadly pretty unremarkable, and not anywhere near the other bands. I'm thinking kind of a more generic early era Hot Cross. It's a cool little artifact though, so check it out. If you have any info, please share as well.

3 Songs

Friday, June 9, 2017

Werewolf Casey

I found these guys due to their connection with Recovery Period. I don't really have anything other than stuff I ripped off their myspace. There's actually a whole bunch of bands part of this scene that I'd like to post.

Anyway these guys are from Mississippi, and active late 2000s. They're definitely math influenced with pretty well done instrumentals. I honestly don't think there's much more out there than this myspace stuff. So it's now here for the impending day when myspace goes under. I don't really have any other information on them other than that.

Myspace Songs


Dialogues was an indie/screamo band from Harrisonburg Virginia. They started off as a spazzy band; keyboard, bass, drums, dual vocals by drunks trying to be sassy. They never even practiced before their first show really. They recorded nothing. That didn't last long because the alcohol took effect. They then reformed soberly and changed things up a bit; lost the keyboards, the drunkest singer ever, and added two guitars. Then they became a truly amazing band. The line up changed here and there as they ruled. They released some self released cds, and a split 7" on Rome Plow Records with Kids Explode. They broke up in the spring of 2006. Members of Dialogues play in other projects, such as Order (of the dying orchid), Bantam Draper, American Tourist, North, Hi Ho Six Shooter and Savage Land. Ex-members of Sing! Sing! Prison, and Octegenarian.

Pretty decent description from, don't really have too much to add there.. I have here their demo, and the split with Kids Explode, not sure about those self released cds. The vocalist has a pretty interesting shouting style of singing, kind of reminds me of some more modern day stuff. It's all actually pretty good, recommend.  I might post Order (of the dying orchid) at some point as well, as I have stuff by them.

Demo 2006

Split with Kids Explode