Saturday, August 9, 2014

Robots Don't Cry

Okay, so not the super popular one from Ukraine, but instead the one from Omaha. Worth a listen for sure, I'd say. Don't really know who to compare them to, but they play a pretty typical sound.

Now as for what they have released, this one might be a bit tough. Here is their demo, tour cdr, and some random track. On top of that, their lists them as possibly having two other splits. I may have their split with shadows and silence, so I will upload that in time if I can find it. But here's the other's for now.

and humans don't rust

tour cd-r

shadows and the silence split

misc song (off some slsk emo tape)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Play The Piano Drunk (Playthepianodrunklikeapercussioninstrumentuntilthefingersbegintobleed)

ell oh ell at the band name. Anyway not too much info on this unfortunately. Kind of typical stuff, but I guess worth a listen. I think this is all they've released?