Friday, June 28, 2019

Night and the City of Broken Promises

Active mid 2000's and from South Wales, UK. I haven't posted much UK stuff, but this is a really good one. I first heard of this band through their split with The Take posted above. I thought it was quite good. I'm seeing some descriptions as calling them San Diego style, not sure if I hear that but it's definitely very 90's influenced especially in the split. Definitely check out.

ST 10" - 2004

Split With The Take - 2005

Hung By Hope

Things I know about this band... Shares some members from still relatively good band Vincent Black Shadow. Active early 2000's and based somewhere in Ontario, Canada (possibly Oakville like VBS?) These seem to have been passed around the circuit and members were apparently around ages 15 in this. Think early 2000's internet metalcore/emo with cringe singing. It barely passes to be posted here though. Check it out only if you're super curious.

Hung By Hope

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Since Day One

Zero information on this other than being from the year 2000. It's just some random tracks I had, which I was never able to track down the remainder of. Sound is very early 2000's metalcore/hxcore influenced. It sounds pretty antiqued to me, but not totally awful.

Since Day One

Black Juju

From Upper Montclair, NJ and active mid 2000's. 100% best known for their split with Make Me, which is, in my opinion, some of the best Make Me recordings. I'm not sure if these Black Juju tracks are difficult to find, their broken myspace had other songs and hinted at another release. I honestly looked for that for a really long time and it never happened. Difficult to find much relevant info on them. In terms of sound, I'm thinking maybe a slower Kaospilot or Van Johnson. Not very similar to Make Me, more mainstream 2000's emo/screamo stuff. Check it out.

2006 - Make Me and Black Juju