Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Short-lived late 90's female-fronted screamo band from Richmond, VA featuring members of Song Of Zarathustra and

I was going to post this band thinking there wasn't a place to find them, but lo and behold there is a bandcamp which has both their releases. Missing a potential later live track collection if I'm reading things correctly. I don't like doing bandcamp posts, but whatever.

I just have to say this band has some of the most insane female vocals I've ever heard. Track two off the first 7inch is just nuts. Both 7inches keep up the intensity, not huge on the instrumental parts though, I just skip past them.

Orlock is a great band with some connections to some other famous  bands which you can actually see here on this neat little website

Please go listen

First 7inch

Second 7inch

Monday, January 7, 2019


Ex-Ignota were an / band from Goleta, CA. They formed in 1993 and broke up in 1996. They released their demo under the name IG-88.
1994: The Revolt of the Faceless Humanoids Cassette (Self-Released)
1995: Lazarus is Back 7" (Ebullition)
1995: Amy's Day b/w Truce 7" (Redwood)
1996: Uranium 9 Volt/Ex-Ignota Split CD (Resistor)
1997: Jammin' On the One CD (Satellite Transmissions)
1998: Ex-Ignota/Barcode Split 7" (Hymnal sounds)
1994: Heartattack #10 12" (Ebullition)
199?: Technology: A Compilation of Remixes (Skyscraper Mag)

I guess I'm missing a few tracks, sorry about that. Here's most of it though. Just 90's as all hell. I really like this band. Recommend. Love the split with Barcode.


Isodora Crane

Isodora Crane is a , then an  band located in Southern California. The band, a very brief and under appreciated musical experiment, spanned over 3 years and 2 unique genres. At the time the band impressed many with what was believed to be a new sound for . They are currently back together and touring. Although, Isodora Crane is no longer about the skramz.

Isadora Crane are definitely not obscure to people really into this genre, but who even cares anymore. They fit this blog perfectly. The second song on the album was on one of the emotape compilations. I think they were pretty legendary. Check it out if you have never heard.

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