Friday, February 28, 2020

This City is Sinking

Mid 2000s myspace band. I remember coming across them when I was ripping stuff of myspace a few years ago. I neglected ripping them along with a lot of other stuff, since I never expected myspace to crap out (ugh.) Anyway I came across their stuff on soulseek, so here it is. In terms of sound, it's very mid 2000s myspace/mp3/cmhwak skram if that's any description, actually sounds very similar to a band that I can't put my finger on. Not bad.

This City is Sinking

Edit: This soundcloud has it all

Monday, February 17, 2020

March 15th

March 15th are: Chris, Kevin, Keith, Pat and Andrew They were a short lived post-hardcore/screamo seemingly coming from Washington State, USA. After the break up, some members moved on to play smokersdieyounger.
Seems to be active around 2004. A lot of the songs are quite bass-heavy and definitely some noodling going on. I think it's kind of interesting. The website above is a pretty good snapshot of their website. I was amazed to find that a few of the mp3s on the site were still listenable/downloadable, I've never seen that in an archive before. Anyway, I have here a full release, a few tracks off a release mentioned on their website, and another random song.

Hello No-One

(These are a bit more post-hardcore, not bad though)

Edit: I found this

Best Left Forgotten

Got this lost and forgotten item from Reddit. The user gave me a short description
They were around 2002-03 and played only about a dozen shows in western North Dakota. The guitarist/lead vocalist Vanessa and other guitarist, her then boyfriend Jerik (my high school friend) later had an an acoustic project called In Ink Please that I believe released a full length. Jerik also played for awhile as the guitarist in the Fargo metalcore band Hands around 2010
Alright, so most of the songs have pretty cringe early 2000's singing on them, but there definitely seems to be some influence of stuff like In Loving Memory, and The Spirit of Versailles.  Check it out if you're curious.

Demo 2003