Thursday, January 15, 2015


This one was a request. I had never heard of them, but looking at their they seemed like a good fit for here. A few months of soulseek wishlist provided these tracks, so check them out. Here's their description from

A post-hardcore/screamo band based out of Carmel, NY. Their main influences were The Red ScareOff Minor, and Iron Maiden. They formed in June 2001, and broke up sometime in 2004. Members of the band have been inor started various bands, such as: Irma VepFull FuzzApocolyptic YouthFucked By The StateWolverine Carcassbreed/extinction. They recorded 3 self-released EP’s none of which got much exposure. They still rule however.

This has quite a few tracks, so I'm going to assume that it covers most if not all of the 3 EP's. Sorry for it being so unorganized, it's just how I found it. Track: "02shot not.wma" appears to be broken, at least when I attempted to convert it to mp3, so I included .wma files and my converted mp3 files for you to play around with. Anyway yup, check it out.

Various Songs

Friday, January 9, 2015


Very metal/metal-core influenced stuff from Wyoming OH. Doesn't seem to be very much relevant information on it out there.

The Sounds of Sodomy

Thursday, January 8, 2015

An Empty Memory

Absolutely zero information on this, and google does not seem to bring up anything relevant. Active early 2000's just based on the date for the mp3s. Kinda has that metalcore influenced sound from the era. yuuup.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My First Step Toward Failure

Kinda Metalcore influenced sound. Active around 2000 if I am correct. Played with some big name bands like LLBNF, and The Assistant. Don't know exactly where from, but assumed east coast. Nothing too spectacular, but maybe you'd like to hear it. They also released a split with Wrench In The Works, which I do not have.

My First Steps Toward Failure

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This one is a submission, and a really good one at that. I'm just going to copy what he wrote about about since it beats what I usually have to say.

"Early more screamo form of Comadre I would say. Longer songs but quite good. The two song 7" came out later after the band had been broken up for a little while. Extinction is probably my fav. long songs with with awesome build ups into faster stuff. early 2000 to maybe 2004. they were all still in highschool when everything was recorded and started comadre right when they were graduating highschool. From Redwood City CA. HCL has members of a few local Bay area CA screamo punk bands. Members went on to form Comadre, AsBlackHeartsBreak (metalcore band Bayarea) some other indie projects that didn't get super well known. "

Taking a listen through, it's actually really good. The relationship to Comadre, the number of songs produced, and the quality makes me pretty shocked that this isn't more widespread. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how what I have here corresponds with the discography list on their, but I gather it would be a fair bit of it. Thanks once again to the sender of this. Recommend a download for sure, especially if you're a fan of Comadre.

Tour CD

Final Remaster Copy


New Orleans 7"

Love Always, Your Friend

From Wisconsin, these guys play an object of the era type style. Really rough recordings, female vocals, and fairly over the top. Kind of remind me of a more rough version of in loving memory (similar name too)... Anyway check it out. I know here I'm missing one song that is on a broken hard drive of mine, so maybe one day on that if I can ever get it fixed.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Red Orange and Green Birds

Not much to say for this one, apparently from Virginia Beach VA. Pretty rough recordings. Kinda has a typical screamy sound of the era (2005-2007). The second demo kind of reminds me of Ten and Two a little bit.

Demo 1

Demo 2