Monday, February 8, 2021

A Happy Ending To A Suicide Note


From either Vancouver or Victoria BC, Canada. Active 2004. 



in hand and underfoot ep

Zane Paul


Sent to me from a viewer (thank you very much). I can only find that this came out in 2004, and is kind of a rough kittencore style of music. I'm not super into it, but the recording is pretty good and it's reasonably thought out. A bit of a tech metal side to it. 

Zane Paul - Demo 2004

Marc Antony

Marc Antony... I've wanted to do this band for a while, been sitting on their split with Dogs of Ire. The issue here is a progenitor band "The Bruté Medium". It's basically the same band, just a bit more melodic screamo than Marc Antony. I tracked down their split with Wilmot Proviso, but they have an elusive CD I've been hunting for, for years. I've contacted many people on youtube/discogs for this, and no one has ever gotten back to me. I'd really like to get it some day.

Anyway, Marc Antony are from California and active 2004-2006 it would seem. They play an angular discordant type of sound. It's interesting, but not overly captivating to me. I believe their split with D'Amore listed on discogs is just the same tracks as something on here. Good stuff overall, Dogs of Ire is a cool band that I would like to do a post on soon.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Alberta Metalcore

 Surprisingly I have never done a post for anything that I don't consider to be emo/screamo. I don't intend to either, just to keep the focus of this blog, I'm making one exception with this though. I'm not sure how much people like 2000s metalcore here. There are some obvious links to what is posted here with a ton of bands here crossing over into that realm. These are just more straight-up textbook metalcore, but you know these guys all have sad lyrics and sad breakdowns.

I'm guessing most provinces/states across North America had fairly large metalcore communities in the early/mid 2000s. This was before the real scene myspace days so I'm not classifying any of this stuff as post-hardcore. Either way, these are some bands from my home province of Alberta, Canada and active early/mid 2000s. I think some of it is pretty good for metalcore, but a few are a bit more amateur. Worth archiving this stuff though. Check it out if any of this sounds appealing to you.

Life at Last

Nikola Tesla

Oceans Away


Standing for Something Falling For Nothing

Tandum Vitalis

The Divided Left


Vying For Solace

Where Once Was Hope

Empathy's Intentions

Alright, there is NOTHING out there on this. I can't even find evidence of these tracks being anywhere on the internet. I found this in a pile of recordings of early 00s metalcore from my home province of Alberta. The assumption is that this band is based out of Edmonton. Rather than being typical metalcore of the times, this is definitely more on the emo side, with a bit of skramz in the first song. Sounds like something a bunch of young teens produced. It's kind of heartfelt and endearing haha. Totally obscure.

Empathy's Intentions

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Between Two Thieves

 Do you like skramz? like, screamo.  .but…you know…not MTV’s screamo…we started calling it skramz, so we wouldn’t get people asking us about Hawthorne Heights when we bring it up…

Yeah, you like Jerome’s Dream, Orchid, Pg. 99, Majority Rule…all that good shit?

Do you remember

Well, on, there was this skramz band called Between Two Thieves.

I tell everyone about this. 

They were kinda like Jerome’s Dreams, but their sound was like really dark. They had a little bit of death metal going on too. The last song (if it really is supposed to be the last song…I don’t actually know the track order. . they were just arranged that way on the page from top to bottom) the end of it is just brutal. It’s like an Immolation part. . an old one. There’s this keyboard.  .kinda like the Locust . .but not constantly, not overbearing, but it’s there. 

 As far as I know, they only released those 5 songs. 

 I randomly encountered a member on twitter, but when I ask if they had released any physical media I got no answer.

Anyway, check this out. I listen to it entirely too much…which will show you.

To me, they were super underrated. I knew one person who actually saw them live. He told me they covered later Jerome’s Dream (Presents stuff) and “did it right”. 

 Did you know about them? Did you ever see them live? lemme know.

Okay, this is pretty cool. I can agree with the Jeromes Dream comparison. There's some sort of twangy keyboard sound going on that is interesting. Overall it's fairly memorable and high quality. Props to the people who preserved this. 

Between Two Theives