Friday, April 3, 2020

7654 Stories

7654 Stories was Started in early 2003 by John Terry and Wyatt Harte. They quickly recruited bassist Peter August wrote 5 songs and started playing shows. They circulated over 250 demo CD's and played a number of weekend tours. 7654 Stories build a strong following on the east coast in the DIY basement scene. Bekim Hida was recruited on bass and Pete switched over to guitar. They played a number of shows with the line-up like this until Pete left the band to join Monument. The band continued playing/touring/writting as a three peice for a few more months. They recorded a split 7 inch with local NJ band arcadius for prescription records. They did a final tour through the south east. The band members remain on good terms. Wyatt is in school. Pete is working and playing in Animal Blood. John is going to school and playing in Rapid Cities. Bekim is in Dick Punch! and living in Brooklyn. They still have merch available through their myspace site.
I remember in the late 2000s there being these huge text lists of Megaupload links to download emo/screamo stuff. I always knew this band as being on one of those lists and never anywhere else. Always tried to get into the self titled, but it was never that remarkable to me. When I made my Arcadius post a while back, I listened to their split with these guys and turns out it's actually quite good. Just classic 2000s stuff. Download the split at least.

7654 Stories

Split with Arcadius 7inch (Same songs as the split + an instrumental, not a vinyl rip)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Random CDs

Found some interesting CDs while searching up Takenfromyou. No info on them other than what's provided by the uploader, they all seem to be from Panama City Beach, Florida. Not all of them are emo/screamo as well. Check out the whole playlist/channel if you're interested in similar local show cd hardcore/indie/post-hardcore stuff.


Taken from You (sometimes spelled Takenfromyou) was an indie rock/post-hardcore band from Pensacola, Florida that formed in 2001 and broke up in late 2005. With constantly revolving members, Taken From You's sound changed with almost every record put out. With the band's original line-up they played a light indie rock comparable to Hum or At the Drive-In. At that time the band members were stil in their late high school years and played mostly local shows. They quickly gained popularity but were still mostly isolated to the Pensacola scene. Friend, Jake Brown (played in Moments in Grace and currently En Masse) was running a small label at the time called Computer Club Records and put out the band's first two releases Dying for Change and We Sing the Body Electric (recorded by Chris Staples of Twothirtyeight and Discover America). Eventually singer/bassist Thomas Samuel left the band to pursue other musical interests and Eric Jernigan from local band Agnostia was recruited to fill the spot.
Eric's presence drastically changed the sound more towards the post-hardcore direction the band was already headed. The music was a lot darker and most vocals were screamed instead of sung but they still held firm to an indie rock edge, rejecting the hardcore clich├ęs that were popular at the time. It was with Eric that That Fading Flower, His Glorious Beauty was written. This five-song EP was recorded with Jeremy Griffith (also in Moments in Grace) and released on Raise the Red Flag Records and the band finally began touring in support of it. Shortly after the first tour guitarist Jarrod Burris left the band and Eric moved to the guitar position. The rest of the band's time was spent with an array of bass players, never securing a permanent member.
In November 2004, after tireless tours with nothing to show, the exhausted band called it quits. Three newer songs were written and recorded but the band wasn't pleased with how that recording came out so it was never released. Eric now plays in City of Ships. Michael now plays in A Planet That Eats Planets. Joshua played in Brothers and Sisters for a while, and now plays in A Planet That Eats Planets.
It's super post-hardcore. I can only handle bits of That Fading Flower and the Suck Demo. Even those have a bit too much singing on them.  I know some people might be curious though.

Body Electric

Body Electric B-Sides

Dying For a Change

Suck Demo!

That Fading Flower