Monday, March 26, 2018

To Dream of Autumn (Part 2?)

Posting this since I need some input. I previously featured a tour CD from To Dream of Autumn, and the rest of their stuff is pretty accessible on the blog rounds. I recently found these tracks on this youtube and they're labeled To Dream of Autumn, but sound nothing like them.

Mislabeled or just early tracks?


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mother Was Not A Person

15 and 16 year olds who tried their best to play sweet tunes. Played seven or eight shows, had one good one and decided it was over.

From Montclair, NJ. Heartfelt basement recording style stuff. It's a bit rough but OK. Reminds me slightly of I Wrote Haikus or something like that, just that era of music. Check it out if you're curious. I don't really much info on them otherwise. This demo is from 2009, so I'm guessing based on how little shows they were really only active around that year.

Summer Demo 2009

Monday, March 19, 2018

As Darkness Falls

From Piscataway, New Jersey, active 1998-2000. This is definitely more of a metalcore band than anything else. I'm posting it here for the 7inch which slightly crosses over into the realm of emo. Think deep heavy metal core vocals overlayed with a vocalist that sounds almost exactly like one of the singers from Love Lost But Not Forgotten. It's not too bad. The second album - A Tremor So Subtle is decent metalcore, but it loses a lot that the 7inch had going for it. I guess I'm also missing a compilation song.

ST 7inch

A Tremor So Subtle

Definitely Not the Majors Comp Song

Hats off, Gentlemen

I don't think Hats Off, Gentlemen were a particularity obscure band, they definitely made their rounds around the internet and for pretty good reason. Hailing from Vancouver BC, and active... 2006-2011 I'm guessing? Spawned from the ashes of indie Sunday Morning Paper.

I'm trying to think of who to relate them too. The vocals are kind of Saetia style, not in similarity of vocals, but the singing screaming style. The instrumentals are all pretty well done, and cleanly produced. It's not your basement tracks emo, but it's still really heartfelt and not overdone.

I was actually internet friends with the lead singer of this band way back in the day and we would exchange emo tracks before this band was a thing. He was a pretty cool dude, and it all culminated in me seeing them live here in Calgary in 2007 (barely any emo bands ever came to Alberta back in those days.) It was a good show, I think Graf Orlock played too, or I'm totally making that up.

I had some early demos that he sent me, but they've been lost with time. Instead I have their official demo and some scans of the lyrics. You can read them and listen and cry along. I'm not sure if they released anything else. Enjoy, definitely worth a download!

We Broke Ribs (demo)

Monday, March 12, 2018


I don't have any information on this, and either there is no information out there or the band's name is too generic either way I can't find anything. I do know that it's early 2000's, and fits into that scene. Kind of has that early 00's metalcore scene influence, I'm thinking maybe similar to Seeing Means More or something like that. Anyway parts of it are kind of cringey (the singing, the song names...) but other parts are OK. Check it if you're curious.

Aynn - Demo